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Chew On That, Monsanto!

How cool is this? I naturally like this.🐝 Three 15-year-old Mighty Girls from Cork, Ireland, have discovered a way to use bacteria to dramatically increase the yield of several basic food crops–a discovery which could have a major impact in addressing food scarcity while making agriculture more eco-friendly by reducing the need for fertilizer. Congratulations to these young scientists!

Using homemade equipment, they carried out germination and growth experiments over 11 months. They analyzed the performance of more than 9,500 seed samples, recording over 120,000 manual measurements in 125 experimental sets. Based on their extensive experimental results, the girls succeeded in showing statistically that two strains of Rhizobium bacteria can significantly accelerate the rate of crop germination.  These results have significant potential for increasing yields of food crops and reducing losses due to adverse weather conditions. They also offer opportunities for reducing the environmental footprint of agriculture by reducing fertilizer usage. Brilliant Irish girls, aren’t they? I just hope someone in the real world picks this up and actually applies what these amazing 15-year-old girls have discovered. Lets see some actual field trials to verify their findings in an uncontrolled environment.

We are reaching the beginning of autumn, the temperature is fluctuating a lot the past few days. So, be careful not to catch a cold like I did! Nonetheless, this is the best time of the year–to be wrapped around lace shawls like an overflowing scarf. Easy as Pie says right in its name how simple it is. It looks nice and beach-y in different gauges and fiber contents. A super satisfying knit with lovely zig-zag border.

I’m spinning some fine lace weight to do another one with beads and can’t wait to get it underway. So excited. Hand-dyed Romney locks from Iron Water Ranch is to die for. Be sure to check out the family-run booth at Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival next weekend if you plan to be in Canby, Oregon. You won’t be disappointed.

Sweater weather is finally here. Though the trend (article here) for Fall sweaters is BIG, I much prefer a lightweight sweater with clean, architectural lines, and a simple drape. Fileuse is just the right piece to take me through those crazy transitional days of autumn. Besides, as a spinner, who wouldn’t geek over these adorable, little Saxonies?!

Musing here becomes the cyber equivalent of a sticky note! You know–when my sieve-of-a-brain can’t recall what project I wanted to start next? These soft-and-silky Baby Girl Mary Janes booties are as cute as the classic pairs I grew up in. Knit in the softest cashmere blend, they would make a perfect foot covering for a baby. I’m making a bunch for charities. (Look for the pink download arrow and click on it. Pattern download instructions are here. Make sure you do not have a pop-up blocker on.)

Thank you for stopping in and sharing my blog with friends. It brings me great pleasure to take you along on my journey of self discovery, self love, and crafty adventures! Visit me on Facebook here for more inspiring projects. As always, they are FREE(Kicking off Octoberfest for the fun weekend, right here, right now.  Come join us.)

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!



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