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A Single Moment

In the end, I only regret the chances I didn’t take,

One of class samples for my crochet class started earlier in the week

the relationships I was afraid to have

and the decisions I waited too long to make.

Another sample for a crochet class

Don’t waste a single moment.

Class sample felted and awaiting needle embellishment

There’s something about participating. It’s almost my religion. If the world is still here in 100 years, people will know the importance of participating, not just being spectators.~~Pete Seeger.   RiP.

In honor of the Ravellenic games, Katy Swift is offering her patternscuff-down socks and shawl designs–for free through February 23, 2014.  At check-out, use coupon code playfulrav.

Another sample for a crochet class

When you make any of these patterns, I would love to see the finished pictures…please.

More crochet class samples plus felting and embroidered embellishments

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Want to be Happier?

Try making my life a tad harder, preparing for Ravellenic games.  It’s epic.  I am on two teams, already!  Heehee.

Have you read Little House on the Prairie books?   Just imagine…scrubbing my menstrual flannels in a bucket, stewing up endless turnips, and chasing off the locusts.  Oh boy…my volumizing hair would surely have been greasy…petticoats grubby and encumbering…cuticles raggedier than my kids’ rag dolls.  Yet, the Ingall-Wilders were connected to their own lives.  Their every happiness and very existence were created from the work of their own hands.  Pa fiddled by the firelight while the girls knit themselves stockings with Ma sewing pantaloons.  Don’t forget…kids skipped school ‘cuz it’s time to boil maple syrup, harvest rutabagas, or cut ice from the lake.  I am full of envy.

My longing is no mere fantasy.  I’m actually happiest when accomplishing tangibly productive work–cleaning dishes and putting ’em away in proper places and stacking order, shoveling snow, replacing a shirt button for the boy’s jeans, cooking up feast, picking up hair from dogs and girls–rather than crossing virtual tasks off my on-screen to-do list.  I love seeking out activities that cultivate mindfulness.  The sense of oneness with my activity whether it is crocheting an afghan square, knit a sweater, or we felt.

The repetitive work helps me in two ways.  Counting chains/stitches and shingling fiber, a cognitive distracter,  distract me from stress while I’m doing the craft.   I get a great sense of accomplishment when there is a clear connection between my physical efforts and results.  My reward chemicals increases while the anxiety/stress toxins–heart rate, blood pressure, perspiration and all–drops.   This is a pretty nice cocktail, wouldn’t you say?!

Leisure turns out to be complicated and important.  But, any type of repetitive motor activity can calm the brain.  What do you do to ease the anxiety?  Will you be participating in any of the Ravellenic games?  Here is a pair of newly published Carved Heart Socks, perfect for Valentine’s Day gift, I plan to cast on for the kick-off ceremony and knit during the games.  Coupon code at check-out is Heart for your free pattern, good ’til January 8.

Kate Heppell of Shetland Story have made Love in Cold Climate FREE for the run-up to and duration of the Olympics as her little way of helping to raise awareness of the plight of the LGBT community in Russia, subject to terrifying levels of persecution, discrimination and abuse. You may read a little about this here.

Other candidates for the games are:

    • To Zola With Love, a prayer shawl worked up/designed by Kay Meador for a special someone in her life.  Free to Ravelry member. No coupon needed.

How’s that for starter?  I will show you my Ravellenic queues of JenJoycedesign by my dear friend next.  For now, Pin-striped Fingerless mitts is a free download to Ravelery member.  Grab a copy.  Sharpen your needles.  Dig in your stash.  Cast-on away.  Now, I must get to my daily walk.  Come back soon for more Ravellenic enabling.

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Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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No Jibber Jabber

…had way too much fun at the Ninth Annual Fiber Art Stroll in Sisters, Oregon.

After visited 13–out of 27 fiber art sponsored stops–within a 3-hour stroll, I’m too pooped!

Just enjoy the slide show I made for you.

Sew many photos and slide shows ahead…so little time.  If you have a few moments, do take a walking tour of beautiful downtown Sisters and enjoy over 100 quilts in local shops. Or visit The Old Mill District in Bend where quilts are also exhibited in more than 20 locations. All fun, fabulous, and inspiring. ♥

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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It’s Groundhog’s Day!

What’s the verdict? Did he see Putz. I see my shadow. Will winter last longer? Oh…wait. What winter?

I love bloggers.  I am inspired by your great sense of style and terrific photography.  I love to read the comments, get feedback and hear everyone’s opinion. Still, I love the chumminess that develops with a group of knitter-friends, face-to-face, sharing and chatting as we knit. (Image ganked from Kristin.)

It’s a wonderful thing.  Look just how gorgeous Christy look in her felted hat, embellished with lively embroidered leaves and flower.

Wow…seriously…Stylish.  Fashionable.  Emma is one of 40 fabulous designs, by Cathy Caron, off of Hit Knit Hats.  I think it will look good on me.  Now, where the heck is my copy!?  Are you a hat person?  Does any style work for you or a specific style?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Serenity…Sweet Yet Powerful

stylish, contemporary, and functional…in Slope Stylestarted out as mittens that became sleeves.

Another frighteningly clever piece of genius, garment construction by Connie Peng aka yellowcosmo.  A different way of working top-down, in round, with simultaneous set-in sleeves–unlike contiguous method–and sloped shoulders.  I chose to work completely seamlessly with no sewing, except for 2 buttons (which I haven’t done yet.)

Slope Style has an eminently simple foundation that’s easy to tailor for a perfect fit.  Length of body, sleeves, the couture finishing details–waist and back shaping, darted bust, placket buttons band–all are quite simple to execute and easily modified as shown in mine. It’s knitted in both worsted and fingering weight yarns.  I chose to Patons Classic Wool (3 balls of Royal Purple and .24 ball of Plum Heather) and MadelineTosh Light Merino–each of them comes in a spectrum of rich colors.   Thus, the possible combinations are endless!  Madelinetosh has rocked my world and I will so go back to this yarn!  Incredible and incredible colors to choose from.

If you hate, loathe, and detest seaming projects, Connie’s designs are therefore aimed just at people like you.  Slope Style just has way too many cute details to pass up.  It was such a fun and interesting knit and really couldn’t had turned out better…in spite of unplanned felting gently after tossing it in the dryer for 20 minutes to speed up drying time.

I really, really enjoyed knitting and seeing the garment emerged.  Love her designs!  The yarn lends itself well to a project of this kind, consisting of a lot of stockinette stitches.  The distinctive dye-lot difference in 3rd skein of Royal Purple (Violet) elevate the sweater to an eye-pleasing surprise.

My sleeve gauge is deliberately smaller than given because I like the fitted effect…so have been adapting size as I went along.  For detailed modifications, yardage, and measurements, read Slope Style Key Notes in PDF format.

I fangrrrl’d all over Connie when she put this flattering pattern up and she appeased me by asking if I’d test knit it. Well sure! I loved deciding about which two colors to use and hope that the purple sweater with the lime green sleeves would be adorable.  I’ve been amazingly monogamous with this sweater. It has everything I love about buttoned collar, cables, set-up sleeves…not so much of the miles of stockinette (me lack patience!) not a whole lot of brain work after the shoulders are built.

Love it, completely…living in it.  What can I say?  Cosy, comfortable and royal purple–these three words are the best way to describe this stylish project, one I highly recommend.

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Hands-On Inspiration

an event for spinners and true textile enthusiasts. There’s nothing quite like attending a sheep and wool show.

Summers here at my home are always a test of my endurance. At least that is how it feels to me.

Nonetheless, this summer is shaping up nicely.  Here at Black Sheep Gathering, you can talk to producers who raise fiber animals and artists who use the fibers in creative ways.  There’s always something for the whole family and it’s FREE! If you missed it, be sure to mark your calendar for next year.

It was a wonderful weekend, weatherwise and otherwise. The weather man came through with GREAT weather for this year’s “Gathering!”

As if this weren’t enough activity for one show, a Sheep to Shawl competition, my personal favorite, also took place on the Trade Show grounds.

Each team consisted of five spinners and a weaver, who worked on a pre-warped loom but wove with weft spun during the timed competition.

What a fiberlicious cloth, gorgeous in every way…color, texture, composition. Thanks for the inspiring eye candy!

Wish you all could have been there.

I left with a mind full of new ideas for my fiber pursuits/exploits and the hope of returning next year perhaps with my own creations in hand.

I can’t wait to spend my days playing and experimenting with every spare minute dedicated to dyeing, carding, blending, spinning, and knitting fibers from my forever growing stash enhancement!

Fiber artists must learn to embrace solitude in order to achieve their beauty to the universe. This is true for all those who wish to achieve something creative, no matter what the field; however, it does seem that those in the nonperforming arts require a degree of solitude that tends, at times, to weigh heavily, and can be most discouraging.

I find meeting and visiting other artists inspiring not just in terms of firing me to push forward with my own projects, but in helping me bear solitude. Every fiber artist I have ever met, it would seem, has helped me that way.

What are you working on? What have you finished? What type of fiber art do you do?

Post pictures as those will make me drool!

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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