A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Creativity Starts

Creativity starts from a belief.  An idea.

This ad sponsored by ADCOM–made by Florence Ki of Junior Chamber InternationalPetaling Jaya, in Malaysiais remarkably creative and full of animation.  I applaud the magnificent minds that made this creative project.  It makes me nostalgic.

I do have an brilliant idea.  It may not make my nation proud, but, who cares.  I am darn proud of myself for taking action.   Not everyone will to be happy about it.  I will do it anyway…simply to live, collect moments and not things.  Play big.  Act accordingly.

Make your ideas happen, my friend.  All you need is a belief.  It’s never too late.

Optical Spectrum–Organic Waves and Rosettes–was one of those ideas I let it played out, a couple of weeks ago, using a quarter skein of Caron Vickie Howell Sheep(ish) and a skein of Red Heart Boutique Treasure in Size 10 needles.

A goal is not always meant to be reached.  The idea was served simply as something to aim at.

A great way to spend a violent wind-storm afternoon.  Once conditioned and rinsed, the points were blocked out…organically.

A nice wrapped scarf started out with a single idea of a classic fan & feather stitch…with random changes…into a wing-like, similar to this last one but totally random on short-rowing.

Another jazz/swing knitting success.

I do hope my teen’s flute mentor will like it as I do…it’s my Pay-It-Forward to her for all that she does for my child.

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…but caved into Facebook!)


Comments on: "Creativity Starts" (2)

  1. A LOVELY gift to pay forward to your daughters’ teacher ! Sarah, I love the quote ” you change the world because you are here ” . I’ll add , that when we leave, the world will have a big gaping hole in it, in the shape of who we were. 🙂 Keep on rockin’.

    • I don’t really know if it will be appreciated, really, it’s just too wonky for the norm 😀 We’ll see…when we see her on Sunday!

      Ooooh, I imagine “the gaping hole” will be filled by plenty from the next generation if we haven’t destroy the friendly earth. But, yes, lets keep on rockin’, sista! You and me…

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