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Flutter You Up to Jewel

Originally, I named this Succubus ‘cuz it literally sucked the life out of me…not that the 20-row pattern is difficult to memorize or stitches many. Still, it took me way longer than it would have, a lifetime later…Silly, I know.

I started this project some early spring, about six years ago, brief duration after moving to Oregon…and ran out of this luscious silk/mohair blend yarn, only half the way through. That was pre-Ravelry, pre-blogging time of my knitting life. No documentation. No progress photograph. No pattern notes written down. No yarn label saved. Every time I went on a road trip, I would look for its mate, even a close match…with all the leg work, running around from shop to shop, city to city, state to state…not a single solution.

My faith started to waiver when I became restless, seeking to fulfill a need to finish. I came close to giving up on it completely and start afresh…give it another life, sharpen a pencil and do the math. When I showed it to my Thursday Weekly Knit-Up circle and chatting about possible alternatives with sweet Jewel in January, a Eureka moment struck.

Why not transform it into a donning cute, infinity cowl/scarf? With functional buttons to add interest and give an option of wearing the double-wrap cowl as a scarf? At the end, after unventing one-repeat of the lace pattern, I decided to go with simplicity–by grafting both ends together–and let the lace work shine its glory.

Less is more.

Finally wrapped it up on my way to Portland, dropping off older teen at her best friend’s home in Newberg this morning.

The scarf still needs a final finishing touch when I get home in a week. I will steam block the piece to give it drape (but not overdoing it)…stretch slightly to set stitches. There will be another…this time maybe in gorgeous Arcadia yarn by The Fiber Company, soft around the neck and drapes like a dream. The only challenge is choosing from the amazing range of colors.

When my best friend calls to make afternoon plans, I know just the scarf to wear on our girls’ day out. The soft lacy pattern adorning this dreamy scarf give it a gentle feminine flair that’s perfect for a casual-cool outfit. The rich tone-on-tone red hues (not as bright and orange-y as pictured) will add a wink of beautiful, cheerful color to my stone-wash denim or a causal cardigan. Looping this look around me as I head out the door, I’d smile in excitement for my stylish adventure! Do you have a favorite accessory piece, knitted or otherwise?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…but caved into Facebook!)


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  1. You are pure brilliance Sarah. What a great solution ! I love the saying ” Dwell in the Solution, and not the Problem. ” How many of us beat ourselves up about such and such we haven’t finished. I bet most knitters have a demon in the craft closet called ‘WIP’ which goes on into simply (as I read in some blog somewhere, was it EunnyJangs’?) ” Knitted Obituaries. Ha ha ! No need for burying our time spent on it, though somethings do feel better to be ripped and restarted into something better. But this Sarah, this was the answer that you were obviously not able to see previous to your solution. I would love to see a picture of your beautiful self wearing your infiinity lace. Now, I’m just jealous that I can’t go on a GirlsOuting with you. 🙂 (Though to me,curling up inside beside the fireplace and working rows is as good as it gets). Missing your presence…. where are you on a trip to? CALIFORNIA ???

    • Thanks, sista. Nothing brilliant about this, really. It’s all in the timing, taste, and state of mind. This project makes me reflect on where I had been and the road I’ve traveled as a knitter. What I didn’t see way back when…in a flick of time, all has changed and became clear as a crystal. I am quite pleased not only that it’s finished but not everything is “black and white.” It’s okay to “bend” a little or more.

      I too have a few WIPs sitting in the closet for a loooong time, two sweaters are near to completion. Every so often, I would crave to pull out to finish. I took them with me to annual retreat…yet no progress. The inner question: Why not? It’s not like it’s complicated, difficult, or that I am not disciplined enough. So, I came to my taste in style or color has changed and they are no longer of interest to me. Or, there is a better way to achieve them or make them desirable to my current “taste.” The answer has been there all along. I just wasn’t ready to receive it. There are projects that just not meant to be finished. At some point, when the time is “right” and I need to reclaim those yarn…

      Believe me, we will have our Girls’ Outing. Are you too coming to Oregon for your vacation? I remember you mentioned a place with treehouse? you two go each year or last year? Maybe we can have a short visit when you are in the state.

      I was over the valley for spring break last week and made a short visit to Portland. I love going to a “big” city from time to time. Portland reminds me of a little S.F. and I love each of my visit. It’s soo fun and be able to take home some MadelineTosh spending some of my “knitting credits” at Twisted and Knit-Purl. I am home now.

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