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Parabola’s Sample

When Kristin Ford asked me to test knit a sample for a design wrote by Lidia Tsymbal (aka MadamButterfly) for Shibui Geometry, I was thrilled.  Seriously, I mean really.  How could I say anything but yes?   MadamButterfly+Silk Cloud+Staccato=Knitting nirvana.

The color Jumpsuit is so Tangerine Tango like, the official pantone color of 2012.  Just mouth-watering delicious.  Nearly four months, I had to keep this eye-catching Parabola under wrap…until now.  The wait was painful.

Shibui Geometrya modern collection of uniquely constructed fun knits–hit the stores last week.  Here I am, excited about showing off  Parabola–such a sexy, fitted design.

I love this little tank top and highly recommend it.  I’ll probably knit myself a keeper before the summer is over, but, in two separate pieces (for the price of 3–two tanks and a cowl.).

The trickiest part for me was blocking the two tops in front where it’s noticeable.   At the time of testing, there was no blocking diagram for the jointed upper bodies.

 My teen model wears normally between adult extra-small to small.  The sample was a medium.  I did the best to block the sample appropriately, with the thought that  it would smooth out on the right model (and it did.)

Parabola is miles and miles of stocking stitches, but, oh so worth it.  It’s a super-wearable, everyday piece.  And Silk Cloud and Staccato–in Jumpsuit–are  exquisite, gorgeous stuff to work with!  Silky yum.

I am glad the design team took my playful idea of wearing the sheer top layer alternately as a cowl.  Here is one of a few Shibui’s gorgeous modeled shots.

You should knit one!  Really.

The sample tank took 1.25 hanks of Silk Cloud and 3 in Staccato (with 14 grams left of the 3rd hank.)  Both the booklet and yarn are available at Knit-Purl.

This 5-day project was a great cure for the summertime blues.  So would my fashionable shoe-sense.  I got out the car in a hurry, meeting up with my friend Barbara and her family for dinner last week in Eugene…and this is what I brought to liven up the evening.

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…but caved into Facebook!)


Comments on: "Parabola’s Sample" (6)

  1. That looks like a fun knit! like the idea to wear the sheer top layer as a cowl too…nice job…

    ps how did you get on the list to test knit for “Shibui Geometry” or a pattern from MadamButterfly? I follow her on ravelry for some time now and she is soooo full of amazing ideas…
    I test knit for a company in the UK and knit samples for local yarn stores ..lots of fun too.
    have a great week

    • Jacqueline, it’s pretty much through word of mouth. I am active in the community and attend most of the fiber festivals in this part of the region. Over times, I made connections.

      A few years ago, during one of my frequent visit to Portland (3 to 4 hours drive from where I live,) I just asked the shop owners/managers if they need shop sample knitters. From there, they come to me for special test projects. Most of ’em usually are time-pressing where local folks wouldn’t commit to work in a short turn-around deadline. This one was a week, including pattern editing.

      One of the shops I hit samples for own Shibui Knits whom Madambutterfly has been more active in designing for in this past year. Luck of the draw.

      I have knitted a few “secret” projects for Shibui Knits that were used/photographed for their patterns. It’s rewarding when I can say “that’s my knitting” but the money is not what you want to quit your day-job for. You have to love knitting 😀 And as you see I do.

      • Yes just how I get my connections for store sample knits or test knits. Oh just like with me it always has to be finished rather fast for shows too. I was wondering if you are doing anything different in regard to getting your contacts.
        Knitting is my passion as you can see on my blog or on ravelry where you can find me under: knitswiss. In regard to making money it’s a sad thing when you think that lots of people would pay for a sweater at the Gap with no problem $150 to $200 that is not the case for hand knitted items that are truly a one of a kind item…we are not even talking the wool, the time and work that goes into our passion…Enjoy and have fun that is what we love..

      • Initially when I approached the shops, I was hoping to land some opportunities with other “bigger” names/companies and perhaps some decent-pay commission work. No such luck. Once, one of the shop owners asked me to do a pair of gloves for her customer at the same “cash” rate the shop pays me. My jaw dropped! When I went back with my commission rate (which was still not up to minimum wage,) I’ve never heard a peep from her on the “customer order.” I did get more shop samples from her months later. So, at least, I felt like I didn’t burn the bridges. But then, I have been milking over this…is it better to focus on my own work? I do enjoy trying out patterns and yarns I otherwise would not have got out and purchase. What do you think of that, Jacqueline? Do you get those self-conflicting feelings from time to time?

      • You are so right…though it sounds like you get paid in cash where I get yarn credit only for the store samples…the knitting I do for the UK I get cash too…kind of nice.
        In reg. to commission you are right on the mark, everyone backs off once you give them a price and nothing is ever heard from them again.
        I did get a really big order about 2 years ago form Toronto Jewellery designer to crochet or knit a skirt my design too with very fine chain for necklaces. Wow that was a fun time…and it had to be finished asap. She then took it and added thousands of Swarovski crystal that was donated by them too and made the top and added to the skirt the same crystals and chain….it looked amazing. Then it went to LA to see if Hally Berry would wear it for the Oscars….I was on cloud 9 as you could imagine….unfortunately she decided to wear someone else’s dress that year….After that it would have been auctioned of with the money to go to the Brain tumour foundation….the dress is now in Toronto in some store and the last I hear it would be used for Swarovski crystal shows….yep that is my fame for a view months….Smile

      • Oh my…that is totally amazing, Jacqueline. I love Hally Berry and how cool would that be to have seen her in your dress! Still…you are famous, girl 😀 In younger years, I had always dreamed about venturing out to Hollywood fame with my fiber art. I’m just not good. So, here, I am creating my own Hollywood. LOL

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