A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.


and resources…Here are links to tutorials I’ve have written and others I’ve found helpful.

COPYRIGHT LAWS: Knitting/Sewing
Though not a lawyer by trait, Evelyn of CopyKnit–a knitter, small-time designer, and an English teacher–has put together, based on reading comprehension/facts, her best understanding of Copyright law as it pertains to knitting (applicable to sewing too) in the U.S., not biased towards what some (i.e. FAQ for Knitters) like you to believe. Start with the first post and work your way forward.

Podcasts: Fiber crafts There are a fair number out there. Here…something for everyone to watch/listen to! You’re bound to find a podcast here you’ll like 😀

Printfriendly (Added 11.04.2011)  is easier, child friendly, does a better job, AND creates a PDF for you. No more fiddling with turning Knitty patterns into WORD documents and re-sizing all the columns. It worked great–even for someone who isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to computer stuff. You gonna love it, I tell you.

Hand Embroidery Tutorials by Rocksea & Sarah

Visiknit Cable Chart Generator

Free Chart Generator

Knitting Graph Paper Generator

Random Strip Generator
Select the colors you like and want to use in your stripey piece of work and ta dah! Keep refreshing the page and the stripe pattern changes constantly!

Color Palette Generator  or Color Hunt (Added 01.11.2012)

KnitPro 2.0

A series of short-row (wrap & turn) methods by Alice of Stocktopus: plain wrap, yarn over wrap, Japanese wrap, double stitch wrap, and shadow wrap.

Standards & Guidelines for Knit and Crocheting

Drago Fly’a Box Bag Tutorial

If you don’t see a tutorial here, click the posterous tab at the top of my blog and type in a subject on the posterous page search box.   There are lots of subjects listed here with summaries and pictures to inspire you.

Under Construction...coming soon.

I AM NEW to this home…so be patient while I navigate my way round 😀

Comments on: "Tutorials/Utilities" (7)

  1. Hello Sarah! Thank you for creating this list! I have found several very useful resources because of your efforts – especially chart generators.
    And seeing your own creations I must admit that you do use wonderful yarns for your beautiful creations!

    • Thank you, Laura. Glad you find something helpful here. I love what you do on your DIY blog very much and look forward to seeing your next creative tutorial 😀

  2. julie Larrabee said:

    where are you located? stuck on border of PA & DE! need artistic friends in this place. I am beginning to consider this place an artistic rest home! Please help.

    610 357 3930

    • Sorry I missed this, Julie! I hope you have gotten help since your “cry”. Are you still stranded between PA & DE? If you are on Ravelry.com, you probably would get a quick response there with millions of members, many are very active. I am sure someone near you can come for a rescue!!!! Sorry for the delay as I have been away over the weekend.

  3. Sarah, this is a real treasure trove! Those links point to marvellous tools – thank you so much.

  4. caryl patterson said:

    Going round and round on this website. I am trying to find out if Handstitch ever made a pattern for Autumn & Color…moebius in the making and if so is it possible to buy? Just a wonderful thing! Maybe someone can help me…..please!

    • Caryl, I’m still looking for the Autumn pattern too. We haven’t begged Sarah enough, I guess. =)
      Sarah, is your wonderful thing a REAL cast-on Mobius? I’ve been trying without you to work something, but I’ve given up. SOOOOO many of us would be delighted to PAY you for the pattern. Would you be good and tell us if in fact there will ever be one? (Or if not, we could just give up and quit hoping.)
      Holly in Pittsburgh =)

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