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Honoring my Intuition

…I accept my path.

I am healing the body, mind, and spirit.

Start where I am.

Use what I have.

Do what I can.

Sometimes, I’ve got to be able to listen to myself and be okay with no one else understanding.  Oh yeah!

Linde pullover –featuring large heart-shape leaves with pronounced stem and vein–is a very original pattern with unusual construction.  You won’t see anything else like this.  It is worked top down, in the round with a circular yoke.  The increases are invisibly worked in the leaves.  The body is worked in garter stitch.

At the waist, 2 stems emerge that form the I-cord buttonholes and the stem of the pocket leaves.

The lined pocket feature is my favorite part of this design.  I want to showcase it so much that I commissioned special fused glass buttons by my dear friend’s glass-artist sister. The tint of frosty pink was just a perfect match!  I am a happy camper. Check out Cheryl‘s high-quality offerings here.  (I still need to take an update photo with these beautiful buttons on.)

The aran-weight cashmere blend yarn was harder to work with.  However, it provides a nice, deliciously squishy, dense fabric with a little retro touch.  I love my layering top.    Once again, test-knitting for Anne Lernout (aka atelier alfa) is thrilling and satisfying.

Do you have a favorite knitwear designer?  What do you look for in a design/pattern? 

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Quiet the Mind

and the soul will speak.

Become aware of the importance of positive feelings and how they can improve my life.

I refuse to be involved with negative thoughts and feelings.

Upon waking up in the morning, i choose to smile and say to myself silently or audibly: “I am gonna have a wonderful day today. It is going to be a happy and successful day. I am going to stay patient and positive in every situation.”

During the day, I visualize for a few moments some life’s happy recollections and situations, a place I enjoyed visiting or being with genuine folks I adore.

When things make me angry, I wait a few seconds before reacting.

When feeling some despair, anger, unhappiness, or frustration, I try not to succumb to these feelings and let them grow.  Visualize something happy, read something that makes me happy, repeat a positive affirmation, or just try to create some happy feeling inside me.  This might not be easy as the negative feeling might be too strong; yet, I do my best…no matter how many times I might fail evoking a positive feeling.  If I persist, I will be able to change my attitude and feelings.

I may not always control the situations in my life, but, I can control and change my attitude and reactions.  Negative attitude and anger will bring negative conditions.  Positive attitude and positive feelings will improve the situation.  You bet they will.

These days, I do try to show some positive feelings toward people that I don’t like.  Granted.  I don’t need to be their friend, but I can stop being negative and allow some feelings of warmth and understanding.  Strangely, I have been surprised at their attitude and reaction toward me.

I read inspiring quotes early in the morning and repeat affirmations throughout the day such as “I am feeling happy and confident.”  “It is so pleasant to enjoy positive feelings.”  “I am getting happier and more positive every day.”

Keep away from negative people is the key for me.  If  I must be with them,  I don’t let their state of mind affect me. Try to be somewhat detached toward them. There is no place for their negativity if I keep filling my mind with positive feelings and thoughts.

When I am feeling down, knitting, spinning, and listening to music is great pick-me-up.

Let myself smile more often, even in difficult situations.  The act of smiling tends to clear the mind of worries, even if temporarily, and wins me the sympathy and support of folks around me.

Watching comedies, reading, and watching happy news work magics too.

Find time for meditation. Among its benefits is the ability to filter the feelings and thoughts that enter my mind. It helps me avoid negative feelings and let in positive ones.

After getting into bed at night, I tell myself silently or audibly: “I am going to have a wonderful day tomorrow. It is going to be a happy and successful day. I am going to stay patient and positive in every situation.”

Now that I kinda know how to create positive feelings, I can get creative and find more ideas to create positive feelings in my life.  How do you create positive feelings?

No Fear Shakespeare.  Nymphadora is another close-fitting sweater blouse, designed by Kessanlin, one of a handful designers I test-knit for with frequency.   The gentle gathers, an empire waist, and slightly bell-shaped sleeves are flattering enough for this plump figure.

I love the fun, clever construction.

The yarn isn’t perfect (relating to gauge) but it’s best I managed to meet deadline in a rush, a week before Christmas.  Most disappointing is the shortage of yarn!  Yep, another pet peeve I encountered: Less weight/yardage than labeled. 9 hanks/50g each, I should have 450 grams in all. Yet, I started out 384 grams with 10 grams left in the last hank. This is the worst amount of shortage I’ve ever had–66 gramsa whole hank plus shortage!!!!

I have a couple more of Louise Hardings’ yarn in my stash; after that, I vow never to buy yarn from this company again!  But, then, I love that yarn…maybe I should bring the scale with me and weigh each one of ’em before buying.  How about that?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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The Beauty of Truth

Whether it’s good or bad, it is liberating

I don’t always need advice.

Sometimes all I really need is a hand to hold, an ear to listen, and a heart to understand me.

Whatever I need, my higher self is always there for me…loving me, guiding me, uplifting me, nurturing me…

 So today, I take time to silence the doubtful mind.

Go within and my gentle whispers will be heard…

Trust for I am never alone. ♥

Neither are you.

Back in early December, just few weeks before Christmas, a package of five–número cinco–glorious shop samples was lost in the mail.  Sad and tough lesson…USPS told me unless it’s shipped Express Mail and it’s insured…I am out of luck!  To-date, I still wonder where they landed…who is fortunate to be blessed with ’em, someone who really needed to be warm and had no way to have a good Christmas.

I offered to 1) pay for the expensive yarns out of pocket and 2) knit those again free of charge.  The owner accepted none of it.  Instead, she sent out new yarns for two more of Mesh Leaf cowls in Filatura Di Crosa Superior (light teal) and Swans Island Natural Color Merino/Silk (silver.)

Not only the pattern is awesome, both yarn are to die for…luxurious fine, silky, soft yarn are echoed in its sophisticated palette of solid colors.  This floaty, ultra-feminine scarf is heavenly to wear next to skin.  See how easy this beautiful design is…I knitted both two-at-a-time.  One with leaves and the other in plain mesh.  This is my favorite project and yarn of the year!

I made the green and black infinity cowls above (aka Anna’s Cowl) for the older teen for Christmas.  Sadly, they are too feminine for her taste…gotta respect the teenager’s prerogative.  I’ll bet you have your own stories to tell, don’t you?   Good thing:  I love knitting ’em and are off to charity.

The russet mittens in Knit One Crochet Too Elfin Tweed is a shop sample knitted back in January that took me out of my comfort zone.

Pine Court designed by Shannon Squire is simple with precise instruction.  The cable insert kept it interesting to change up stockinette knitting.  I typically like my mittens snugly fit. But, I’ve come to appreciate these baggy-style of mittens. Lofty and comfy feel to the hands.  It kept me nice and toasty when I was photographing shop samples.

What project(s) and/or event(s) have gotten you out of your comfort zone? (Catching up on a week’s worth of posts that didn’t go out as scheduled…)

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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An Old Life

How many folks reclaim yarn by taking apart old, unloved, un-stylish sweaters?

I’ve done it a few times.  The latest Size L1 bargain from Goodwill will be perfect for a summery knit. The sweater was substantial: 1260 yards/550 grams, light worsted weight-6 ply cotton/silk/bamboo yarn.

It’s a massive amount of work–un-seaming, ripping, frogging, tying into bundles that won’t get tangled, soaking to try to get rid of the kinks, rewinding, weighing, measuring, determining wraps-per-inch, and then finally making something new.  Labor intensive!  Don’t count on making it a day-job, people.

I have an old sweater made about 6 years ago that I hardly wear ‘cuz it has those awful wide, dropped shoulders.  11-skein-worth of Mountain Color Hand-painted, Hand-dyed Twizzle Yarns (85% Merino, 15% silk) in Wildflower colorway.  Guess what I’m thinking of doing.

Are knitters slightly crazy to go through this work or do we just love “free” yarn?

What habits are you creating for your child?

A couple of months ago, I fell and cracked my rib cage in my river trail walk.  For about three weeks, I pretty much kept to bed rest.  Good news…the bruising are gone and the rib cage has since healed.  Bad news?  I have gained unsightly amount of weights that won’t shave off, plus increased toxins level in my system.  Many of these toxins is causing me fatigue, intestinal issues, and constipation.  So, tomorrow, I will start the lemon detox cleanse, a natural way to relieve my body of the toxins.  Adding to my 12-oz filtered water:  2T fresh-squeezed lemon juice, 2T Grade-B organic maple syrup, and a pinch (1/10 t) of cayenne pepper.

If I sound a bit short and cranky, you know why.  My chant over next 3 to 5 days to keep me relatively zen:  I will feel healthier and lose the weight. Have you fast?  What did you do to minimize the hunger/craving?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Wake up…It’s a Beautiful Day!

It really is a relaxing, beautiful catch-up day…sending out lots of love, light and positive healing energy with many blessings to all

after spending an afternoon yesterday watching the 20th Annual High Desert Duel and cheering a friend on in the fencing tournaments.

Way to go, Sawyer Jackson.  Congratulation on the big wins–third in the Under 19 category, twelveth in the Open (any age, any rating,) and first in the Division III (under a C rating.)  What an eye-opening, entertaining experience to certainly shape up a fun and busy weekend.

Another fun thing I did yesterday (hubby rolling his eyes)…I did my best to try and style one of five sweaters knitted this month so that it would look somewhat appealing to a potential buyer.

I find knitting a breeze, but, photographing it a bear. The finished cardigan has been idle for two weeks.

Fortunately, my beautiful/photogenic friendquilter extraordinaire–made the task much easier.  Doesn’t she have the prettiest smile?!

Something that’s weird–when I look at Ravelry and knitting blogs, most people crop off their own heads when photographing finished sweaters.  I’d always thought it was just a quirky convention and hadn’t paid a lot of attention to it.  When I sat down to edit these particular pictures, I realized the head-chopping-off isn’t just an odd photography style.  Had I not wanted to make a point, I’d most certainly show the headless photo ‘cuz I want you all to oooooh and aaaaah over the lace cardigan and not be distracted by the beautiful model.

But it’s sort of ridiculous, isn’t it?   It is a nice cardigan.  Without a person in it, it’s just pretty lace yarn.  What would my great-great grand kids be thinking someday, flipping through pages of headless pictures of hand-knits?  I can visualize a decedent looking through my flickr photos; saying “My oh my…my goodness, I wonder what was so awful about her face that she always hacked it out?  Did she have some disfiguring disease?”  lol  Hence, I try hard to set my silly hang-ups aside on show my finished garments from head to toes.

Putting the soapbox away though, once I got through the hiccups with front edge and bind-off, this lace sweater came together just as it should.  I wish I had made it just a titch longer, but, I had to knit it as patterned.  It will be nice for the recipient to toss on over long and short sleeved tops for the rest of spring and summer.

Sara Lace, in MadelineTosh Lace (Tart colorway,)  is one of Vera Sanon‘s summer collection series.  I am thrilled to be asked to knit this one up for her.  It’s my first to knit a full-on L1 cardigan (40″ bust) without a body to try for sizing correctness as I knit.

Wish I had thought of using my mannequin during the knitting process…but, she came in handy when I had to block it again.

Yes, hair dryer is good for other things!  What have you used a hair-dryer for besides drying/styling your good-looking hair?

If you’re inspired to make this cardigan or Vera’s other designs, be sure to join this nice group of knitters for support and ideas–they are really helpful!

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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My Bucket

I am a cup, constantly and quietly being filled.

I have spent most of the first quarter of the year filling up my creative well.  So far, I’ve knitted a dozen each of sweaters and cowls, a few shawls, mittens, legwarmers, and hats;

caught up with old friends,

gone for some hikes,

listened to new performances,

and gazed for hours at the many wonders of spring.

My bucket feels full.  It’s time…I hope I’m ready to open the floodgates again.

Here is my composition of a cable cardigan Hello Winter, designed by Connie Peng (aka yellowcosmo)

The collars may be buttoned up and folded over as turtleneck,

or unbuttoned as open collars.

Body’s work in one piece from bottom up.  Sleeves were knitted in round, two-at-a-time, cleverly joined to the body at underarm, and continued raglan shaping to neckline.

I thoroughly enjoyed test-knitting Connie’s design in Patons Classic Wool (worn denim colorway.)

It’s well written–both chart and written instruction–and fun.  This is a cardigan that I would make another one some day. Have you loved a design so much that you’ve knitted it twice?  If so, what was it?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Just Rest

Three things to know today:  I’ve done my best.  I may want do better tomorrow.

But for today, I let go of any self-recriminations and rest.

Know that my dreams are important and reflect my purpose and calling.   I may want to take deliberate steps towards them tomorrow.

But for today, I let go of planning and rest.

And finally know that I am on the right path and there are many reasons to be hopeful.  I can pick up where I left off tomorrow.

But for today, I push my worries aside and just rest.

I delight in the beauty of the butterfly,

but, rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.

The lavender squishy BonBon Kerchief–shown above, a part of Twisted’s 2012 Hot Holiday Knits!–was knitted in Lorajean‘s Featherweight Rambouillet.  This yarn is wonderfully soft.

Gotta love a good, quick knit!  BonBon Kerchief, designed by Shannon Squire, is great as a small shawl to tuck easily into a pocket.  You may give it a stretch to maximize its size that would be perfect for next Duck/Beaver game!

 I love the color range.  It’s also nice that the springy/bouncy wool is grown, spun, and dyed in the U.S.

The fingering yarn works up at a larger than expected gauge.  It looked skinny; but, it behaves much like a sport-weight.yarn!  I see in my crystal ball a beautiful, lofty–perfect layering–cardigan for the summer.  What’s your favorite wool item in your wardrobe?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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