A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Quiet the Mind

and the soul will speak.

Become aware of the importance of positive feelings and how they can improve my life.

I refuse to be involved with negative thoughts and feelings.

Upon waking up in the morning, i choose to smile and say to myself silently or audibly: “I am gonna have a wonderful day today. It is going to be a happy and successful day. I am going to stay patient and positive in every situation.”

During the day, I visualize for a few moments some life’s happy recollections and situations, a place I enjoyed visiting or being with genuine folks I adore.

When things make me angry, I wait a few seconds before reacting.

When feeling some despair, anger, unhappiness, or frustration, I try not to succumb to these feelings and let them grow.  Visualize something happy, read something that makes me happy, repeat a positive affirmation, or just try to create some happy feeling inside me.  This might not be easy as the negative feeling might be too strong; yet, I do my best…no matter how many times I might fail evoking a positive feeling.  If I persist, I will be able to change my attitude and feelings.

I may not always control the situations in my life, but, I can control and change my attitude and reactions.  Negative attitude and anger will bring negative conditions.  Positive attitude and positive feelings will improve the situation.  You bet they will.

These days, I do try to show some positive feelings toward people that I don’t like.  Granted.  I don’t need to be their friend, but I can stop being negative and allow some feelings of warmth and understanding.  Strangely, I have been surprised at their attitude and reaction toward me.

I read inspiring quotes early in the morning and repeat affirmations throughout the day such as “I am feeling happy and confident.”  “It is so pleasant to enjoy positive feelings.”  “I am getting happier and more positive every day.”

Keep away from negative people is the key for me.  If  I must be with them,  I don’t let their state of mind affect me. Try to be somewhat detached toward them. There is no place for their negativity if I keep filling my mind with positive feelings and thoughts.

When I am feeling down, knitting, spinning, and listening to music is great pick-me-up.

Let myself smile more often, even in difficult situations.  The act of smiling tends to clear the mind of worries, even if temporarily, and wins me the sympathy and support of folks around me.

Watching comedies, reading, and watching happy news work magics too.

Find time for meditation. Among its benefits is the ability to filter the feelings and thoughts that enter my mind. It helps me avoid negative feelings and let in positive ones.

After getting into bed at night, I tell myself silently or audibly: “I am going to have a wonderful day tomorrow. It is going to be a happy and successful day. I am going to stay patient and positive in every situation.”

Now that I kinda know how to create positive feelings, I can get creative and find more ideas to create positive feelings in my life.  How do you create positive feelings?

No Fear Shakespeare.  Nymphadora is another close-fitting sweater blouse, designed by Kessanlin, one of a handful designers I test-knit for with frequency.   The gentle gathers, an empire waist, and slightly bell-shaped sleeves are flattering enough for this plump figure.

I love the fun, clever construction.

The yarn isn’t perfect (relating to gauge) but it’s best I managed to meet deadline in a rush, a week before Christmas.  Most disappointing is the shortage of yarn!  Yep, another pet peeve I encountered: Less weight/yardage than labeled. 9 hanks/50g each, I should have 450 grams in all. Yet, I started out 384 grams with 10 grams left in the last hank. This is the worst amount of shortage I’ve ever had–66 gramsa whole hank plus shortage!!!!

I have a couple more of Louise Hardings’ yarn in my stash; after that, I vow never to buy yarn from this company again!  But, then, I love that yarn…maybe I should bring the scale with me and weigh each one of ’em before buying.  How about that?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…but caved into Facebook!)


Comments on: "Quiet the Mind" (2)

  1. That is so frustrating to be shorted yarn! I think I’d definitely start taking my scale to the LYS, or asking them to weigh the yarn for me. Humbug! But your knitting is lovely.

    • I find it quite common to be short a gram or two in a ball/hank with some companies…but this one is the worst! I was literally weighing every round to insure I had enough to bind off the top…that was no fun. Seriously, I may bring my scale to yarn shopping lol

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