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Changes Ahead

Instant replay of last night’s Nature of Words full-house performance

by my 17-year-old was mind blowing.

It was my first to hear songs written by her…reassuring to know there is life after flute…and french horn…

One that involves guitar playing, singing, song writing, and music composition.

Here’s a duet with her god friend. visiting from Newburg, OR.

A new path chosen…full of unknown…♥

If I want good things to happen to me or if I want to be happy, the hardest question I’m gonna have to ask myself is…Am I just showing up or am I going above and beyond?

Do I wait for things to happen or do I think outside the box and make things happen?

I’m gonna draw a line in the sand.  I can easily find an excuse or WORK to find a way.

I am ready to cross over so does my teen.  Are you?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Doctor Who…Party anyone?

It’s Doctor Who Day

…party time at Wabi Sabi.

Don’t blink.

You may just miss The Doctor.

and all the fun.

AAAAAAAAH…isn’t he super cute?!   Bow ties are always cool.

Here’s definitely the Dr. Who’s hat of the year.  I must knit myself one 😀

A dress to-die-for.

Folks with masks cannot be trusted.

It wouldn’t be a party without Daiek, of course.

I would love a cup of tea!!!  Seriously, I really want a cup of tea.  Somebody? Anyone?

I’m falling through space, clinging to the skin of this tiny little world.

I won’t go through life without a companion,

it will make me unpleasant.

Don’t always get to go where I want to go…

but I will always go where I need to go.

We had a blast watching the doctor regenerated and hope you did too.  (^_^)

“You could be anything…you could walk amongst the stars.  They don’t actually look like that you know.  They’re a lot more impressive.”~~’Closing Time’

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Everyday Everywhere

Have you ever wondered how to gracefully decline unwanted invitations?

I have been in such situations a few times.  Put on a Victorian dress with a girdle and do a curtsy while stating, “I respectfully decline your gracious invitation.”   Jokes apart , let’s be serious now,

I didn’t want to lie to them.  So I politely declined the invitations every time saying that I couldn’t attend.  Plain and simple…no need to elaborate.   After a while, they stop sending invitations.

Every day is a clean slate, a fresh start, a new beginning.  I choose the colors wisely.

Extraordinary. Inspiring. What imagination and uplifting ideas behind these whimsical images. Creative photography and photo-editing by this 14-year-old are amazing. Check it out.

Avonlea–a hat for dreamers, romantics, artists, and for those of us finding our own streak of charming independence–was originally released as a part of Twisted’s 2013 Mad About Tosh Club.  Madelinetosh Tosh Sock (in Smoke Stack colorway) is squishy soft and machine washable.  The slouchy hat is super fast to make in one-afternoon sitting.  Knitting the intuitive lace was quite zen.

Tosh Sock has such a wonderful handle and crisp that shows off lace and cable texture beautifully.  If you haven’t knitted with it, you should. 😀

Taking big leaps and being willing to go against the grain are the keys to success, fulfillment, and living an exceptional life.  I’m diving in…

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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To Knit or To Quilt?

16″ long from armhole to hem–twice my hip circumference~ 68″–in Size 4 needles, and light fingering-weight yarn. 56,000 stockinette stitches, over 840 yards.

With front and back separated, I am knitting two-at-time and added another 5,000 stitches to the sweater thus far.  4.5″ more to go, then sleeves…and I will be home free. Maybe one more day.

Thank goodness for the sewing and the family…to keep me sane. (>.<)

As the cliché goes, time has flown. Long weekend came and went.

There are plenty of inspiring out-of-the-box ideas to explore…love turning 3″ squares to 2″ wonky triangle-squares (or not so triangular shapes.) The 3-Dimension flying geese will give it some needed textures. Prairie-point pinwheels next…To knit or to quilt?  That’s the question. (^_^)

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Animals of the Forest

An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.”~~Martin Buber

The forests and jungles of Planet Earth support some of the most complex communities of animal life.  To satisfying my longing to be in the forest with some amazing creatures that inhabit forests, what do you think of bringing this wool rug into my everyday surroundings?  Cute?

I love it, but, can’t see how I may justify a spending of $500.   Instead, I am up for some re-engineering…into a hat and a skirt.  Care to join me?  Knit chart in PDF format here.  😀

Fall is my favorite season.

Haven’t you noticed?  My favorite thing about it is the colorful leaves.

I live on the eastern edge of the Cascade Range along along the Deschutes River and fall is a feast for the eyes.

I enjoy collecting beautiful leaves, hiking in the colors, and photographing on the river with the colors reflected on the water.  i am child-like enough to believe that God paints the world just for me and my family.   Awestruck wonder.  Autumn days are clear, calm and quiet at the meadow above Dillon Falls on the Deschutes River.   ♥¸.°´° ♥.¸¸.•°´°▪♥ღ

Another favorite thing about fall…is the homecooked, wholesome, comfort food.

What’s your favorite of the season?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Parabola’s Sample

When Kristin Ford asked me to test knit a sample for a design wrote by Lidia Tsymbal (aka MadamButterfly) for Shibui Geometry, I was thrilled.  Seriously, I mean really.  How could I say anything but yes?   MadamButterfly+Silk Cloud+Staccato=Knitting nirvana.

The color Jumpsuit is so Tangerine Tango like, the official pantone color of 2012.  Just mouth-watering delicious.  Nearly four months, I had to keep this eye-catching Parabola under wrap…until now.  The wait was painful.

Shibui Geometrya modern collection of uniquely constructed fun knits–hit the stores last week.  Here I am, excited about showing off  Parabola–such a sexy, fitted design.

I love this little tank top and highly recommend it.  I’ll probably knit myself a keeper before the summer is over, but, in two separate pieces (for the price of 3–two tanks and a cowl.).

The trickiest part for me was blocking the two tops in front where it’s noticeable.   At the time of testing, there was no blocking diagram for the jointed upper bodies.

 My teen model wears normally between adult extra-small to small.  The sample was a medium.  I did the best to block the sample appropriately, with the thought that  it would smooth out on the right model (and it did.)

Parabola is miles and miles of stocking stitches, but, oh so worth it.  It’s a super-wearable, everyday piece.  And Silk Cloud and Staccato–in Jumpsuit–are  exquisite, gorgeous stuff to work with!  Silky yum.

I am glad the design team took my playful idea of wearing the sheer top layer alternately as a cowl.  Here is one of a few Shibui’s gorgeous modeled shots.

You should knit one!  Really.

The sample tank took 1.25 hanks of Silk Cloud and 3 in Staccato (with 14 grams left of the 3rd hank.)  Both the booklet and yarn are available at Knit-Purl.

This 5-day project was a great cure for the summertime blues.  So would my fashionable shoe-sense.  I got out the car in a hurry, meeting up with my friend Barbara and her family for dinner last week in Eugene…and this is what I brought to liven up the evening.

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Indulge the Creative side

with a short burst of jazz-knitting (short-row, or swing knitting alike.)

 I will admit I have burned midnight oil many times while knitting.

Not this one.

The whole idea about jazzknitting really is for it to be spontaneous

and not planned.

It’s all about having fun

I was drawn immediately to Ilisha’s creativity, amazing color sense at Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival in 2010 when I stumbled onto her work and was totally charmed.

Jazz Knitting is great, compelling, and textural fun.  Plus, it kept me in total balance last week with eleven 1st-grader in Tumalo State Park.

 My head is full of leaves and feathers all day. The hook is in for the next one 😀

What’s your latest adventure?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Gentle Lace

We kept flirting with cooler weather here for awhile, but the plants don’t lie. It’s no doubt spring time.

This project should not have taken me as long as it did.  House-cleaning has definitely taken over my craft time, but, I have indeed been knitting a few minutes here and there.  Cool weather and crazy rains last week made it perfect crafting week.   I couldn’t think of a better time to pick up and finish the cardigan.  The piece is hard to put down once I am deep into it.  Sleeves (two-at-a-time) were done in a day (last Monday.)

Hood finished next day (and was blocked separately, twice.)

The mesh pattern is fun to knit.  The sweater progressed quickly–except for the border picked up and worked last–which seemed to take forever! The garter-edging kicked my hiney.   It took over two days to wrap up just ‘cuz my poor fingers needed a break from major cramping.   I strongly recommend using a 60” or two 40” circular needles for the task.  Plus you may try the whole thing on to make sure the border isn’t out of proportion after knitting one round…something that looked wavy (at least during first phase of blocking.)

After second blocking and fabric manipulation, I love the result.  PHEW!  Between you and I, it did give me a good scare…I hate the thought of ripping out the border and knit it over again.  For blocking tips, read my previous post here.

Let me tell you, my friend.  I followed the directions on the  cardigan to the T with the few exception noted above.   I ignored that niggling voice in the back of my head that said ‘the border is gonna be too much and floppy.’   I ignored it so hard that I didn’t question.   I trusted it completely as there was no errata published on the designer’s or Ravelry site.  When I followed the pick-up directions, I got 491 border-stitches.  Personally, picking up 3 stitches off 4 rows for garter-border would be much better…instead of 2 stitches off 3 rows as pattern instructed.

If you didn’t catch from teaser pictures in my last few posts, it’s Laika from Little Red in the City (Page 122) by Ysolda Teague.  An easy but lovely simple lace pattern with inclusive button band.  The perfect fit, seamless Laika will add a touch of elegance to your wardrobe and wrap you in CHIC in no time at all.  Wear it open for a little warmth in the evening or buttoned over a skirt or jeans, Laika will create a distinctive versatile outfit.  It is quicker going than I’d expected it to be because of the lace.  Sewing up 20 gorgeous shell-buttons is another story…well worth it, I promise.

This medium-size cardigan is worked from the neck down with  added waist definition and shape.  You may try it on as you make it and, if needed, adjust the garment to your own proportions.   Since mine is a shop sample, I had to follow the instruction as written with the exception of 1) slipping first stitch of every row, 2) closing up gap before a buttonhole by knitting the stitch before the gap and a stitch below next stitch together, and 3) Correction–2nd pattern row for body–work established pattern to 1 st before marker, k1, slm, k2, work established pattern to 2 sts before marker, k2, slm, k1, work in pattern to end.

Like music, knitting truly is a universal language.   Knitting lace is like hearing music.  As I knit, my little world becomes quiet.  It may seam tedious, the constant counting–yo, s1, k2tog, psso, yo, k3 etc.–not only rhythmic, it kept things interesting and made  a soothing mobile project to work on.  All in all, Laika is a wonderful,  easy-to-memorize pattern.  The laced cardigan is perfect for a light layer to chase the chill away in summer–if the day is not hot or it becomes cool in the evening or early morning

Laika will sure grace your favorite cami or get glamorous over a dress and lets you enjoy your glorious sleeveless wardrobe in style.  This jumper offers real laced comfort on a brisk high-desert day.

When the body was done, the sweater looked small.  Have faith.  Once the border was added and after blocking, it easily came out to the correct sizing. Yeah, the magic of blocking.  This sample will be at the store tomorrow or latest Thursday.   Be sure to stop by and test-drive it for size if you are in the Portland area.  Both the book and MadelineTosh Merino Light yarn in variety of colors are available for purchase.  Mine weighs 393 grams (or 1651 yards) before buttons.  You will need four hanks for a 34-36″ bust-size sweater.  Alternatively, you may make do with three hanks of MadelineTosh Merino Light if you were to knit the garter-border with a DK yarn.  I can’t wait to knit mine up to wear.  It’s going to be my next summer sweater!

Love the pattern–surprisingly easy and fun to create and great to wear! Love the yarn in Logwood colorway–super soft and luscious!  This has been one of my favorite knits, this year. ♥

Here is a great tip I came across today:  Buying all the needles, stitch holders and stitch markers at one time can be costly. A great way is to simply just buy what your pattern calls for.  Make sure you are getting the best you can afford.  Eventually, just like me, you’ll have a collection of everything you need and some pretty nifty scarves, hats, gloves, sweaters and socks!  Knitting lace can be a fun, relaxing hobby as you do it.  Many knitters are intimidated by lace, but–with a little guidance and practice–anyone may create beautiful pieces, like this cardigan.

What is your relaxing hobby?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Test for Patience

I love the look–the beauty–of stitches, the way yarn marries the knitted fabric.

 However, it is advisable to block the pieces.  The extra effort of blocking a jumper does pay off.  My time and work is worth it.   The finished garment will morph from handmade into holy cow, you made this?!

By blocking a knitwear, the stitches are allowed to bloom and become uniform.  Furthermore, I get to control the outcome by manipulating the fabric into the shape I choose (or in this case per pattern diagram specification,) guaranteeing a beautiful end result.   What once was lumpy and decidedly looked homemade will now be a beautifully even-stitched sweater that makes me proud to have produced my own hand knit.

So don’t knock it ‘til you block it!  In lace garment, it often takes more than one blocking.  This lacy body and hood are blocked separately, each twice, to arrive to my expectation.  It’s a shop sample and demands professional, high standard.  (As shown below, I tucked the garter-borders inside the hood for a smooth finish.)

I have heard knitters complained about their finished sweaters were too big.  Care for my advice?   Good.  Here they are:  1) When soaking is complete, remove the garment with care–do not let any part dangle–and gently squeeze water out.  Squeeze only, no wring.  2)  Lay the garment flat on two thick towels, then roll the towel in a tight roll.  Step on the towel to squeeze out and absorb as much water as possible.  3) Carefully shape, manipulate the stretchy wool, smooth and smoosh until you have the length/width you desire, and pin the sweater to pattern diagram and measurement.  4) In crunch time, safely speed up the drying by using an hairdryer.

Given good yarn, good workmanship, and good care, a knitted jumper will outlive its knitter, providing warmth and pleasure to several generations of family and friends. What is your favorite family treasure?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Not Long to Go

The wait is nearly over.

Trust me–It’s worth the wait!

My friend Rin and her lovely family came for a short visit earlier in the week.

We had a blast at 10 Barrel last night… ♥

 fun times, beer party, dining out…awesome company!

What is your favorite place for dinner, drinks and fun…with friends, family or special someone?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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