A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Simple Wisdom

There is no failure except no longer tryin’.

It’s my own thoughts that hold the key to miraculous transformation.

A new cycle begins every day.

Indeed, every moment.

Today, I recognize one thing and what it symbolizes:  What’s meant to be will always find a way.

That’s the miracle of the endlessly continuing Cycle of Life.

Amen for trying to balance in all areas of my life.

Thanks, Caitlin, for the fun photo shoot and modeling the sweater.  It sure looks better on you than it is on me 😀

Initially, I wanted the cowl detachable in Madelinetosh Pashmina Baltic.  Once I got the cowl done, I changed my mind.  That’s okay though…now I have a cowl that goes practically with everything in my wardrobe.

Many changes to my Rhythmic Candombe aka Natasha Cowl Sweater, designed by Vera Sanon, one of my favorite designers, to suit my disproportional figure and personal liking are:

  • knit partial lace neckline, hem, and cuffs.
  • Main color (frame) in Malabrigo Arroyo Candombe
  • Alternating main color with one of 5 Dyelot Stimulus Package Yarn, 104-yard Deborah (50% Silk 50% Fine Merino,) for striping portion.  (1 gram left unused)
  • On the fourth waist increase, instead of 4-stitch increase, I increased 12 stitches to 192 stitches for matching 24-round lace hem. Added braid round after last round of increase. Used Size 6 needles for last 6 rounds of lace pattern.  1 round 1×1 rib after lace.
  • Stretchy Bind-off in established rib pattern.
  • Sleeves:  Started stripes after 1.5”. Decreased every 9th round 6 times to 52, then every 8th round 3 times to 48 stitches. Added an Estonian Braid round, then 8 rounds of lace in Size 5 needles, next 8 rounds of lace in Size 4 needles, and last 8 rounds of lace in Size 3 needles with stretchy bound off.

The pattern’s super fun to knit up.  You don’t need to make any change as I did.  And the yarn?  Malabrigo Arroyo is so awesome–next to skin–I had enough in my stash to knit three or four more full-on sweaters.  Just love it.  You ought to try it if you haven’t already.

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…but caved into Facebook!)


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