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Is it Worth it?

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.  Merely wishing and hoping isn’t enough.  I need more than that.

A bold courage to step forward, marking my presence with full of confidence.  I need to give a try and not worry about its outcome–will it work or not.  Leave aside the dilemma and fear of losing, it’s just an illusion which one has to pass by full determination.

One of many decisions I’ve made last month was knitting with sequins.  Though it isn’t different than I would knit with beads, how I place a sequin in the wire creates a subtle feel/effect on the knitted fabric.

My preference?   It’s with the dome side facing up, just the opposite of picture shown here.

Who would have thought it is so difficult to find fabric sequins for a garment.  I searched–hi and lo when I was in Eugene and Portland–finally have to give in and get some 5 mm ones (instead of 4 mm per pattern)  at a local JoAnn Fabric store .  (Pictured sample is before wash, blocking, and sides gathered.)

This loose-fitting top, designed by Kessalin, was inspired by a character from the Black family in the Harry Potter series, Andromeda Tonks–sister of Bellatrix and Narcissa.  Andromeda was cut off from her family when she married a muggle-born, Ted Tonks.   Mother of Nymphadora, she is one of the few Black family member to survive.  (Pictured sample, modeled by my beautiful/talented young friend, has been washed, blocked, but with straight sides.)

The blue-green Debbie Bliss Party Angel lace silk mohair depicts the sea foam swirling around the Aethiopian princess in Greek mythology as she awaited her doom to be sacrificed to a sea monster.  The yarn is heavenly.

The embellished sequins signify the Chained Lady, where Andromeda was placed as constellation in the northern sky after her death.

The interesting side-way construction took me a while to see how it was built–one completed side to be exact.  Once I got the concept, it was super fast to knit up…even with adding the sequins as I go.  Here’s the Grecian-styled gathers at the sides, complete look of Andromeda.  I would love the next one be in linen.

Though silk mohair is deceptively cozy and a great way to look lovely and be comfortably warm in Spring, I would love the next one be in some linen blend.  Talking about Spring, how are you coping with the changeable Spring weather systems this year?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Comments on: "Is it Worth it?" (4)

  1. Beautiful post, Sarah! I’m looking forward to seeing a linen version. (:

    • I love this one, Kessa–it’s such a perfect drape, warmth in a cheerful color. But, in the hot summer days, I like something not sticky. So, linen with a touch of fine merino would be awesome. I have a field trip to a fabulous yarn/fabric shop on Thursday and will look for something just right for the next one. If nothing else, I am heading to Portland (4 hours away) on Saturday to hear my daughter solo competition at Lewis & Clark College and drop off some shop samples at my favorite yarn shop there. I am certain I will find the right thing for it then 😀 Thanks again for a fabulous design top, Kessa! I wish my body is more flattering as it once was…but, it still works for me. Good incentive to keep me focus on my fasting remedy .

      • I see.. I have to remember its already almost summer in most places. Spring had only just arrived in Finland! Good luck for your daughter’s competition. I’m sure she will do wonderfully, especially with such supportive parents!

      • Thanks, Kessa. She has an amazing year in her music competitions and performances. This month is a long month of travel…she has competition every weekend from now through first week of June. Then, we can relax and just play 😀

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