A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Isn’t it exciting to have a passion that drives us to dive in and hopscotch from one aspect of a craft to another? For me, knitting to spinning.

And spinning to knitting.   Not only does it anchor my awareness in the present, it helps me notice my anxiety feelings, acknowledge them, give me a break…provides the framework for a good start in decreasing thought spinning (pun intended.)  Today, I chose to be compassionate and empathetic with myself.

I love my drop spindles. This one has been primarily a decorative. A 28-gram spindle–with Bolinga Finale, Mesquite Whorl, Maple Shaft, and Mosaic Shell Inlay–handmade by Ken Ledbetter of KCL Woods. I have always thought it better suited for spinning thicker thread. Boy, did I stand corrected today?!

Spun singles then Andean plied during yesterday knitting social, a fine sample of 20-yard-buttery, luscious, soft Alpaca lace was born at end of the gathering.  It equated to approximately 600 2-ply yards per 50 grams.  That’s mighty fine.  So fine…I didn’t notice it falling out my bag.

Good thing I have a whole fleece full of this Prize-winning fluff to spin up more in the evening…another 70-yard 2-ply lace

The urge of spinning another from sheep to shawl lace project suddenly popped up while remembering my friend Mel’s beautiful, fluttering Celes designed by Jared Flood last week.♥

I’ve decided to make my own design and may even spruce it up with some glitters towards the end.

I will spread it out and hang in the porch when not worn…a pleasant sight with dancing sparkles in the wind and me declaring every now and then Wheee..now it’s blowing from north to south…and now from east to wessstttt… I can’t seem to stop spinning.  Are you as easily distracted as I am?  How do you re-focus?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…but caved into Facebook!)


Comments on: "Calm the Spinning Thoughts" (6)

  1. Today I am finishing my daughter’s mother’s day gift … and I am trying to figure out how to line a rather odd-shaped bag! I had a grandchild with me yesterday so I didn’t feel like visiting a fabric store. So this morning I am using a pillowcase in beautiful silver grey with an interested weave pattern! (I have never used the case b/c it has a textured weave and I prefer smooth cases.)

    • Lovely. I have use pillowcase as laundry bag. What a great idea as a liner, Karen. Enjoy. I look forward to seeing its transformation.

      I love Re-purpose Craft. A friend recently was asked by her sister to give a nice Turkish textile tablecloth a makeover. She turned some of it to skirt 😀

      I am spinning and knitting up my mother a lace. It will be late…but she appreciates my thought and gesture. Aaaaa…mom! It’s just the perfect thing to say.. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day tomorrow with your family, Karen 😀

  2. How beautiful — your spinning and your shawl pattern. Can’t wait to see the finished shawl. Let’s see, knowing you, it should be all done by Tuesday.

    • Thanks, Lori. At the rate I am spinning, I’d be happy to see the shawl before next fall 😀 There has been way too many distractions. Plus my eyes have been giving me trouble, I have not knitted since last Thursday. I do have a shop sample that is half way knitted. Hopefully, I’ll be able to pick it up again tomorrow or next day. I love all that you have dyed and spun–can’t wait to see ’em in person next month 😀

  3. You are creating like there’s no tomorrow ! I’m really interested in your yarn making … and such lovely drop spindles !

    Remember , in life , “It Will Be What It Wants To Be”… so you can just relax, and let it be so. 🙂

    For me what is grabbling my attention is the garden, but what is grabbing my hands is still more test knitting. 🙂

    • Not exactly…I haven’t knitted since last Thursday. My eyes have been giving me trouble. Good thing I can spin and dye. I am tossing back and forth an idea with these handspun singles. Ooooh, it will be exciting. I have a dye-along on Saturday so I do need to have the idea solidify before then. There will be more fiber prep for dyeing and figuring out yardage needed etc. It’s a busy week. Hubby is leaving for Seattle on Wednesday. I don’t like being a single-mom. But, it’ll make do…quoting you: It Will Be What It Wants To Be.

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