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Giant Quilt Blocks

dahlia, tumbling blocks, cactus…Good golly miss Molly…really cool!!  Something interesting that’s not about politics, celebrities, or sports! Beautifully done and magnificent.

An artist, no doubt.  This is absolutely incredible, mathematical magic!  Even nature’s harshest time of the year may be made more grand by a true talent.  Some people are just so freaking, amazingly talented, like French snow artist Simon Beck.

Along frigid, icy lakes of Savoie, Simon spends dawns-to-dark trudging through snow in a pair of snowshoes–while listening to Beethoven sonatas–creating these sensational, geometric art forms. Each stunning, 3-dimensional design–aerial photograph–is typically a size of a three-soccer field.  In every one of his masterpieces, Simon maintains perfect-looking proportions and avoids stepping on any of his work. It goes to prove one can be peaceful, creative, and a credit to ones species. Bravo!  You must really love the cold weather!

There is a lot of people who do wonderful things for others and share their talents.  BUT, news media seldom follow through with getting it to the world to see and hear.  They seem to think we only want the Bad news.  Me…I love joining folks who share their positive and inspiring news.  What a decidedly human talent taking the concept of a crop circle to new heights…totally mind boggling.   It’s good to see what happens when inspired and gifted people like Simon utilize nature’s exquisite canvas to co-create such beauty.  Kudos, Simon. ♥

To learn more about Simon’s reverse orienteering work using surveying sighting compass and reason why he goes to the trouble to create these arts, join his Yahoo! Groups or Facebook Page.  Simon’s  perspective and insight opened my eyes to new ideas and ways of appreciating nature’s beauty.  They made me smile today.  What nature art/artist inspires you?

I would kill to see these pieces as they fade away in spring thaw!

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…but caved into Facebook!)

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