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In All Her Glory

Here she is, modeled at last, my Flutter Up to Jewel (posted here.)  Should you consider knitting her, be forewarned that there are various emotional phases you might find yourself experiencing. I have documented them as follows for your simple pleasure:

Stage 1. Excitement. During the creative/sketching stage, you will spend large amounts of time anguishing over deciding which yarn to use.

Stage 2. Concern. Upon close examination, pattern may appear more tricky than expected.  I compared my “tinked” pattern to No. 20 Edging from “The 1850 Knitted Lace Pattern Book” of Victorian Lace Today and thought it’s a pretty close match.  Some modification and math work will be required.

Stage 3. Happy. You are finally underway. All concern experienced in stage 2 will have been forgotten as your modified pattern is genius and simple. You will delight as the beauty of the yarn is expressed in the simple lace pattern.

Stage 4. Concern. You realize that there is an awful lot of borning knitting in the 20-row repetition. During this stage, you might find yourself wondering if it is worth the effort for basically a simple scarf.

Stage 5. Happy. You have now grafted the ends together and realize how fun intentionally elongating the cowl to an infinity scarf can be. The mystery of wrapping (number of times will depend on how many stitches you cast on) is intriguing. The drape of the fabric begins to look quite elegant and you find yourself staring at your knitting. It’s completely understandable why legions have knit cowls and infinity scarves.

Stage 6. Excitement. It’s done. It’s beautiful. You are thrilled to have a cowl and can’t wait to wear it!   Warning:   During this stage, you might also start planning your next one.

I feel the need to go out–for a cup of Chai Latte–to be enjoyed with a lot of attitude.  I am totally exhausted after an afternoon at the library

and a long night of First Friday Art Walk (more of that to come in a few days.)

How was your day?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…but caved into Facebook!)


Comments on: "In All Her Glory" (4)

  1. Juliana said:

    Sarah, do you have this pattern for sale? I would love to make it…


    • Thanks Juliana. I am very pleased with its destination. This is a very good example of “trust your project, trust your yarn…it will tell you what it wants to be…in time!”

      As for a pattern, not likely since it is so close to the lace work in Victorian Lace Today. I need to do some research to see the origin and copyright law on that. If I do, would you like to test for me? I would love that 😀 What yarn weight are you thinking of? This one is more like a heavy fingering or sport..

  2. I like your commentary – and the cowl/scarf is so pretty!

    • Thank you so much, Cheryl, for your compliment. I do like how this project spoke its mind and came to fruition. It shows me it’s not all in black and white, from the beginning.

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