A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

After shaping the latest creation with my steam iron (over a quilter’s press cloth) and taking photographs…I just discover a glorious butterfly. Don’t you? (The colors are more muted jewel tones, not as light and bright as pictured here.)

I haven’t gotten a chance to set up a model shoot session on the soaring wing(span)…just ‘cuz my private photographer has been super busy and is on the road!

I must confess…it’s my new favorite and I am totally mesmerized by its randomly placed colors,

organic, free-flow structure

the comfort and warmth it brings me each time I wrapped myself in it. (Hey…my boy shot this head pose–his second time using my DSR.  Not bad, huh!)

It’s my kinda of quickie, knit up in an evening. Third time the charm. Just as fun–more intuitive swinging and jazz-knitting–and as swiftly as the first (linked) and second (linked) times.  You can’t go wrong with using Size-10 needles and aran-weight Lion Brand Amazing yarn–a ball of each Strawberry Fields and Joshua Tree, some Cobblestones for a wing tip and finishing border/i-cord bind-off, plus small leftover of Regetta towards the end of the wing. This time, I cast on 68 stitches initially and 24, 20, 18, and 18 stitches for subsequent triangles. The i-cord 4-stitch bind off is the same as I’ve done in most of my projects: Back-loop Cast on 4 stitches, **KTB K2 K2togTBL with 1 stitch off the shawl. Slide knitted stitches back to left needles** and repeat from ** to **.

It’s been fun watching how everyone is taking this design and making it their own with modifications. If nothing else, online resources such as Ravelry helps give us, fiber-artists, the freedom to do so, knowing others are venturing out too.  As I continue in my cleaning/de-cluttering path, I have been itchin’ for some low water-immersion dyeing play to replicate some of MadelineTosh kettle-dye effect.

What are some of the things you are craving for? Fresh air and/or May showers?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…but caved into Facebook!)


Comments on: "Ooh, Look at the Litt’l Flutterby!" (15)

  1. Always impressed with the clarity and colors of your photos.

    • Thanks, Andy. It doesn’t take much for still photograph. The hardest I still struggle with is to capture the true colors. Some colors are really challenging to capture. But, I won’t give up trying 😀

      • Sometimes I write a comment without fully thinking about my reply. The color and beauty of your photos is the result of your creativity. It’s your knitting creations that provide the dazzling color captured by your photos.

      • Thank you, Andy. You are so sweet and supportive in my creative play. I’m glad I am able to “dazzle” your days in a small way 😀 Really, thank you, for being my “reader!”

  2. Drop Dead Gorgeous. You are such an artist. You bowl me over. I can’t wait to see your dye project !!!!

    • Thanks, Jen. You are such my cheerleader! I do love this free play. It makes my heart sings 😀 As for dyeing, it will come…it’s brewing for sure 😀

  3. It looks beautiful – and your pictures are always so FUN!

    • Thanks, Karen, for being my cheerleader. This free-form play was much needed. I was so stressed last week chauffeuring the kids to their activities and commitments, with hubby out of town, and still de-cluttering my life.

  4. Beautiful… and your smile!

  5. Susan skinner said:

    this is luscious …actually the trio is wonderful. I am working very structured prjecy right now so I think I’ll take a try on something this. Thanks for the inspiration

    • Thanks, Susan, for your encouraging word. Like you, I have been knitting way too many sweater shop samples these past few weeks. A little freeform knitting soothes my creative palette. It’s very zen for the mind. I’m so glad you are inspired to try it out, Susan. Letting go–through knitting–without expectation and anticipation is very liberating. I look forward to seeing yours 😀

    • Thank you, Nancy, for your encouraging words on my wingspan play. It’s very liberating and addictive. I don’t seem to be able to stop. It’s on my mind often…while I am living life 😀 The photograph tip is priceless. I have given it a try the other day and am pleasing with the experiment. Yes, rolling down the window would work sometimes…but not likely when the kids are in the car too :0( But, I am learning…

      Your question about Swing and Jazz Knitting is a wonderful one and inspires me to write up a dedicated post…just for you, Nancy. Stay tuned while I revisit some of my fondest, earlier knitting discoveries 😀

  6. Your “Wingspan” improvisations are wonderful. Where did you learn swing knitting? Is Jazz knitting different? Please explain these techniques for us and suggest how we might acquire these skills. This pattern seems ideal for application.

    I like the tension and color play farmed in this post’s photograph is a perfect foil for your Wingspan III. You play with fencing like others play with windows and doors.
    I can relate to your dilemma of trying to make photographs while traveling and you are the only one who wants to make a click in time stand still. I have a whole series I call “through the car window”. There’s not much to be done about the glare. Open the window if that is possible; get that quick shot and ignore the grumpy man in the seat behind you who is more concerned with the bus’ AC. Also, you can reduce much of the blur if you can shoot behind you rather than straight out the window. Keep trying. That best shot is usually just luck.

  7. […] Ooh, Look at the Litt’l Flutterby! […]

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