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An Old Life

How many folks reclaim yarn by taking apart old, unloved, un-stylish sweaters?

I’ve done it a few times.  The latest Size L1 bargain from Goodwill will be perfect for a summery knit. The sweater was substantial: 1260 yards/550 grams, light worsted weight-6 ply cotton/silk/bamboo yarn.

It’s a massive amount of work–un-seaming, ripping, frogging, tying into bundles that won’t get tangled, soaking to try to get rid of the kinks, rewinding, weighing, measuring, determining wraps-per-inch, and then finally making something new.  Labor intensive!  Don’t count on making it a day-job, people.

I have an old sweater made about 6 years ago that I hardly wear ‘cuz it has those awful wide, dropped shoulders.  11-skein-worth of Mountain Color Hand-painted, Hand-dyed Twizzle Yarns (85% Merino, 15% silk) in Wildflower colorway.  Guess what I’m thinking of doing.

Are knitters slightly crazy to go through this work or do we just love “free” yarn?

What habits are you creating for your child?

A couple of months ago, I fell and cracked my rib cage in my river trail walk.  For about three weeks, I pretty much kept to bed rest.  Good news…the bruising are gone and the rib cage has since healed.  Bad news?  I have gained unsightly amount of weights that won’t shave off, plus increased toxins level in my system.  Many of these toxins is causing me fatigue, intestinal issues, and constipation.  So, tomorrow, I will start the lemon detox cleanse, a natural way to relieve my body of the toxins.  Adding to my 12-oz filtered water:  2T fresh-squeezed lemon juice, 2T Grade-B organic maple syrup, and a pinch (1/10 t) of cayenne pepper.

If I sound a bit short and cranky, you know why.  My chant over next 3 to 5 days to keep me relatively zen:  I will feel healthier and lose the weight. Have you fast?  What did you do to minimize the hunger/craving?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…but caved into Facebook!)


Comments on: "An Old Life" (5)

  1. I will follow with interest how your detox goes. I think I could use a detox right now. oh and I could stand to lose a couple of pounds as an added benefit.
    its hard to beat hunger pangs if you are the main cook in the house.

    • I went with Tumeric instead of cheyenne pepper as it appears the girls used it up without letting me know it needs replacement. I had to fill in with celery, cucumber, and extra maple syrup in between. Day One was good. Tomorrow will be a bear as it’s the 2nd longest day of my week, taxi-ing my kids around town!

  2. I’m a terrible detox-er – I usually spoil it at the end of the day with chocolates. So I have to go the ‘grazing’ way. But I’ll be cheering you on! 😀 Also, I find that (non-creamy) soups are fantastic way to feel satisfied without overeating. And onions in omelettes makes it feel more satisfying despite having no meat in it.

    • Being a meat eater makes fasting a tough undertaking. Thankfully, I have been so busy today that day two flies by quickly. I had no time to think of hunger 😀 It’s good. Thanks for the cheer, my friend. Tomorrow will be a harder one as I’m going out with friends and lunch included…follow by mushroom hunting. I am bringing raw veggies to mulch.

  3. reclaiming a sweater takes a LOT of patience, more than I have but I like the concept. 😉

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