A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

It really is a relaxing, beautiful catch-up day…sending out lots of love, light and positive healing energy with many blessings to all

after spending an afternoon yesterday watching the 20th Annual High Desert Duel and cheering a friend on in the fencing tournaments.

Way to go, Sawyer Jackson.  Congratulation on the big wins–third in the Under 19 category, twelveth in the Open (any age, any rating,) and first in the Division III (under a C rating.)  What an eye-opening, entertaining experience to certainly shape up a fun and busy weekend.

Another fun thing I did yesterday (hubby rolling his eyes)…I did my best to try and style one of five sweaters knitted this month so that it would look somewhat appealing to a potential buyer.

I find knitting a breeze, but, photographing it a bear. The finished cardigan has been idle for two weeks.

Fortunately, my beautiful/photogenic friendquilter extraordinaire–made the task much easier.  Doesn’t she have the prettiest smile?!

Something that’s weird–when I look at Ravelry and knitting blogs, most people crop off their own heads when photographing finished sweaters.  I’d always thought it was just a quirky convention and hadn’t paid a lot of attention to it.  When I sat down to edit these particular pictures, I realized the head-chopping-off isn’t just an odd photography style.  Had I not wanted to make a point, I’d most certainly show the headless photo ‘cuz I want you all to oooooh and aaaaah over the lace cardigan and not be distracted by the beautiful model.

But it’s sort of ridiculous, isn’t it?   It is a nice cardigan.  Without a person in it, it’s just pretty lace yarn.  What would my great-great grand kids be thinking someday, flipping through pages of headless pictures of hand-knits?  I can visualize a decedent looking through my flickr photos; saying “My oh my…my goodness, I wonder what was so awful about her face that she always hacked it out?  Did she have some disfiguring disease?”  lol  Hence, I try hard to set my silly hang-ups aside on show my finished garments from head to toes.

Putting the soapbox away though, once I got through the hiccups with front edge and bind-off, this lace sweater came together just as it should.  I wish I had made it just a titch longer, but, I had to knit it as patterned.  It will be nice for the recipient to toss on over long and short sleeved tops for the rest of spring and summer.

Sara Lace, in MadelineTosh Lace (Tart colorway,)  is one of Vera Sanon‘s summer collection series.  I am thrilled to be asked to knit this one up for her.  It’s my first to knit a full-on L1 cardigan (40″ bust) without a body to try for sizing correctness as I knit.

Wish I had thought of using my mannequin during the knitting process…but, she came in handy when I had to block it again.

Yes, hair dryer is good for other things!  What have you used a hair-dryer for besides drying/styling your good-looking hair?

If you’re inspired to make this cardigan or Vera’s other designs, be sure to join this nice group of knitters for support and ideas–they are really helpful!

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…but caved into Facebook!)


Comments on: "Wake up…It’s a Beautiful Day!" (4)

  1. Ha ha! No headless shots for me! That was fun Sarah. It’s a beautiful sweater and so light and airy.

    • Thanks so much, Kristin, for an extra modeling job! I am so thankful for you 😀 Yes, I love that cardigan and will definitely making one to wear for the July quilt show 😀

  2. Funny perspective. 😀 I often crop out my head to fit the garment into the usual photo dimensions with as little background as possible, mostly because the background is usually plain and also to focus on the design. Though I usually put in 1-2 shots with a head, to show that I actually *do* have a head. 😀 Sometimes when posting pics of friends modeling the knit, I crop out the face if I know the person is shy or does not like to be ‘exposed’ online (Its still a www after all). In anycase, another lovely cardigan, Sarah! MadTosh’ Tart colourway has to be one of my favourite. Its just such a beautifully rich red bubbling over with personality!

    • Funny, isn’t it?! I can see you as designer would want to showcase all the design details in order to sell to your audience. I took an online course recently from Caro Sheridan on “Shoot It! A Product Photography Primer” and hope to put some helpful knowledge to practice in coming days.

      I have been a huge fan of MadTosh for a few years but am slowly losing the “love” for it. A couple of replacements are Knitted Wit Cashy Wool, Swan Island Organic Merino, and Mirasol Nuna.

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