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Lovely Paige and Pamela

What a perfectly delightful stitch pattern!  The elegant, open design and weighty cool linen felt perfect for the partly cloudy, breezy day. (Scroll down towards end of the post for helpful tips of making this cardigan.)

Everything seems to be coming up lace here. It must be that summer thing happenin’.

I cast on Pamela, shortly after Rusted Root on July 1, with high hopes I’d get it done before (or at least during) Black Sheep Gathering weekend in Eugene.   It didn’t happen.  There were too many distraction…plus I wasn’t equipped to do the finishing after it’s knit up while away.  Following week was a wash too.  There was no time for much of anything, I was totally exhausted by the time I got home in the evenings.  Once resumed, it only took three days to coast through it (blocking and shaping took another day.)

I feel that I should be twirling about in an alpine meadow!   I like it–Pamela, the cardigan of the twin-set,  is swing-y, a looser fit in order to be worn comfortably over Paige (coming soon.)  It looks great over an evening dress or paired with a casual summer or cruise wear.

The goddesses of knitting are truly smiling upon me. The swatch behaved just as I thought it would, giving me a gauge per pattern.   Knitting primarily with 3.25 needles did take a bit longer than usual to complete the project.   Ugh.

This was a fun knit for driving to the valley and attending festivals.  A great pattern–despite miles of stockinette.

Linen is a real pleasure to knit/work with and no dirt sticks to it! Awesome. It gets softer with every wash while making wrinkles look de rigeur!  The subtle sheen, drape, and malleability of it has captured my heart.  (Care tips here.)

Making buttons with beads and matching yarn is definitely most economical and pleasing when a sweater calls for 11 buttons or more.

Thankfully, the hanks came with extra yardage/weights than labeled.  I used up every inch of the four hanks–409 grams or 1104 yards.  Whew!  Cutting it close would be an understatement, wouldn’t you say?   (Below reflects best the true Terra Cotta hues.)

The sweater has a beautiful shape, fits great for a true medium-size figure (chest to 37″,) and may be washed, dried, and ironed!   I knew I had to show it off before sending it off.  Everyone at Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show loved it.  Talk about great advertising.


  • Gauge obtained with 3.25mm needles; lace work in 3.5mm needles.
  • Suggest iron the stockinette part with light starch to bring out the light sheen.
  • For the petite me, I would adjust the stitch counts and/or needle size to narrow the frame slightly, especially the neckline.
  • Handle with care to not stretch out the cardigan in any way while it’s wet/damp.
  • I like my lace charted so I just created one for periodic check.  It only took a minute to memorize the 20-row lace pattern–very intuitive and fluid.
  • Made buttons with 8mm pearl beads instead of 7.5mm beads.  Personally, I felt it’s a better fit for the band and fiber used.
  • There was a bit of seaming and weaving in ends.  Be care with lining up sleeves for seaming.  This linen didn’t hold up well during unraveling tight stitches–at least that’s my experience.
  • After first 16 rows completed, K54 , place marker on next stitch (not between stitches) for left underarm, K108, place marker  on next stitch (not between stitches) for right underarm. There are 110 stitches for center-back piece.
  • After switching to smaller needles and 4-stitch increase, stitch counts are as follows: 55-112-55 (222 sts)
  • DIVIDE for FRONTS and BACK:  After first bind-off, work in pattern across back 7 stitches (instead of 6.)  Key is to make sure there are 98 stitches for back, centered between two fronts. It’s essential, during this bind-off for armholes row, the 16-stitch lace repeat has 21 stitches if you are stitch-counter/knitter.
  • RIGHT FRONT:  When decreasing on RS, knit in pattern to last 3 stitches, k2tog, k1. On WS, slip first stitch.  It will make seaming/picking up stitches a breeze with clean finishing.
  • LEFT FRONT:   When decreasing on RS, K1 SSK, knit remaining row in pattern. On WS, slip first stitch.  Same effect as Right Front.
  • Had some issue with shaping back neck sections, tinked, and worked again.  Instruction isn’t too clear.  Suggest you study the back shoulder pictures before proceeding.

I love the Euroflax yarn (and pattern…available here/here.)  Every penny well spent.  I love everything about this project.  Just wish I didn’t take that long a break to finish it.

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…but caved into Facebook!)


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