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Love More

Do you believe that Dr. King was not an inspirational self-help guru, but, an activist around issues of race, class, and poverty–all of which are hidden from view by this act of quotation?

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.~~Martin Luther King, Jr.

To believe that love and light are not the foundation of activism and social change is to completely miss the point of activism. This statement is only self-help material if you don’t understand the radical nature of love and the danger people all over the world face as they try to change their lives and communities. There is nothing hiding in this quote. Bringing love, light, and nonviolence in the face of oppression is speaking truth to power.

…hate is *too* great a burden to bear.”

It’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. I need to love more, today and every day.

Today’s selection for queue enlightenment Playground Shawl (click link to FREE pattern)–is a fun, mindless knit. Not only versatile and easily adaptable, it’s great for an autumn wrap! Lightweight or substantial–take your pick. It’s perfect for any age to wear while the weather starts to cool off for fall. ENJOY!

Thank you for stopping in and sharing my blog with friends. It brings me great pleasure, once again after a long hiatus, to take you along on my journey of self discovery, self love, and crafty (mostly quilting of late) adventures! Visit me on Facebook here for more inspiring projects. As always, they are FREE.

My first “juried” quilt Life Twirls On was in the “Black to White Quilt Challenge Exhibit”
in Quilt!Knit!Stitch! show last week.

Black to White Quilt Challenge Exhibit
in Quilt!Knit!Stitch! show in Portland, Oregon last week.

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

ღ¸.•*””*•.¸¸ ”
ƸӜƷ•.¸¸.• ƸӜƷ

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Fall Knits…and it’s FREE!

Lee Meredith is having a pattern giveaway! Check out her blog for which ones.  I just got Biratu, with lots of yummy cables.  I have taken a class with Lee earlier in the year (February 2) and actually got the concept how this is done…but, it’s always nice to play with Lee’s clever designs.

Thanks for the thoughtful gift, Lee.

Here is a peek of my spinning for a knitting project which I will share in full next time.

It’s raining…I must rustle up the stuff off the back porch…now

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Scrap-friendly. Fuss Free. Liberated

Oh, gosh, what a week it has been!!  A week of mixed emotions…some happy, some funny, some terribly sad, and I’ve had some wow moments too!!  Catching up with old friend and chatting ’til the wee hours… just brilliant!!   The power of the internet… PRICELESS!!

Who’s in need of some stress-free sewing?  This girl!  How about you?  Fun is in the adventure. I was in for a real treat at Quiltworks today.

Whimsy, scrap quilting is my dear friend Kristin Shields‘ forte. Using up fabrics you already have in your stash.  She is a master.  She works in scraps as painters work in oils or watercolors.  Scraps are her true medium, they are her muse.

Choosing fabric for scrappy quilts is like going on a treasure hunt.  I never know what I’ll find or where I’ll find it.  Isn’t Marion’s scrap gorgeous?!

Scrap quilts are just like that.  Not every fabric in my stash or from my recent quilt store excursions will make it into this type of scrappy quilt. The goal is to have a quilt top with a unified color scheme.  But then, why should I?  Today, it’s all about liberated quilting.

Log cabin is first of three-workshop series, taught by my dear friend, Kristin Shields (this year’s SOQS Featured Quilter.)  As long as I’ve known Kristin since I moved to Bend, Or, she has always been an inspiring teacher (and student) at heart.  Not only is she a fantastic quilter/artist…she is a wonderful teacher with clarity, patient, and very encouraging. She is somebody who can communicate in a variety of different ways.

My chosen focus fabric is Kona solids.  As a owl-lover, the print caught my eye.

I am always be on the lookout for “things” that are pleasing to MY eyes.  Understanding color theory is wonderful, but, often I just trust my instincts.  They tend to serve me well.  Here is a studious owl gifted by Kristin during the class.  I will use it wisely 😀

Besides fussing over the bobbin tension, my first-day challenge was taking too long to decide if a fabric is playing nicely. Clearly it’s not.   Go on gut instinct here.  No over thinking.

Everyone in the class is an experienced and accomplished quilter.

It’s quite intimidating…

yet, I got over the nervousness swiftly and managed to plug along. Here is one of my wonky log-cabin blocks.

After lunch, we hopped to string fling.

First, the freestyle.  It doesn’t look purposeful; instead, it was improvisational in that I didn’t have to measure, just use strips of fabric.  That was kind of nice ‘cuz the cutting is my least favorite part of quilting.  Then came foundation piecing over a muslin square.

Here are samples of Marion’s masterpiece in the making.

There are pros and cons of the two.  My instinct takes me to freestyle, naturally.  But, I do like the clean/crisp, and uniform look of the foundation-pieced blocks.

So far, I am enjoying the process; revel in the new combinations this method brings me.  I love that no pattern is required–just start sewing and hacking away at my block until it’s wonky enough for my taste!  I love projects that are worry-free when it comes to color and fabric selection, design, or cutting and piecing precision.

Kristin’s enthusiasm for quilting is said to be contagious and I truly enjoy detailed instruction accompanied by lots of encouragement. Her quilts range from simple to complex and all are saturated with unexpected elements.

COMQG:  Show and Tell

I will remember to take more pictures at Workshop No. 2 Liberated Stars next month. I was ill-prepared since I didn’t sign up for the class until late afternoon yesterday.  I at least got a picture of everyone in the class.

Surely, I will have more to show for.   😀

Now it’s your turn! Have you made a scrap quilt? Was is fun?

By the way, should you wonder…I haven’t crossed over the other side…not a chance…I’m still knitting away. Next post will be about one of my many finished projects, I promise. Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Changes Ahead

Instant replay of last night’s Nature of Words full-house performance

by my 17-year-old was mind blowing.

It was my first to hear songs written by her…reassuring to know there is life after flute…and french horn…

One that involves guitar playing, singing, song writing, and music composition.

Here’s a duet with her god friend. visiting from Newburg, OR.

A new path chosen…full of unknown…♥

If I want good things to happen to me or if I want to be happy, the hardest question I’m gonna have to ask myself is…Am I just showing up or am I going above and beyond?

Do I wait for things to happen or do I think outside the box and make things happen?

I’m gonna draw a line in the sand.  I can easily find an excuse or WORK to find a way.

I am ready to cross over so does my teen.  Are you?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Doctor Who…Party anyone?

It’s Doctor Who Day

…party time at Wabi Sabi.

Don’t blink.

You may just miss The Doctor.

and all the fun.

AAAAAAAAH…isn’t he super cute?!   Bow ties are always cool.

Here’s definitely the Dr. Who’s hat of the year.  I must knit myself one 😀

A dress to-die-for.

Folks with masks cannot be trusted.

It wouldn’t be a party without Daiek, of course.

I would love a cup of tea!!!  Seriously, I really want a cup of tea.  Somebody? Anyone?

I’m falling through space, clinging to the skin of this tiny little world.

I won’t go through life without a companion,

it will make me unpleasant.

Don’t always get to go where I want to go…

but I will always go where I need to go.

We had a blast watching the doctor regenerated and hope you did too.  (^_^)

“You could be anything…you could walk amongst the stars.  They don’t actually look like that you know.  They’re a lot more impressive.”~~’Closing Time’

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Everyday Everywhere

Have you ever wondered how to gracefully decline unwanted invitations?

I have been in such situations a few times.  Put on a Victorian dress with a girdle and do a curtsy while stating, “I respectfully decline your gracious invitation.”   Jokes apart , let’s be serious now,

I didn’t want to lie to them.  So I politely declined the invitations every time saying that I couldn’t attend.  Plain and simple…no need to elaborate.   After a while, they stop sending invitations.

Every day is a clean slate, a fresh start, a new beginning.  I choose the colors wisely.

Extraordinary. Inspiring. What imagination and uplifting ideas behind these whimsical images. Creative photography and photo-editing by this 14-year-old are amazing. Check it out.

Avonlea–a hat for dreamers, romantics, artists, and for those of us finding our own streak of charming independence–was originally released as a part of Twisted’s 2013 Mad About Tosh Club.  Madelinetosh Tosh Sock (in Smoke Stack colorway) is squishy soft and machine washable.  The slouchy hat is super fast to make in one-afternoon sitting.  Knitting the intuitive lace was quite zen.

Tosh Sock has such a wonderful handle and crisp that shows off lace and cable texture beautifully.  If you haven’t knitted with it, you should. 😀

Taking big leaps and being willing to go against the grain are the keys to success, fulfillment, and living an exceptional life.  I’m diving in…

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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To Knit or To Quilt?

16″ long from armhole to hem–twice my hip circumference~ 68″–in Size 4 needles, and light fingering-weight yarn. 56,000 stockinette stitches, over 840 yards.

With front and back separated, I am knitting two-at-time and added another 5,000 stitches to the sweater thus far.  4.5″ more to go, then sleeves…and I will be home free. Maybe one more day.

Thank goodness for the sewing and the family…to keep me sane. (>.<)

As the cliché goes, time has flown. Long weekend came and went.

There are plenty of inspiring out-of-the-box ideas to explore…love turning 3″ squares to 2″ wonky triangle-squares (or not so triangular shapes.) The 3-Dimension flying geese will give it some needed textures. Prairie-point pinwheels next…To knit or to quilt?  That’s the question. (^_^)

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Enjoy the freedom that comes with making less than perfect, liberated pieces.

The creative process is fun and satisfies the soul.

 Letting the little quirks–crafted by human hands–reflect my one-of-a-kind personality.

I am still trying to find the individual style that suits me best…when I do, I’ll celebrate it.

Guitar-jammin’, cheerful singin’, girls gigglin’…life is grand! (^_^)

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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The Thought of Sharing

When working on my designs, I often think to myself, “I need to remember to share this idea with everyone.”  Funny how blogging pulls that out of me…sharing techniques, ideas, and inspirations.

I have read often how artists are afraid to share “too much” or are constantly worried that others may copy their ideas.  I find that I actually WANT people to create what I’m making–or if I’ve learned about something that works–it’s so niffy, cool to pass that knowledge on.

Creativity is like the fish and loaf story in the Bible.  As I share my ideas, I feed others’ creativity and then they are inspired.  They, in turn, want to make something wonderful.  As they share, their creativity continues to encourage others…and so on.  Don’t you agree?

Even if I create something that you’ve made, mine will be ME…yours will be YOU, as we all have our personal style and our work will always reflect that.

So today, I choose to not hide my light, little talent I may have, or ideas for fear of others “stealing” it away…I will forge ahead and give it away so I may be inspired to always be creating something new and wonderful to share that will be uniquely ME.

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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One for the Books

Meet Joe Queenan, a columnist at The Wall Street Journal, one of my inspirations. He started reading when he was 7 years old. Fifty-five years later, he has read 6,128 books. He “hopes to get through another 2,137 books before he dies.

Here is a fascinating Wall Street Journal article titled My 6,128 Favorite Books which should be read in its entirety.  The article was adapted from Queenan’s book titled One for the Books which will be published this week. ♥.¸¸.•°´°▪♥ღ

“Books as physical objects matter to me, because they evoke the past. A Métro ticket falls out of a book I bought 40 years ago, and I am transported back to the Rue Saint-Jacques on Sept. 12, 1972, where I am waiting for someone named Annie LeCombe. A telephone message from a friend who died too young falls out of a book, and I find myself back in the Chateau Marmont on a balmy September day in 1995. A note I scribbled to myself in “Homage to Catalonia” in 1973 when I was in Granada reminds me to learn Spanish, which I have not yet done, and to go back to Granada.

None of this will work with a Kindle.  People who need to possess the physical copy of a book, not merely an electronic version, believe that the objects themselves are sacred. Some people may find this attitude baffling, arguing that books are merely objects that take up space. This is true, but so are Prague and your kids and the Sistine Chapel. Think it through, bozos.“~~Joe Queenan, My 6,128 Favorite Books

I am exactly that…a person who needs to possess physical copy of a book–see it, feel it, and smell it.  How about you?  A paper or electronic form?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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