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Closing In

Just a few days remain to take advantage of April showers…

brings the glorious May flowers.

Mayflowers bring pilgrims.  Then the June Bugs Hay Fever…But it’s still April. I started feeling suffocated last week and am desperately in dire need of some fresh air.

Have you ever had a love-hate relationship? I do…rather a long, drawn-out, dramatic one…going back some 20 plus years…with pollen.

Such irony. ‘Cuz you know how I love nature! Absolutely.

So, my cyber friend Ms. Karen wants to know if the newly finished cardigan has sleeves.  Silly girl. Of course, there are. See?

Woo hoo! Three days of intermittent knitting later, here is another waterfall-style cardigan I am smitten with.

I have a hard time capturing the true teal–it’s much richer, deeper than pictured.

Cotton Fleece by Brown Sheep (available online or in store at Twisted) is pleasant to knit up, non-splitty, and drapey. Out of 461 grams or 992 yards–4.6 skeins–I found only one tiny knot out of five skeins. It’s surprisingly comfortable to wear on a breezy, sunny day. One would sure get a load of wear out of it in spring and summer months.

Effortless, just as it’s named by Hannah Fettig…it doesn’t get any easier than this!

The instructions are clear, simple, and easy-to-follow/memorize. I only had to check the pattern when I was moving on to a different section of the body. Things just gel as you knit along.

Offering up are some of my personal insights…hopefully it will help you along the way knitting up your Effortless:

  • The pattern is beautifully written.
  • The schematic helps greatly when comes time for blocking.  All made good sense.
  • Be sure to wash, block, fully dry, and measure a swatch for gauge accuracy. I swatched in Size 9 needles but went with Size 8 needles for knitting the sweater.

  • Slipped first stitch of each row for clean and easy pick-up stitches.
  • Cotton Fleece is a perfect yarn for spring and summer wear. Highly recommended. However, be warned. If you choose to knit with light-shade of bamboo needles, they will be stained.  Mine turned pretty light teal…nothing noticeable on my hands, so that’s good. For the first wash, soak it in vinegar bath to remove excess dyes and rinse until water runs clear.

  • To duplicate this sample, pick up 70 stitches on each front panel (vertical pick-up 3 stitches out of 2 rows.) Pick up 15 stitches off top edge for each vertical ribbing (3 stitches out of 2 rows,) 54 stitches off each shoulder/sleeve, and 68 stitches off back.
  • The sizing is very versatile, at least with the 34.5″ medium-size sample shown.

Here you see my friend who is 5’7″ but with broad shoulders in a swimmer…

In order to properly fit Jewel’s shoulders, I would pick up more stitches for ribbing off each shoulder/sleeve and less off back section.

Though I am 5’3″ and normally wear Adult Small, this one looks good on my petite frame. Of course, I am biased.

You may see how fitting the unfinished sweater (here) on my 5’5″ teen who wears a Woman’s Medium.

There you have it. Hope you enjoy my Effortless–Exactly to a Tee–maybe even are inspired to knit one for yourself.

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…but caved into Facebook!)


Comments on: "Closing In" (12)

  1. Excellent photos as usual. I especially liked the one with the 3-D glasses.

  2. That looks great. Too bad you can’t keep it!

    • That’s okay. It was rather a simple, quick knit. I am going to pick me up some Cotton Fleece when I am at the shop later this afternoon to knit me one without sleeves or 3/4. I have some modified idea to incorporate.

    • Not to worry. I picked out Remix yesterday to knit my own 😀 It’s wonderful to see you, Michele, and even for a short time. Enjoy your son’s return for a few months. I will hope to get to hear you sing in person at one of your Sunday services…perhaps in the summer 😀

  3. That is one gorgeous blue ! You are looking better and better every photograph ! I’m not kidding. In reply to the comment just before this one: I have a theory about knitting for others, whether relatives, friends, or for whom you’re test-knitting : As long as you blog as you do, you *do* get to keep it ! My DH says to me how I’m awfully nice to be knitting so much and giving it all away, and I try to explain to him that because of the camera, I get to keep it all. There’s no way we could actually wear all of this anyway, so photographing well is our gift to ourselves in keeping all that we make. As knitters, in the process of knitting for others, we have opportunities *given* to us to become better knitters ! If we only knit for ourselves, we wouldn’t knit half as much, and we would be only half as good. 🙂

    • Only you would be so complimentary about my lood…at my age, sista. I guess I do look decent. Lately, I look totally exhausted. I must do a little pampering, soon!

      I feel the same way about knitting samples. It’s a nice way to test out yarn and designs that I wouldn’t be able to afford or go out my way to buy. I can’t imagine stuffing my closet full of my own hand knits either…reclaiming my own yarn is something I haven’t done a lot either. So knitting samples for others satisfies my appetite…and a few nice people find inspiration from my play makes me happy too.

  4. Beautiful flowers – thanks for sharing! And the sweater looks amazing! I MUST knit it for myself! (This is not helping my fiber addiction!)

    • Thanks, Karen. It was such a treat walking home after my Thursday knitting social. The blooms were inspiring. I am ready for my next color play 😀 Yes, I’ve been known an enabler…Haven’t you gotten that, yet? Go ahead, Karen. Indulge that fiber addiction freely. It’s only fiber, after all 😀

  5. Three days! I’m in awe. It’s beautiful, and a good excuse for a pretty shawl pin.

    • It’s all stockinette knitting, with a small section ribbed edging, in LARGE needles, with worsted-weight yarn–comparing to my finger-weight/small needle knitting, this is a breeze and welcoming change between sweaters! It does knit up fast and an awesome mobile project to take between errands, waiting for kids… I just picked out Remix yesterday to make me one to keep 😀 Of course, now, I can’t cast on yet as I am tackling a challenge tank and another MadTosh cardigan sample I picked up too :0( Wanna knit the Remix for me, K?! How are you? Are you and Z ready for a summer break?

  6. […] They won ‘cuz they refused to become discouraged by their defeat. After finishing my last project, I got a little ambitious and started Trickle-Down Tank immediately (previously mentioned […]

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