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Shake Up

Somewhere between Central Oregon, Washington (USPS sorting center where my mail to and fro,) and Portland, these woolly wonders are flowing around.

Have you seen ’em?  I have been losing sleeps, sick to stomach, for the past week.  The package of knitted samples was sent nearly two weeks ago…the shop still hasn’t received it.  For close up details, more pictures here, here, here, a secret knit here/here, and the leg warmer in Malabrigo Twist to be finished with buttons by the shop.  Sabrina’s arm and/or leg warmers is a super simple knit, perfect choice to add to your holiday gift list.

Sad day and tough lesson…USPS told me unless it’s shipped Express Mail and it’s insured…I am out of luck!  Even if insured, only the cost of the expensive yarn would be reimbursed. :0(  Bad news? My resolution to the shop owner should she accepts (or care to hire me again) is 1) pay for the expensive yarns out of pocket and 2) knit those again free of charge.

On the good side, someone will have an amazing warm winter.  And me?  I will get to knit ’em again in, of course, much quicker turnaround!

Nuff said.  I will make it a great day…after all, I have my husband and children home…me bundled up with my woolly knits…and smelling the roses!

Life is good.

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…but caved into Facebook!)


Comments on: "Shake Up" (6)

  1. Still hoping it is just a pre-holiday snag – please!!! Whoever has your lovely items simply MUST return them once he/she opens the package – it is like not just stealing goods, it is stealing time and knowledge and actual expenses. And – dear Sarah – it is NOT YOUR FAULT! xxx Ute

    • Thanks so much for your comforting words, Ute. The owner is very kind and let me knit some more samples and reknitting a couple of the lost ones too. Should the package ever show up, I’ll be paid for them too.

  2. Todo divino eres una gran arañita, gran tejedora, bendiciones para este año nuevo y la pases muy bien con tu familia llena de amor.


  3. Definitely not your fault, and I’d think you have plenty of credibility with them. Maybe wholesale cost of yarn and a re-knit?

    I know when you purchase insurance, they ask for a declared value. Can we declare value of our time, too, or just the cost of the yarn? Doesn’t seem like enough.

    Hoping the package shows up!

    • Shannon was really kind and generous. I had a friend picked up new yarn and re-knitting a couple of lost one and some new ones. If and when the lost ones ever turn up, I’ll get paid for them too. As for declared value, I can claim as much as I want. But, when comes time to prove what’s in the package other than yarn and “value, that’s the issue. USPS lost one of my collector books and all they would reimbursed me was what it was paid at a “discounted price off suggested retailed price.”

  4. Oh the hassle with shipping, sorry to hear your things are missing 😦 I hope you’re feeling better too .. here’s a big healing hug. xOx

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