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What My Eyes See

and what my photographs don’t show.  I love photography…the story of the miracles and beauty that is their lives.

I’ve been lucky that my progression with vision loss has been pretty slow. However, I have noticed some changes in my remaining eyesight the last few times I have gone out to shoot with my camera. Such irony. Photography is helping me judge these changes in my vision. Are changes really there? Or is it purely my mind playing tricks on me? I wonder…

I love photography and would hate to give it up. Yet, when I got into the hobby to document tidbits of my life, I knew that the day would eventually come when my vision and memory loss would make photography really difficult. I have no regrets for having spent a considerable amount of money on my DSR, lenses, and other accessories. I would not give up the joy that the hobby has brought me. My photography has allowed me to experience a lot of beauty around me that I would normally miss with my own eyes. What can I say? The camera has a far better range of vision than my own eyes.

I also saw photography as a challenge. I have always enjoyed the expression on people’s faces whenever I see them. When I step up to a spot and take a photo, I know the look.

I see the world in ways that are unique, interesting, and different, at least to me. I want to share this world view through my photography. But, the one of many frustrations a novice photographer’s encounter–in me–is when I get back to my computer and pull images off the camera, the results are nothing like the grand vision I experienced while shooting. Has this ever happened to you?

Another challenge of mine: It’s becoming more and more amazingly difficult to photograph anything, to my heart’s desire, when I am on a road trip.  Hubby and my children won’t stop when–without notice–we are presented with such memorable image right in front of our very eyes. So, I have to settle with poor quality of these photographs taken inside a moving vehicle, with dirty glass.

Life…with children and a husband who don’t share this part of my passion. What am I to do to keep my sacred place?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…but caved into Facebook!)


Comments on: "What My Eyes See" (10)

  1. I’ve always appreciated the wonder of digital cameras and the colorful results they produce. Yes, it is frustrating sometimes, because the photographic image is much smaller than our eye’s image. It is almost impossible to capture the grandeur of the Grand Canyon or Outer Space with a simple camera. The human eye is so much better at doing that. I hope that your perception of vision loss at this time is just an illusion. I sure cannot tell from your beautiful photos. You are great and wise to take advantage of your time to record as many wonderful images as possible. God bless you!

    • Thank you for the well wishes, Andy. It could be so much worst…I am just thankful for another minute, another hour, another day of the glorious life. As for photography, I really wish I have the time to sit and learn diligently on some of the basic skills/techniques. I want my photographs to have “Bit!” “Wow!” I rarely get that feeling from what I take. Yet, they do remind me of some awesome memories. Life is good. And thank you for sharing it with me, Andy.

  2. Elizabeth Souza said:

    I really enjoy your photographs and they illustrate your blogs beautifully. Your family may not share your passion but I’d bet they appreciate the work you do. Keep going! Sometime you will have to give me a photography lesson and I’ll give you a belly dance lesson!

    • thanks, Elizabeth. Not sure I can teach anyone as I am a novice myself. But, I am happy to show you some basics that I have been playing around with. Oh, do I want a belly dance lesson!!!!! That’s a date, girl 😀 And you are the most beautiful belly dancer I know.

  3. Wonderful pics … your eyes see well!

    • Thanks, Karen! For now, at least, I am grateful each day when I wake…and see all that I’m blessed with. ♥

      • Me too … I had a serious health crisis several years ago, and since then I have endeavored to enjoy each day!

      • Thanks, Karen. It’s so promising and uplifting when I hear from others, like you, who have lived through your trials and are still living, joyfully each day. 😀

  4. I so often have thought when looking at a really bad photo I took ” What was I thinking? Where are you on the road, with blurry shots and signs of movement? WHy are those shots through the car window any less artful? They are documenting your life in transport. I love them ! Rmember Steve Jobs video. Here is the whole one, by the way , I discovered (I loved the one you posted big time) :

    • I know…it’s the perfectionist in me that acts out from time to time. I too love this video and it’s on my “player” which is played very often.

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