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Keep Moving On

Regardless of what has happened to you or what you’re going through right now…know this truth with everything in you ~ you are going to get through this. Hold on to your dream!! If you’ve lost your job or house; run out of money; your relationship is on the rocks; or you’re sleeping in your car and you feel that God has turned his back on you…hold on to your dream !!! This setback is only a setup for your comeback. Dig in and come out swinging with a vengeance. Fight a good fight. Being happy, healthy, and prosperous is in your DNA. No matter what happens to you…never stop looking for ways to enjoy life and express gratitude for the fact that you’re still here. You have another new day to appreciate life. You were born to win. Ain’t no stopping you now. You have got this!! Believe that your life can and will get better…because you have something special. You have GREATNESS within you!~~Les Brown

Who doesn’t need this?  It enlivens my spirit.  No matter what–just keep moving. Move on.

Labor Day is that funny weekend that still feels like summer, but, typically kick-starts the fall schedule. Are your kids back in school? Are you back in school? Are you just relieved that the nights are cooling off and you can finally wear your favorite sweater again? Another thing about Labor Day Weekend: it means September is here!!  September is simply one of the prettiest months of the year, isn’t it?  It also means my knitting needles and crochet hooks will be occupied in full force.   What’ll be on your plate comes fall?

Erica Jackofsky (aka Fiddle Knits) is leading another mystery knit-along Bonnie’s Wish MKALThe pattern is FREE ’til November, 20, 2014.  That’s right–not a typo.  Simply add the pattern to your cart.  Click on Use Coupon Code and type in BONNIE and checkout.  Price will be adjusted to FREE.  Peridot is one of Erica’s gorgeous designs published recently.

The talented Kim Guzman is offering a FREE pattern through Kimane Designs HERE during her Labor Day Sale. You must add the pattern to cart first. Click on Apply Coupon and enter the code KIMANE (all in CAPS.)  Kim has written a few books especially on Tunisian crochet and tutorials on YouTube–which are great. Kim’s very helpful in the Ravelry Tunisian groups. My pick (show below) was Evalise.  Now, it’s your turn. What would it be?

In celebration of the holiday weekend here in the U.S., “Step in Time Pillow” knitting pattern is FREE ’til Monday, Sept 1st, 9:00 p.m. CST. Coupon code at check-out is STEPINTIME (all caps.) Thank you Fifty Four Ten Studio for a quick gift-appropriate knit.

Lucille Shawl–one-skein wonder– is FREE ’til tomorrow, August 31.  Such an elegant and beautiful shawl design. Take advantage of Anniken’s generous offer now.

These should keep you and me busy for a while. Thank you for stopping in and sharing my blog with friends. It brings me great pleasure to take you along on my journey of self discovery, self love, and crafty adventures! Visit me on Facebook here for more inspiring projects.   As always, they are FREE.

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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To be human is to be wild.

Wild is the strange pull and whispering wisdom.  It’s the gentle nudge and forceful ache.  It’s my truth, passed down from the ancients, and very stream of life in my blood.  Wild is the soul where passion and creativity reside and the quickening of my heart.  Wild is what is real.   Wild is my home.

Today, I choose to step into it.  My primal self.

  • Be courageous.
  • Stand up and show who I am, authentically and completely unapologetically.
  • Be fearless in my ambitions, goals and decisions.

These energies will then spread into the world and boost the human race…for one drop may indeed raise the entire ocean.

When I peel back the layers of what I think I should be doing, what is it that I really want to be doing?  When will I revisit those things? Is everything else really more important?  Tiny time-fillers.  Do they ultimately matter?  Why is it that I become sick before I learn about what I truly, individually, need on a deeper level?   Today, I listen to my soul cravings.  They’re wild.  And they’re my truth.

What do you crave?  How do you want to feel?

#2 of the temperature knit is underway (shown two images up,) recording hi and lo of first 5 days of the year.  20 wedges made with 8 more to be added over next two days.  Each circle is ~7”.  It may grow to a 9” square.  Once the first square is completed on Sunday, math work would be more accurate.  To make it work, I need to add 2 fillers–good place to embroider in the year and perhaps the city.  I envision the throw be about 5’ by 7’ when finished.  What do you think of this modified Easy as Pi(e), another free pattern by Knitty.com here?

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Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Anxiety Relief Meditation

Meditation keeps me sane in a sometimes insane world.

  • First, I find a quiet place where I won’t be disturbed for next 13 minutes.  (not as easy as it may sound, mind you…at least not around me) 
  • Second, find me a comfortable position to sit.  Most times, I just lay flat on the floor.
  • Now that I’m ready, press PLAY.

Well…did you follow along?  How are you feeling?  Calm?  Peaceful?  Safe?  Uplifting?

Another common relief I find regularly is playing with fiber.  This is not spaghetti squash.  Just yarn in Wilton Cake Gel, lemon dye bath.

I needed some quick dyeing for a project ‘cuz the high temperature around here has dropped to the 30s in a day.  Why does it matter, you ask?  Read on.

Have you heard of a “temperature,” “sky“, and/or “weatherconceptual knitting scarf?  The outcome is totally dependent on the weather observation.  Each day, you knit a stripe in color that matches that day’s sky/weather.  At end of the year, you would have a spiffy 5-foot-long scarf.  This has been in my “queue” since 2011.  It has taken this long to move up to the plate.

If your temperature stays relatively constant, choose corresponding colors based on moods (chart linked.)  If you’re trying to diet in 2014–pick 3 colors and change your rounds when you lose weight, gain weight, or weigh the same.  The latter could be more challenging as you’ll have to step on a scale every day around the same time.  None of these flies?  No problem.  Just choose other motivator(s).  I choose blue for cold, red for hot, etc., but, you may pick anything appeals to you, whatever in your stash. Choose an easy hat pattern–there are tons of ‘em and free–on Ravelry.  Knit, crochet, weave, or full/felt goes.

Same idea fits easily into a hat, a sock, a mitten, a square, a blanket…one round a day, one color for each 10 degrees…Initially, I picked the high at 3 p.m. each day, wherever I may be.  Chances are the color changes won’t be too dramatic so less ends to weave in.  On the other hand, if you select 15 or more colors as I do, the gradient effect would be glorious.

After the 3rd day, I decided to just take the high of the day to simplify my life.  Less is more, right.  (Yeh…secret is out the bag.  I love BACI.  No if or but.  Just LOVE ’em.  24 boxes for Christmas.  Beyond sweet!)

At a snail’s pace, it takes two months for a hat.  Six hats a year for gifts.  What a cool chemo hat this would make, don’t you think?

Rebecca aka socksformumtook started taking pictures of the Colorado sunrise every morning on May 12, 2012, used various motifs from Mary Jane Mucklestone’s 200 Fair Isle Motifs and modified her Fair Isle Sampler Hat…

What a stunning beauty she has grown up to be (as of December 31, 2013.)

I am madly in love with Alice’s double-knit option to record hi and lo temps.

Weather underground is a good site for looking up historical, present, and forecast, recorded temperatures in case you miss them on any given day.  It goes back to January 1, 1942 for my area.  However, it only went back to 2011 when I did a search for my birth place outside of the U.S.  Guess it takes time for the site to build up its historical database.  Do you know of other useful site(s) for tracking historical weather data?

Two heads are better than one.  Since the kick-off of A year of Temperature/Mood Scarf/Hat/Patchwork Blanket-Along for Ravelry 52in52-2014 member group challenge, the list of possibilities/ideas grew exponentially by the hour!  I am still charting, planning, prepping, and constantly changing/shuffling color orders.  This is what my 2014 Almanac looks like…4 days into it.

To accomplish my initial sizable project, instead of a row a day, mine goes like this:   2 rows first 2 days, 1 row on the 3rd, 1 row on the 4th.  Repeat the sequence.  Did you see a problem with my sequence?  If you do a lot of color work, you would spot it immediately.  On the 4th day, the designated color is quite contrasting from the day before.  Changing color strand on the backside would create an eyesore line of dashes on the public side of the project.  Image below is the backside of the fabric, but, you see the dashes between Lavenderish Wisteria and Royal Purple I am talking about, don’t you?

That just doesn’t fly with me.  Oh, no.  Solution?   With public side (aka right side) facing me, pull cable all the way to the left.  Attach new color strand and knit away.  Voila.  No dash.

Now, have I lost you in all these knitting gibberish?  Or have I convinced you to knit/crochet along?  You gotta admit giving a temperature scarf to an out-of-town friend–with his/her year of local temperatures–is nifty, cool.  If a sky scarf isn’t for you, maybe you can think of knitting, spinning, or even sewing/felting something else to represent your life on a daily basis.  By the way, if you have young kids, this is a wonderful project for teaching weather, temperature, charting, tracking, and more.  The sky’s the limit.

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Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Turn of the Glass

Have you seen this simple, bottom-up shapely cardigan without shaping?

In between designing projects, I decided to knit this cardigan but from top-down, raglan-sleeve, and seamless style. It’s designed by Kathleen Dame for Knitty’s Winter 2011 collection, a complimentary pattern.  Instead of a heavy DK-weight yarn the pattern calls for, I am using MadelineTosh Pashmina in my stash for a while.

It isn’t a big different.  My pre-wash gauge is 25 stitches and 38 rows over 4″–in a 5″ square and Size 5 needles–a 13.63% more stitches and 26.67% more rows than the DK pattern’s.

Negative ease before washing and blocking was 0.75″ to either side of the swatch.

After wash and slight set of steam-blocking, the only change was the negative ease–now 0.5″ to other side of the swatch.

I like how it feels and looks.   Baltic is such a pretty teal color (deeper hues than pictured.)

Technically, to make life easy, I may follow the design instruction for Medium to achieve Adult Small to fit me.  But, no.  Not me.  Like most thing in life, I like a good challenge.  It’s time to number-crunchin’, re-write the pattern to knit from the neck instead of the hem.

Two of my local knit-up peeps will be joining me.  So, I’ll share our projects with you as we go along.  There will be no pressure, contest deadline, or anything…just nice comfortable virtual couches and work at your own pace.  Feel free to knit along if it pleases you, give me a shout-out, and make comments.  I’d love to see pictures if you do!  For me, it’s a great motivator. 

For starter, do a 5 to 6″ swatch in stockinette and one in cable pattern.  Use Chart B for your cable swatch. Odd-number row in this pattern is Purl (private side) and even-number row is Knit (public side where people admire your fine hand-knit) of the fabric.  It means you read 1) from left to right of the charts on Rows 1 and 3 and 2) from right to left on Rows 2 and 4.

I was surprised at how easy the faux-cable pattern was once I got going!  I don’t know what I thought it was going to be like, but, it’s definitely a cinch!  I’m going to work on the math heavily over the weekend so I can get you all some good progress pictures and cast-on details too.

It’s been a very productive week. One of two design projects, hot off the needles.

I always have a motive for feeling and acting the way I do, a reason based on fulfilling my needs.

The reason may or may not be misguided, intolerant, negative, exaggerating, illogical, shortsighted, mistaken or inconsiderate.

But, it’s my best shot at reasoning in this moment in time.   Just is.♥

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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