A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Am I listening?

Even my normally cool-as-a-cucumber teen get unnerved when it comes to starting back school this week, feeling the jitters about the year ahead as a junior.

Since the kids were born, my husband and I worked hard to provide a safe haven for ’em–a place free from hurtful attacks on appearance, intelligence, and abilities. “But siblings are supposed to knock each other down and toughen each other up.”  I can just hear the naysayers say. I need someone in my corner–to have my back–to believe in me when I don’t believe in myself. When that person is someone who lives in my house knowing my every weakness and fault, it can be a life-changer. I believe my kids can do this for each other and for those learning how to live by watching us live. I am having this important conversation with my oldest daughter. Yes. The best thing I can do is teach MY children to cherish their siblings. This is when and how children learn love, care and respect others. This does not come naturally and I, as their mother, must recognize the role I play when I have been in the position of first teacher.

As parent, I try my best to listen to the rants, complaints, and whining of the less-dominant child. Watch how my children play and interact. Does one always win? Is one always the boss or bossier? My children are all different. Their birth orders differ. Their genders differ. Family finance changes over time–and commodities that belonged to the older one are now being passed down or shared–can make my kids think now one being favorite/spoiled.  More than ever before, I try to help my kids understand sibling rivalry and the dynamics of living under one roof.  How do you approach this sensitive topic?

Super-nice pattern from Tanis Fiber Arts this morning just in case you are looking for a new sweater cardigan pattern to knit. Lady Sunnyside is available for FREE this week with coupon code SUNNY. It has two options for the fronts–cables or lace. Which will you pick?

With college football season approaching fast, Football Beanie of Awesomeness by Joni Memmott/BriAbbyit is just perfect. The crochet pattern is FREE. And I’ll bet you can hook it up in two weeks, in time for the kick-off.

Don’t you love my new wings?  Visit my Facebook page here to see the unconventional way of blocking and for more inspiring projects.   As always, they are FREE.

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Comments on: "Am I listening?" (3)

  1. Wonderful parenting advice!

    • Glad it resonates with you today, Tammi. It’s such an ever-changing, earning process to be a parent. What works to some may not work for others. What worked yesterday won’t necessary be effective today or tomorrow. Over the years, I find the best approach for me and for the best interest of my children is to listen and be adaptable. Blessings, Sarah

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