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A Knitting Fast

Day one of my dietary fast was good.  Yes, I had to sneak in a few celery, cucumber, and extra maple syrup intakes throughout the day.   What can I say.  I love food and the hunger pangs is a bear to fan off!

While on the fasting topic, it made me realize–every once in a while–I need to go on a knitting fast too. Some of you may be horrified to hear this.  I did not come to this conclusion easily.  It is certainly not the path of least resistance!

I am a terrible procrastinator and would sit down and knit before I clean or take the dogs and kids out to play.

I put my head into a different space and find stimulation and relaxation in other interests.

It is a shake up of priorities and how I spend my time.

When I see that knitting is becoming more important than my responsibilities and things are going undone, then I ‘ground’ myself for a couple of days so I may re-prioritize.

I have to do the same thing with Facebook, blogs, and Ravelry…though as I write this, the house is a wreck.  I fall into the trap of allowing knitting to be more important than other things I am interested in such as good reading, writing, painting, beading, sewing, etc.

I may be in a unique category…needing to wean off of my attachment to knitting.  It is like a cleansing. I get away from the mindset of my next project, thinking about yarns, etc. etc.

When I come back to knitting, I appreciate it in a whole different way.

I believe it is also good for my body.  Knitting can, overtime, be a source of strain and poor postural habits as so many of us know.

This fasting is not easy…it does take discipline.  A cold turkey fast?  No knitting.  No yarn touching.  No looking at knitted things.  No talking about knitting.  No reading knitting books.  No Ravelry.  No spinning.  No, no, no…I just can’t bare the thought. I am going nuts just thinking about it.  Excuse me, I have to go stroke some cashmere fiber to calm moi down.

Knowing when to stop, look around, and shift gears is part of being well-balanced.  Knitting is such a compulsion. Once developed the obsession, it can absolutely push everything else out of whack.  Yet, it is completely worth it.

With scheduled field trips to Stitchin Post on Thursday and Twisted on Saturday, yarn fasting will have to be delayed…

The seamless, top-down purple sweater Galaxiashown above–is my latest sweater #12 for this year, another fun design by Vera Sanon.  If you recall, I had to rip 18″ of it out to start over due to gauge misadventure.

I have modified it to a tunic, extended length to neckline and hem in back piece using short-row technique.  The single motif on a sleeve cap and on my hiney–another modification–gives it a playful touch to my lace top.

I couldn’t be happier…Silky Mirasol Nuna is fabulous to handle and wear next to skin.  You will see more of that in my knitwear, for sure.  What’s your favorite yarn for summer knits?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…but caved into Facebook!)


Comments on: "A Knitting Fast" (4)

  1. Certainly not at the same time? You must a jedi! 😀 That is a really lovely sweater. My favouriteyarn for summer knits is silk. I have yet to try linen but I’ve a feeling I will like it very much too!

    • Surely not fasting on yarn/fiber at the same time. I wouldn’t dare to dream of such a tragedy act. lol

      Most linen isn’t that great to knit up. I keep a water bowl to keep my fingers moist while knitting. But, with each wash, the linen garment is amazingly, delightfully soft. I love the feel and handle when wearing the garment. You should give it a try. I think you would like the drapey feel and look on you, very flattering and complimentary to your slender figure. I love silk too with a touch of fine merino and/or cashmere. I have a couple of projects will be with silk and merino.

  2. I have yet to attempt a sweater. I’ve knit a few pair of socks, at least 6 shawls, and numerous hats/caps. Sweaters for some reason scare the he** out of me. I had a friend tell me that she is currently knitting Vodka Lemonade, and thinks I could accomplish it as well. Should go stash diving and see if I have any yarn that would work, and MAYBE attempt my first sweater, after 5 to 7 years of knitting!

    • Yes! Go for it, Tammy. Vodka Lemonade is a simple, elegant cardigan,perfect for every occasion. To lessen the fear, knit a seamless, top-down miniature sweater to get a feel of how it works. Then, knit yourself a Vodka Lemonade 😀 Be fearless. Be adventurous. I look forward to your adventure, Tammy.

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