A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Everyday Beauty

I believe in making every day as beautiful as possible.

I believe doing things by hand has a special ability to make an ordinary day beautiful.

I loves knits that are special yet versatile,

memorable yet classic,

and as enjoyable to wear as they are to knit.

I swooned when the finished prototype first hit Wondrlanding’s Ravelry project page two months ago and couldn’t resist in offering my service to test.

I tell you…there was no shortage on testers.  Unlike any other test knits, it isn’t first come, first serve.  I waited for two long days before final selection was announced.  Being chosen was like winning a lottery.

Maura is a clever and fun, top-down with raglan sleeves pattern by Hungarian knitwear designer Ezster Sarkadi Nagy.  It was intended to show off pretty hand-dyed, variegated yarn’s values, but, without having the horizontal stripes widening the figure.

The seamless cardigan–with bold braided cables and lace panels embellishing center fronts–is oh so sleek and slimming.   It’s deceptively easy to knit, yet, creates a very eye-catching design.

The open-closed rhythm of the button-band emphasizes the vertical direction–bringing the eye up and down for a slimming effect–thus optically narrowing the figure and ensuring a flattering and sexy fit.

Knitted buttons make the closure special and give the cuff a nice feature/interest.

The neckline is formed by short rows so it is higher at the back and a bit lower at the front.

Only modification I made, with designer’s approval, was lengthening the sleeves.  I like my sweaters even in short sleeves--for layering effect–or full.  Nothing personal…3/4 length just not my thing.

MadelineTosh Pashmina knits up like a dream, creating a soft fabric with great drape.  Keep in mind this machine-washable yarn does grow after wash.

Five nights of relaxing and entertaining knit later…

I am a happy camper.

What brings you joy and makes you smile?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…but caved into Facebook!)


Comments on: "Everyday Beauty" (5)

  1. It just dawned on me. Who’s taking these great photos of you? Scott? One of our children?

    • I give specific “scripts” for each shot and Scott takes ’em…but he absolutely “hates” it. Yes I do mean hates and not dislikes. He’d rather me pay a photographer…

  2. Hehe! Please tell him I think he does a great job, even though he hates it. (Reminds me of my wife. She loves it when I help her do yard work, but I HATE yard work.)

  3. I am shocked to read that your hubby dislikes photographing your sweaters, because you look so at ease, and the shots are taken with obvious love for the subject, and interest too. This sweater you made sista is lovely, and different in so many different areas of lighting… I”m glad you ‘won’ the chance to knit it! xx

    • No, Jen, he would be happy that my camera goes missing (and so would my children.) LOL

      I love this new cardi, very cuddly and hug-a-ble to wear. Though it would be much a hit by most folks if I were to use more a solid than variegated,..but I really like it. Who wouldn’t love MadelineTosh Pashmina!

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