A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

My Bucket

I am a cup, constantly and quietly being filled.

I have spent most of the first quarter of the year filling up my creative well.  So far, I’ve knitted a dozen each of sweaters and cowls, a few shawls, mittens, legwarmers, and hats;

caught up with old friends,

gone for some hikes,

listened to new performances,

and gazed for hours at the many wonders of spring.

My bucket feels full.  It’s time…I hope I’m ready to open the floodgates again.

Here is my composition of a cable cardigan Hello Winter, designed by Connie Peng (aka yellowcosmo)

The collars may be buttoned up and folded over as turtleneck,

or unbuttoned as open collars.

Body’s work in one piece from bottom up.  Sleeves were knitted in round, two-at-a-time, cleverly joined to the body at underarm, and continued raglan shaping to neckline.

I thoroughly enjoyed test-knitting Connie’s design in Patons Classic Wool (worn denim colorway.)

It’s well written–both chart and written instruction–and fun.  This is a cardigan that I would make another one some day. Have you loved a design so much that you’ve knitted it twice?  If so, what was it?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…but caved into Facebook!)


Comments on: "My Bucket" (6)

  1. Nice! And I know where you were! Did you have breakfast there?

  2. Beautiful pictures and beautiful sweater too!

    • Thank you for stopping and commenting, Mary Jo. It led me to your fabulous playground. I will visit again when I have more time…

  3. Oh – I absolutely love the cardigan you knitted. You must be a very speedy knitter, I’ve only accomplished a few shawls this past winter/spring :-). And of course I love the purple sweater under the bright yellow cardigan. I am glad you took time to recharge your batteries, and welcome back, I missed reading about your projects and adventures.

    • Thanks so much, Tammy! I appreciate your kind thought and encouraging words, always! It was interesting to be away and spent time on Facebook. I learned even more about myself and what keeps me grounding. I miss my zen place here. I have made over 33 projects this year so far and now contemplating how to share ’em. I think I will change ’em up with the new projects as I go…I’ll have to see how that works out. Yes, I am destashing (not good at it at all–can you tell!) Let me know which colorways you want and I will pull ’em out of my bins 😀 Thanks again, Tammy, for hanging around. Have a great day.

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