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Award Keeps on Awarding

I am incredibly chuffed when a talented fiber artist included me in her group of blogs she was nominating for a group of blog awards yesterday. I first met Lori Lawson–an remarkable artist and owner on the other side of the pond at Capistrano Fiber Arts–through Lynne Vogel’s The Twisted Sister’s Knit Sweaters book in 2007 and much later became friend on Ravelry. Lori is an amazing dyer, spinner, knitter and weaver, and one who is absolutely passionate about fiber arts. I love her style, sense of colors, dyeing composition, and nuno-felting in artwear in her hand-dyed and handspun yarns. Her artistic creation keeps me alive, inspired me to be interested and be involved in all facets of fiber art.

The Liebster Blog Award is–well, a bit of a mystery–given to bloggers who inspire others and have less than 200 followers. No one knows when or where it originated. Some folks speculated that liebster points to Germany. The online English-German dictionary offers these English equivalents of liebster: Beloved, Dearest, Darling, or Favorite. After some reluctance, I am honored to receive it!!! Thank you Lori! I can’t wait to see you at Black Sheep Gathering in June.

A belated thank-you to my artful blogger friend Laura who too lovingly bestowed on my blog for the same award back in January. Laura is a freakishly fantastic DIYer.  I check her blog often for all the latest happenings in her DIY and Upcycle journey .

Picture Source: aboutgoodness.com

While the award’s origin is obscure and my own search for a source was unrequited. Most posts mentioning the award seem to be dated in the past year or so. The rules associated with it are well codified:

  • Thank my award presenter on my blog.
  • Link back to the presenter/blogger who awarded me.
  • Copy and paste the blog award on my blog.
  • Reveal my 5 blog picks and let them know I’ve chosen them by posting on their blog.

Now as part of the tradition, I’m passing along the Liebster Blog Award to my five picks that have been motivating and inspiring, all of whom I dream of living right next door. ♥

Kristin Shields, a dear friend, mentor, enabler, my craft partner in crime, avid quilter, talented artist, gourmet cook and baker…and more.

Jennifer, a fearless knitter, spinner, hiker, musician, fan of All Things Shetland or anything British Isles really (and Irish), my voice of reason, sounding board, my soul sista!

Michele Lee Bernstein, accomplished knitwear designer, world traveler, musician and composer, food and dessert lover

Kirsten Halla mathematician knitter/spindle spinner, art and life at 65 mph…wish I have even 1/10th of her zeal & energy.

Laura Lauragais, gorgeous hand-knitted fabrics, free-form artist, excellent translator, visionary, and profound thinker–one who would walk a mile in my shoes.

Elizabeth Mahina Souza, long-time spinner, weaver, knitter, costume maker, a professional tribal dancer and teacher… one who is interested in EVERYTHING and loves history, art, music and books.

Hats off to these wonderful bloggers to go to such lengths to make my day special and more so for sharing it with all of us.  Be prepared to spend many hours browsing through their lovely blogs 😀

For those I did not acknowledge, be assured you are very appreciated.  I show my love by reading your posts, like/love your posts,  and/or leaving sincere and engaging comments that let you know I really do like to read about your interest, thought, and importance happening in your life.  For those whom I named, please don’t feel pressure to pass on award to the gazillion people the rules say you must send it to.  Feel free to opt out. Thank you again, Lori and Laura, for spreading some blog love.

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…but caved into Facebook!)


Comments on: "Award Keeps on Awarding" (5)

  1. Sarah, you are most welcome! You deserve the Liebster award for having such a great blog. Look forward to seeing you at BSG.

  2. Sarah — I posted your very flattering picture of me at BSG 2011 on my Facebook page and have gotten no end of compliments. I usually am so unphotogenic and with your amazing photographic skills, you worked some magic. My son was ever so proud to announce that “that’s my mom”. Thank you, thank you!

    • Glad you and everyone like the photo. It’s definitely the magic in the camera since I am such a novice photographer wannabe. Plus, you are truly a beautiful woman! I’ll see you in a couple of months. Happy spinning and dyeing, Lori. 😀

  3. Sarah. I’m nearly in tears. Okay, so I *am* in tears. Tears which say ” how fond I am of this wonderful new friend I have been so so lucky to have come to know ~ Who Is Sarah ~ so deeply and genuinely, in such a frightfully short time “. And the tears are wiped out by a beaming smile which broadcasts to the boundless universe my appreciation for YOU. The smile is then complimented by my brows which raise up to the sky and say ” What????? Me????? ” But this isnt’ about *me*. This that I’m saying is all about YOU. You so deserve to be given the Liebster Blog (Love Blog?) Award , a hundred times over. You in fact , *are* without competition, the most inspiring blogger in the circle I’ve come to know, (even more so than the other ones’ I talk about to you all the time 😉 ~~~ but most importantly, the most inspiring P. E. R. S. O. N. ~~~~ and that is a whole different thing. I just don’t know what to do, but this is a first for me. In the few years I’ve been doing this Knitting In Public’ thing which is blogging, I’ve not felt hardly any acknowledgement but from a couple of knitters who have inspired me to Take It All The Way. You have been a big sister (yes, my Knitting UnNie, as I have been taught by my Korean daughter-in-law) and I won’t stop ever. Ever. Because of you. xxxJen

    • No tear, please. Just happy thought. I am very thankful to be connected with you, Jen. Call me picky, unbearable. There are very few of you in my life I’d call “friend.” Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being my friend and someone whom I can run to when I am troubled or bliss.

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