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Inspiring Field Trip

A farm visit that explores how food is grown and how animals are raised is an ideal way for city folks to understand and connect with where our food comes from.

By learning how a farm works, inquisitive consumers experience the natural world in a new way and make a vital connection between social, ecological, and economic importance of agriculture in their lives.

Children come away from farm field trips forever connected to local food, farms, and ranches.  They get to create lasting, hands-on learning experiences.

Don’t feel left out, grown-ups.

You can create your very-own, delightful memories.

I managed to make some healthy snack/lunch for every one in my Thursday Knit-up group.

Thank you, Pam, for being such a gracious, wonderful hostess.

Should you folks be in Central Oregon/Bend area, be sure to stop by the shop All Ways Wild & Wooly for a no-sale-pressure ranch experience first-hand.  Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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  1. Most excellent photos! Especially of that guy in the blue shirt. 🙂

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