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Camp Spirit

Goodbye Campfire Annual Day Camp.

With wide-open spaces to run,

campers were able to enjoy a variety of activities in the gorgeous,

summer sunshine.

Water balloons soared

while children ran,


and explored.

Both local and those on vacation visiting took advantage of the weather to make memories spending a day at Tumalo State Park.

It was mind-blowing

to see the energy and excitement of the counselors,

counselors-in-training and

the campers

…and to wrap up- the wonderful week of camp with entertaining skits.

All in all, it was a blissful week.

I got some amazing kids,

super nice shots,

and everything worked out!

My own kids–one as counselor, one counselor-in-training, and one camper–had a great time, made new friends, and are excited to go back next summer!

Campfire USA provided our kids with the opportunity to discover their potential,

explore the world around them,

and develop the abilities and character traits

that will allow them to be leaders in the future.

It is about letting kids be kids

and guiding them on the road to becoming great people.

My personal goal is simple:  to grow happy, healthy kids,

and I choose to do this through the wonder of camp.

Now I am back home with a weekend to recover, it is time to finish up a couple of neglected sweater samples two weeks ago!

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…)


Comments on: "Camp Spirit" (4)

  1. Happy and very, very lucky kids to enjoy such an opportunity. Thank you Sarah, for sharing this.

  2. Reminds me of the good old days in Chicago when I attended Boy Scouts camp. Of course, that’s when dinosaurs still ruled the earth.

    Thanks for sharing all these beautiful photos and memories.

  3. […] Knitting is great, compelling, and textural fun.  Plus, it kept me in total balance last week with eleven 1st-grader in Tumalo State […]

  4. […] I wasn’t equipped to do the finishing after it’s knit up while away.  Following week was a wash too.  There was no time for much of anything, I was totally exhausted by the time I got […]

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