A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

formerly known as A Quilt for Two Rivers.  Two Rivers, Three Sisters–among 67 entries from 19 states, the winning title was submitted by Teresa Mitchell of Star, Idaho.  Truly a masterpiece of modern folk art

Wow! What a fun evening I have had.

My dear friend Kristin and I attended the Artist Reception for the Two Rivers, Three Sisters and the Falls of Whychus this evening

at the Black Butte Ranch Lodge.

It is always fantastic featuring beautiful quilts,

wonderful people,

tasty hors d’œuvre

great wine


and terrific conversation

catching up with old and meeting new friends

surrounded by a full 40-foot installation of these striking quilt arts.

Visualize the enormous effort to align each piece and hang in such perfection

just as each remarkable quilter focused on each seam, each panel…pieced together different fabric to make a unified whole, with the big picture in mind.

This is a quilt exhibit you have to plan to spend hours in,

not just one to run in and run out of.

Take your time and see the treasured landscape as it is.

Wonderful details!

Abundance of inspiring ideas.

Most beautiful collaborative masterpieces.

Stunning designs, styles and colors!

This is a close up of Donna Rice’s quilt.

Donna is one of my favorite designers, also one of the masterminds behind the big Whychus Creek quilt. Beautiful quilt. I know I am not alone to think she does wonderful work.

I do not normally like a lot of browns and yellows, but this one by Mary Koons

is fantastic. I love the use of color (and with my favorite purple peeking through back.)

Plus a great part of the reception…you may take home a piece of this unique and completed work, a masterpiece of contemporary American fiber art.  It was one of the ideas I had suggested to Ann Richardson when we were at the Quiltworks gallery exhibit in April.

Love ’em all.

Can you feel the magic of the evening and–through this incredible unique effort–how we may connect with our forests and preciousness of the river in different ways and help spread awareness of the value of wild, scenic rivers and native fish?

Two very special places here, Whychus Creek and the Metolius River.

A bewildering tale it tells. “…the story of how important our rivers and fish have been from Native American times to the present. The theme of native fish returning to home waters is visible in many of the quilt panels.” said Ann Richardson, Executive Director of Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.  Thank you Ann and everyone who made this a reality.   I’m still high on fiber fumes.  It’s been a privilege to follow this innovative project up close since early in the year to its glorious completion.

If you are in the area, be sure to visit the tranquil  Black Butte Ranch during the month of June and/or The Clearwater Studio during early part of July.

The quilts hit the road for a tour after Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.

Summer in Sisters, Oregon, can’t be beat.   It’s where you may do all of your early Christmas shopping!  Hope to see you there in July 😀

Imagine how life might be different if I pursued every relationship as if it would not be there tomorrow…

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…)


Comments on: "Two Rivers, Three Sisters" (10)

  1. Wow, this looks like a great event and a lot of fun, too. beautiful quilts and artwork. Your photos showed a lot, too. Thanks again for sharing this experience with us.

    • I am thankful for the inspiring community we have here in Bend and abundant of gifting souls who are never stingy with sharing their know-hows. You and your Lovely should make a trip to see these amazing arts. Bring your checkbook, Andy. You never know…

      • When my lovely goes to a quilting or knitting show, she NEVER forgets her checkbook. Rest assured of that. 🙂

      • Terrific! I wish I have $20,000 and a wall space to house this stunning art installation. I am contemplating on one of the waterfall pieces for $1500 a piece. Trying to convince hubby…

  2. What a wonderful post Sarah! You are such an artist when it comes to your photos and story telling!

    • I get a ton of inspiration from you, the master enabler 😀 Thanks again for a wonderful trip. I’d not have made it there if it weren’t for you. Boy, I’m already feeling the pain, sobbing…how I will miss you and this wonderful community. :0(

  3. Hi, Sarah — thanks for sharing those beautiful quilts. Just amazing. See you soon in Eugene!

    • Woooohoooo. Yes. Countin’ down by days. Are you on the road already?? Are you camping? I want to hook up and hang out with you, Lori 😀

  4. Amazing, beautiful stuff. How lucky to live so near such a show of talent!

  5. […] Again, Donna is no stranger–one of the masterminds behind the big Whychus Creek collaborative quilt initiative, now known as Two Rivers, Three Sisters. […]

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