A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

A Great Revelation

You don’t have to believe, judge, delete, or act upon your ‘negative’ thoughts. Just notice them. Observe with fascination. They soon pass like clouds into nothingness and silence, leaving no trace. They are not your enemies, and ultimately, they are not even ‘negative’. They are just thoughts. They are innocent clouds in a vast sky.~~Jeff Foster

Innocent thoughts?! Oh my. Now there’s a novel concept. Some thoughts are like tsunamis. It is great to write down the most ‘triggering thoughts.’ Who and what caused them?  What is the essence of the tsunami-thought? Then sit, try to be still, and see how that person/situation is simply triggering an aspect of me. There are only trigger points, in situations and persons, that cause this tsunami. It takes ‘guts’ and a lot of love to heal dark aspects. I must practice to meet everything as it is.

Today is the first day of your next project Whether you’re facing a chilly office or a frosty morning, these Autumn Diamonds gloves deliver warmth with style!

Add a dose of cozy style to your living room with the Herringbone Stitch Pillow! Three skeins of Wool-Ease Thick & Quick–a super-bulky yarn–works up with excellent stitch definition. Warm, soft and easy-care, this brightly-hued pillow will enhance your decor with a pretty pop of eye-catching texture and color. I am making a rectangular-shape pillow with stitch pattern on both sides, using Vanna’s Choice Yarn. There are many possibilities with this easily adaptable design/pattern.

Tired of solid color blankets that fade and look old and worn out before their time? Don’t know what to do with all of your mini-skeins and leftovers. Knit an multicolored addition to your decor with the Rounding the Square. It is an easy way of explaining the in-the-round square. “Don’t let your preferred fixed-circle markers get trapped forever inthe knitting.” It made me laugh. The versatile blanket is sure to add cheer and happiness to any setting especially in the cold winter months.

Thank you for stopping in and sharing my blog with friends. It brings me great pleasure to take you along on my journey of self discovery, self love, and crafty adventures! Visit me on Facebook here for more inspiring projects. As always, they are FREE(My modified version of Emerald Shoulder Shrug knitted in an afternoon.)

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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(still doesn’t do MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…but caved into Facebook, a smartphone, and a little bit of texting!)

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  1. Can’t help it : Five Stars! My daily dosis for the soul…

    • I’m thrilled with the election outcome. Are you enjoying a great weekend, my friend? So much happening here. Octoberfest for one…just kicked off for the weekend.

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