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Think Outside The Box

with the body and brain?

How far outside the box should I sit? How did the researchers assess one’s creativity? How in the world does sitting outside the box bring about a bump in creativity?  I find science behind creativity fascinating–when it tends to happen, what fosters it, what inhibits it.

I have always been one who likes to bend the rules, a curious mind that needs to explore and understand how a process works. Maths and problem solving have always come naturally.

I wonder how many supervisors in a workplace will take note and stop expecting staff in “creative” posts to act like adding machines.

Now run along and create something…

If weather warms up tomorrow, I may just have some modeled shots of my two newly finished spring cardigans to show you.

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…but caved into Facebook!)


Comments on: "Think Outside The Box" (4)

  1. I feel like I’ve been struck by the muse (tapping into creative energy, developing a creative part of my brain…whatever we want to call it) more in recent few years than ever before. It’s as if it’s exponential, and indeed a muscle. Trust in one’s impulses is huge, to go out of the box a little more. Also I think others’ reaction (praise?) is also what makes creativity noticed, solidified, and through others, it becomes relative in a social sense. At least I think so. Oh, I can’t wait to see the new sweaters ! As for me, I’m strangely drifting , now having had my last deadline finished. But I am to begin spinning a little for one last indefinite project (a skein of purple alpaca) .

    • Yes, coming out of a box needs encouragement. Be okay with opening up to the world takes courage. It’s been most rewarding since I started blogging. My eyes open when I peek in other’s boxes. Life is full of endless opportunities.

      I love your purple alpaca! I have tried to over-dye my “expresso” alpaca roving last year but was unsuccessful.. I may give it a try again this summer…purple! I tried to avoid it last two years…played with other colors. At the end, I find myself happiest in purple.. So, why fight it!

      I have posted one of the three spring sweaters so far. How you like it? The buttons are the coolest!

      • Yes, do not fight ! I remember your posting about Purple being your neutral color. YOu look great in purple, and well, me… I think earthy reds and reddish tones. I use to be so green, kakki colors, browns… yuck, no more ! I just realized in my 40’s that I am not a blonde & tanned complexion, but fair !

      • I too had the phase of Khaki, browns…and blacks mostly back in my high-school years. I like Khaki in pants still–a good fix-all neutral. I do like earthy reds but never seem to pick them when I look?? Wonder why? Just ‘cuz jewel purple is overwhelming, sticking to my face. It’s just “natural” for me to pick it out in a crowd…always LOL So, I was hoping to finish the 3rd spring addition and went out of yarn. Then, the designer wants mine long-sleeve. It requires me over-dyeing as I like the “layered” look in spring tee. Not sure I will get any knitting in this week…awful crazy week. with kids’ concert performances, district contests, more paperwork for bankruptcy/taxes etc. Yikes…I feel stress today!

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