A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Magical Aerial World

I live in a lovely area of Central Oregon.

With its mature trees and interplay of color and texture,

I just have to look out a window

to find something incredible every day. ♥

Or make a short hop to Gossamer Knitting Place

with my knitterly friends after my Thursday Weekly knitting social.

Today, I have an urge to design some ephemeral and artificial Installations within nature–in order to let the sun and rain increase the transparency effects and illusions–like this one  stunning form of art.♥

Sortilege, Festival ARTEC, La ferté Bernard, France, spring 2010
Size: 50 elements, between 8 and 12m each
Medium: gift ribbon
Technique: sprang

The framework with its constraints and mystery stimulates me. How did such work withstand the wind for several months? The materials, flexible and flying modules that stretched between trees, colors and rigid geometric shapes with bamboo, metal or plastic pipes, fishing rods…on the terrain, climate, and light of the place fascinates me. Forests, ponds, rivers, open spaces or enclosed, urban or rural.  Each proposal has a different answer:  moving or stationary, anchored or floating.

Tempus Arti, Landen, Belgium, summer 2006
Size: 35 elements
L: about 12m each
Medium: gift ribbon
Technique: sprang

I’ve always loved playing with all sorts of fabrics, strings, ribbons, and threads.

I like the lightness and fluidity of fibers. I like to manipulate, transform, distort, and fabricate textiles. After discovering the richness of spinning a couple of years ago, I became passionate about studying weaving and dyeing techniques.

I love the freedom and simplicity of plaiting. Without tools, I may raise huge structures. It’s such an indescribable pleasure to make colors dance directly under my fingers. Now, I must assemble…and tinker…What’s your life stimulation and fascination?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…but caved into Facebook!)


Comments on: "Magical Aerial World" (6)

  1. I love the branches with snow against the blue blue sky!

  2. I find the Installation Art very odd in nature. How about thinking *inside* the box, and make interesting ‘walls’ in your home? In your teens room? A knitted veil through which you enter the livingroom, the kitchen? A Fairy Bouer? Somehow I think this is something which you could easily design and I haven’t seen it done much (but I’m not looking either) … I bet you could fill that niche ! I think your wintery scape there is just lovely, and your knitting social a very nice place. Reminds me of Knitterly in Petaluma, where I love to go, though it’s an hour drive from my home (but my own town is a half hour drive …lol) What is my Life stimulation and Passion? Well, as you know, it’s music, and if I were to plug knitting into it, I find a big blind spot as to how I can merge the two, outside of knitted vests and such to wear while performing. lol.

    • I like the idea knitting something for the indoor, Jen. Knitted veil. Door or window swag. Magical teepee. So many possibilities…but so little time. 😀

      • JUst that outside the home, weather and sun would shred your efforts.. (especially sun) and inside the home, it would last years… decades. You could take down and ‘install’ seasonal colors of curtains, room dividing ‘veils’… chair and couch ‘tents’ (see thru or not)… great trick for privacy as your teens need more? As you need less? 😉 I am bursting with ideas for you to try … of course, I wish I could hand you bunches of more time to do all of it too. 🙂 (oh, and I just now (JUST NOW) figured out how to reply to your replies without going into your post) FuN !

  3. Hi, Sarah — I am now wondering whether you got my comment posted on your blog, so I’ll give another try. I wanted to let you know that I love your blog so much and it is so inspiring that I have nominated you for the Liebster Award for your blog. Check out my blog to know what it’s all about — my March 25, 2012 post. Best Wishes, Lori Lawson (CapistranoFiberArtsStudio)

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