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New Direction

No-Purl Garter Stitch…no jogging In-The-Round (aka spiraling)…no wrap-&-turn short-row…yet another trick to try in my copious spare time (right?!) This isn’t about Grumperina’s helix technique, but, rather my in-depth study of Shetland lace knitting. In Shetland shawls, first knitted–back and forth–is the garter-row, squared center, followed by picking up stitches around two side borders.

There is no purling in the knitting. Nothing’s intrinsically wrong with purling, really. I actually don’t mind it one bit and don’t get tiresome regardless how many stitches in a round. Only time I had an issue with was knitting the sleeves here in a round with purling background, in fine gauge and tiny needles, I ended up with noticeable lathering (to me, of course.)

All started out from a single what-if?  Two balls…going in opposite directions as I did a portion in the last dreamy, swirl coat.

Yarn-overs and tension are both tidy–not loose–and without discernible or wonky seam. I could hardly spot the turn line from a galloping horse. As shown in my first humble-looking play, this trick isn’t limited to shawl knitting. It may actually present a solution to knitters who never purled or displeased with wrap-&-turn short-row alternative. Do you avoid purling?

Wish I could find more time to finagle this deceptively simple, after-thought toe and cuff sock…I am feeling uncertain of the design. Interesting? Yes. Love it? Not exactly. It’s time to pack for a spring-break road trip to the valley and Portland. How are you celebrating spring’s arrival?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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