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Valse De Fleurs

Too many knitting projects in your head?  Can’t get them out and off your needles fast enough?  Too much work?  Too many chores?  Pressure building? The great thing about spreading myself thin is that I have a lot of variety in my life. But the problem is, I do feel like I’am neglecting everything. Besides attending the teens’ concert and choir performances and district contests, there is a knitting frenzy here.

Some time ago, in the throes of an online yarn sale, I ordered an enormous amount of Noro yarn. A lot of it. Don’t look at me like that; I had a plan for it.  Really, I did. This cotton-blend Taiyo Sock yarn, though behaves like single-ply and hard on the hands to knit, is so nice when knit up, washed, and sure to improve with wear. The only thing I don’t like–as I work–the yarn twists on itself and gets tangled. Other than that, Noro yarn really added to the fun…can’t beat the colors!!

I just love this little cardi pattern…coming soon on atelier alfa.  I got to test knit another Anne Lernout‘s clever design–perfect little spring/summer top. Fun–and quick–to knit. One piece, practically no seams–just four knitted flowers to stitch.

Go gracefully from denim to tweed with this versatile pattern. Fleur Cardigan is a sweet, timeless cardigan worked from top down with a simple, built-in i-cord button band and edging. Instructions are clear with many visual check points and tutorials such as shadow wrap-&-turn to reference.   With successive washing, the silky texture will be enhanced.  This is sure to become one of my favorites. 😀

As a layering-kinda-gal, I modified the sleeves to give it the faux layering effect. First, the whimsy cardigan is finished as short-sleeve and added after-thought, roll-up sleeves in a complimentary purple used for the flowers.  Apparently, mission accomplished as hubby was baffled why I directed him to include sleeves in the foreground during shooting session earlier today.

The 11/16” Belle Buttons by Dritz (#BB848 100% polyester) were a tad spendy ($11.45 for a pack of 3.)  It costs nearly as much as the yarn used for the cardigan?!  Needless to say, it’s worth it. The “organic” stony buttons are just perfect–tied in with the black hues in Noro Taiyo.

I am very pleased with the final touches added (sewn in ribbon to back of button band.)

I’m so sad to be done with this test knit. It is like the book you don’t want to finish because it’s such a great read. Does it happen to you?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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  1. kristinshields said:

    This sweater is just wonderful! I’m blown away by all that you do. I was on your Rav page the other day and noticed that you have an awful lot of purple there. It must be YOUR color!

    • Thanks, Kristin. I do love it myself. It’s just the right weight for my liking.

      I was really trying hard last couple of years not to make things in purple…only realize I am happiest in that color. So why fight it LOL

  2. […] Knit, knit 2012, Life, short-row, sweater, Test Knit Knit! I LOVE this flower design so much from Valse De Fleurs that I was eager to get the tee version finished last night.  Wouldn’t you know it? Wine […]

  3. You are not neglecting anything. I truly think that is your own perception. You are knitting and creating and designing and test-knitting , and writing about the process and sharing (and mothering and wifing) at a lightening speed !
    Okay, now… I am ‘looking at you like that !’ I mean, I”m looking at you like ‘where on earth did this most awesome creation Valse de Fleurs come from??? A little backstory : when I was a hippyesque flower-childish girl of about 25 , I made a very similar ‘jacket’. I scrapped together bits of fabric in baroche prints, velvet, etc..bric-a-brack…made piping, and sewed togethr with Folkwear “Nepal shirt” and I tell you, I would have totally peed my pants to see this gorgeous cardigan of yours you just made. Well, I’m still very much that flower-child of 25 and I think I did just pee my pants.
    Is it the Noro? Everything Noro seems exquisitely radiant of earthly tones, but no, I think it’s you. IT’s *your genius* (nevermind what the pattern said, which I haven’t seen)… of knitting the medalians and sleeves of your sweet lavender, which is in the Noro stripes, I see it there, screaming ” please repeat me, please choose me!”. And you did indeed.
    Layered, or by itself. I think this is the most uniquely YOU knitting that you’ve done . It really speaks my language. Emotion: Fascinated.

    • You crack me up, big way, Jen! I can see you in it, for sure. If it weren’t a test knit, I’d have filled a hole with some contemporary fabric-flower. Taiyo is one of Noro’s silk/cotton blend yarn. I knitted a summer cardi in the heavier weight and loved it. A lighter weight cardi was very enticing to me for this test knit and was thankful my friend Anne did not object to my choice since most were knitting in solid color. I wasn’t sure how I would like all these muddled, rustic colors but went to town with it and so glad I let it be. The outcome is just every bit a delightful surprise. I am really glad to play “outside the comfort zone.” The tee edition is finished too. These two are my new favorites!

  4. […] I’ve been doing lately about spring, I’d be amiss if I left out the modified-tee version of Valse De Fleurs, using Premier Serenity Sock for the body and short […]

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