A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Breathe Deep

I would never buy yarn without a pattern!  Unthinkable, right?  It’s a great motto when I first transitioned to a single-income family and had to plan for every dollar.

Over time, situation improved.  I adjusted and so was my stash.  It laughs and laughs and continues to multiply with a sound of rustling ziplocs…

and now into stackble, clear plastic bins (only 10th of the stash.)  Obviously, I’m not super concerned or too nutty about the amount of stash I accumulate.  With some luck, I could have another 50 years to polish it off.   Since I check into the news occasionally, I also foresee the price of textiles increasing–and/or the quality dropping–so I had no qualms about doing a little stockpiling…until now.  I’m talking about hoarding nearly a full yarn shop in my home!  APOCALYPSE.  Oh wait…with the droughts/flooding in cotton and wool-producing areas looking bad for the foreseeable future, it may not be a bad idea as long as I store ’em properly.   Yarn doesn’t go bad!

Nowadays, I jump on yarn without projects in mind if it’s on sale; something I really want–lusted and fondled; the type of fiber I know I would use that feels terrific and in colors I love; or a rare chance that it won’t come around again–you know when a seller creates scarcity on purpose to get you to buy?!

When such opportunity presents itself often, can I still call it a splurge?

A vague idea was instantly formed around Pashmara where they were spotted…some wavy, lace shawl.  What it ended up to be now is another story.  The cashmere, silk, and super fine merino blend is heavenly to knit with, silky/smooth yet sticky so I just knit directly off the hank without winding up as ball.  (Much vibrant, richer purple and turquoise than I’m able to capture below.)

It’s an interesting construction, fun piece of test knitting for Anne Lernout.  I never thought that I would be working on anything so important that I’d have to keep it a secret…but it’s happened!  Though I can’t share details online until the pattern is ready, it’s nice to reveal an itsy, bitsy corner.

What do you think?  Do you like to see designs in progress or be surprised by a big, exciting pattern reveal?  I think I like to see the pattern come together, get snippets of what to look forward to as the designer progresses.  That’s just me.

As much as I love the first run, it isn’t a good representation of what the designer had in mind.  Instead of tinking the border rows for the third time–over tens of thousands of stitches, I am keeping this organic, cascading cardigan my new summery swing.

Soon…I will cast on another one for Anne.  Good thing I do love knitting sweaters 😀  Isn’t summer just the best for perking up your knitting mojo? 

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…but caved into Facebook!)


Comments on: "Breathe Deep" (6)

  1. Love the blues and wow look at all your stash….

  2. I am finding such rapturous joy in this post ! It surely tickles my creativity, and makes me salivate. Do I buy yarn without pattern? Yes, most of the time ! Of course, you know I don’t use patterns much to speak of anyway, and I started as a spinner before I ever was a Buyer Of Yarn. Your family is SO lucky to have a celebrity status knitter for a wife & mom, you are so unbelievably and intensely beautiful, oozing color and freshness and artsiness from every single pore. I again, selfishly, wish I could be near you, just to hang out an knit near your mountain of yarn and spinning fiber. Really . Delicious !

    • You are my only (or should I say rare) cheerleader from afar, unlike my family members, Jen.

      Someday, soon, after the massive change, I will leave ’em all behind and go visit you…I dream of that day to come…soon, sista 😀 Oooh, these rich, jewel purples, blues…are more gorgeous than I can capture. I can’t tell you how delighted I’m with this outcome. Wait ’til I am able to share the whole project.

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  4. […] in an epic way.  To give you an idea as to how much time it added to the second version…Blue Lagoon was knitted up in 4 days (spread over a 2-week […]

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