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Falling in Love

in love–with lace and knitting all over again. My needles have been busy…with more lace cardigans. Details are coming up soon.

I’ve been a bit spotty in my musing here for months, busy living life, hanging out on Facebook, fundraising for music programs and national archery competition, and cranking out quilts in between.

Have you been celebrating Knit in Public Week? Here at Handstitch Studio, “knit” means “do something fun with fiber” and what’s important is the IN PUBLIC part.

If you are unfamiliar with WWKIPD, read all about it here. Are you in need of some inspiration? How about a free E-MAG from Cooperative Press aka Shannon Okey? Get issue one of Knit Edge for free here. Freebie is set to expire on July 8. A ton more of free patterns is coming up next. Stay tuned.

Be fearless and creative. Perfection does not exist.

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Be Here

Be free to love.  I don’t let go of concepts–I question ’em. Then they let go of me.  What is a belief, but, a construct made up by a conditioned mind.   I am alive ‘cuz that is what is here, not of a belief in something.

I work hard to stop wishing for things to be a certain way or trying to make a story in my head to fit in a nice little self-created world.  Life can only be what it is.  It will never be different than that no matter how much I want it to be.  Be with what is here.

By creating a belief, I make life personal.  Is it really personal?  Not exactly.  It will happen even if I am not here. This is the freedom that is in the Here and Now.  This is what is discovered when I face my thinking and how it creates a belief that isn’t real.

Anywhere else is just a thought derived from the “would have,” “could have,” “should have,” or “wishing” thinking mind.  Life can never be anywhere…but…here.  So today, I choose to be here–with what is here and be an active participant of life.

In the Here and Now, I come to realize it’s the only reality that truly exist.  I become aligned with love–the creative intelligence of the universe.  I continue to be surprised by the way how love changes my view of life.  When I cease to believe in things in a self-created world, I learn how to allow love to be my guide.

Right now, this very second, wonderful things are happening all over the world.  Live it. Learn it.  Love it.

My liberated Quilts for Boston blocks (shown above) are well on their way to Massachusetts.  Read more about the relief effort by the Boston Modern Quilt guild here.

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Super Happy!

I was today.  It’s First Friday Art Walk.

The Artwalk event is no stranger to this mill.

A chance to view sensational local and national art

at dozens of businesses downtown, such as the ones at Thump.

on the first Friday of every month.

Shops are matched with artists,


and performers.

Many businesses stay open late and serve food and wine as they welcome you in

to enjoy their space

and this wonderful evening.

I was delightful to welcome some newbies to the blocks.

Local artist exhibitions spanned throughout many businesses in Old Mills and Downtown Bend.

Bare Roots and its lead-singer Mark Barringer (often seen at my favorite bookshop cafe) was serenading just the corner from Thump.

This is not only a great event.

It is an event that does good for our community.

There were a few art exhibits I would love to visit.

But my time was limited.

Across town…

behind the scenes,

Quiltworks’ magnificent crew were busy as heck, just like any other First Friday event before.

It’s been a few months since I’ve been to Quiltworks’ First Friday Gallery Reception.

Tonight was, again, special.

No excuse for not joining the party

and rubbing elbows with the landscape quilters,

one of which is my dear friend Kristin Shieldswhom you’ve met here more than once.

Springtime in the Valley–inspired by a greeting card of Kathy Deggendorfer’s painting–is just exquisite.

This month’s Featured Quilter was Donna Rice,

last year’s SOQS featured quilter.

Again, Donna is no stranger–one of the masterminds behind the big Whychus Creek collaborative quilt initiative, now known as Two Rivers, Three Sisters.

I did not take too many photographs of the exhibited art quilts, but, plan to go back another time when I may pay uninterrupted attention on each and every dazzling piece.

The Gallery Exhibit and Reception at Quiltworks is always–and I do mean always–stimulating and fun!

Not only ‘cuz it is a bunch of amazing quilters from all over the county,

but, it is so much more than quilting.

Laughter, stories, family updates, jokes, opinions, opinions, and more opinions.

I tell you, it just gets bigger and better every month!! Thanks to our affable host and hostess Dave and Marilyn Ulrich

and Quiltworks‘ amazing crew for another sensational, artistic, imaginative hop!

Hope you enjoyed tagging along.

Being a quilter and/or textile art lover in Central Oregon is heaven! We have 9 shops all within a 45 minute drive–each has its own appeal.

If you are in the area, be sure to head over and see the exhibit in person.  It will be on display at the Quiltworks‘ Gallery through the end of the month!

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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