A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Love sometimes comes softly in a small package.

It really does.

It may be tiny–10 grams’ worth of Loops & Threads Luxury Sock in Balloon colorway–but, it took my 17-year-old teen 3 hours plus to knit just one bootie of the seamless pair in 2.25 mm circular needles and light fingering-weight yarn, all by herself.

She kinda followed Susan Glinert Stevens‘ seamless version of Saartje pattern and improvised as the zen-knitting journey took her to make it complete.  I wasn’t able to see the final finish with some adorable ribbons for closure instead of buttons (as I did with my pair below.)  Just imagine the cuteness…

Though it was the smallest, dainty little package among humongous gifts at the party, these hand-knit booties was the only one apparently being passed around 3 or 4 times at the baby shower.  My teen is the happiest girl in town…now she wants to knit more of these in different sizes for the growing baby-to-be.  Sometimes, someone can say or do something so small that can fit into a big empty space in one’s heart.

I was aspired…and this is my well-traveled pair.  Can you name the place…or the monumental art installation?

It’s a lovely, sunny, summer-like day.

Being a rare day, I don’t have much on the schedule other than taking the boy to archery practice,..and refreshing on the unruly quilter Tanya Ricucci‘s  Word Play Quilts.

It turned into a lazy, beautiful, sunshine day (the day after fantastic Pole Pedal Paddle)…live it!  I’m grateful for small things, big things, and everything in between. Today, I choose to count my blessings, not my problems.

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…but caved into Facebook!)


Comments on: "Big Love Comes in the Smallest Package" (2)

  1. ahhh they are so sweet…love the colours

    • Thanks, Jacqueline. They are really adorable and super fun/fast to knit up. I think I will make a bunch for local charity this summer, ready for cold weather…

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