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Toying Around

I’ve suddenly developed an urge to do nothing but sweaters. After last knitted tee, I have been sketching and swatching.

Such a tease, right?  I pretty much have all the ducks in a row…desperately want to make #6 sweater of the year.  But, I couldn’t cast on last few days…not just yet.

Why?  You ask. I have been expecting two shipments from Portland…both arrived today, the same day.  Geez Louise.

First project (actually two projects in one) will be kept unwrapped during testing phase.  The design is utterly clever and gorgeous.  What I can show you are the luscious Staccato and Silk Cloud–heavenly soft, cloud-like–in the official Pantone color of 2012, Tangerine Tango (not sure that’s what Shuibui Knits name them…or maybe it’s Watermelon?)  I am deeply in love…

The high-achiever me scream to get the needles clicking so it maybe finished and sent back by Thursday to Knit-Purl.  I may just set a new knitting-marathon record this month–knit up seven full-size sweaters in a month. What do you think?  Can I do it?  Wanna bet?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…but caved into Facebook!)


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  1. Nothing but sweaters? YOu , like me, think and dream of sweaters in the spring … lol. Yes, a tease and a most intriguing peek into your notes, I see that you are an Intentional Knitter. (I must learn to take notes, and be more intentional, difficult for a runnaway train. 😉 I think you are a runnaway train with miles and miles and miles of track (and yarn) before you. Go go go !

  2. Of course you can do it! You’re the most productive knitter I know.

    • Thanks, Michelle. I under-estimated it ‘cuz I didn’t know the inner layer is knitted in Size 2 needles. Then, the slippery silk/mohair took a bit more attention to insure no accidental drop-stitch escapes me. It’s finally done and is in the wash now. I should be able to get it to the post office later today so it still gets to Portland on Monday. I am a day late…but still ahead of schedule by a week. Thanks for the vote of confidence, my friend. Hope you are enjoying the glorious spring weekend.

  3. No bets there …I once started a sweater on a Thurday and finished the next day. My daughter was going skiing for the weekend and wanted to wear it on the slopes. Of course I gave myself tendonitis and couldn’t knit for 6 weeks or so! 🙂

    • I do know what you mean, Karen. The things we would do for our kids 😀 Well, the pressing project is done…and now awaiting to be dried. I will still make it to the post office later today for it to arrive at the shop in Portland on Monday. I under-estimated the project timeline but still a week ahead of schedule. I can’t share the finished project but will show a peek later when I have a chance to catch a bit of air 😀 It’s really gorgeous. Even in stockinette, it took a bit of time to knit up as the inner layer is knitted in Size 2 needles and the outer layer is in slippery silk and mohair. I am quite happy with the outcome.

      Thanks for your cheer, Karen. Hope you are enjoying a bit of glorious spring weekend 😀

      • Can’t wait to see the new project! The weather here is turning warm so I can’t wait to finish up Thor’s wool-silk vest and do some more seasonally appropriate projects! Actually, I think I’m going to warp my loom with some towels!

      • Wool-silk. Lovely. I started next sweater in Cotton Fleece yesterday. It’s nice for a change, ready for spring 80-degree days. I love the feel and drape of the knitted fabrics. Can’t wait to see your towels on loom, Karen.

  4. […] started the swatch with Cotton Fleece from Twisted last week and cast on on […]

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