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Moments of Bliss

It’s easy to just get wrapped up and never move past. When I thought she would back away, she walked forward. growing through her struggles, confusion, uncertainty, and the moments of bliss as she experiences the natural occurrences that I experience as I begin my journey in adulthood.

Not that she doesn’t get nervous when competing, it’s just that the nerves don’t show. Francis Poulenc’s sonata 1st movement was the piece my teen chose to perform at this year’s Central Oregon District Solo Ensemble over a week ago. It didn’t matter that she came down with runny nose, cough, and sore throat–hours before her performance–or who’s in the judging room, she just played her heart out. Everyone there heard her expressive tone and musical phrasing. So did the adjudicator.  As first runner-up, she and her band-mate Nick Loeffler–who took first place–are advancing to compete at state level next month at Lewis & Clark. Her improvement in rhythm, technique, and articulation has given her a great set of new tools in her musical arsenal.   Her mentor Pam Hughes feels she is on the verge of going up another entire level.   I am a proud mother who couldn’t help but share the admiration for my daughter.

Between yesterday and today, I saw the strongest winds in months, with gusts in the 45-50 mph.  Good thing hubby took care of trucking the girls to classes and practices…so I could just curl up with my woolly blanket, a big ‘ol bowl of comfort food, soothing music, and knit a little.  I decided to scratch the stripes for now but added lace element to front panels.  I like what I see so far.

With good intention…reading just wasn’t an option as my vision is still bothering me today. No worry. Tomorrow will be a better day. I just feel it.

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…but caved into Facebook!)


Comments on: "Moments of Bliss" (8)

  1. Enjoyed the brief sonata immensely. Very impressed with your daughter’s talent. Shari and I would like to attend her next concert. Please keep us advised.

    • Thanks, Andy. We would love for you and Shari to hear her in person. Next one would be at Lewis and Clark and also in Anaheim in April. There is usually the annual Cascade Foundation for Music in May but I haven’t heard from her mentor whether or not she will participate in it. If she is, it will be at COCC’s Willie Hall on a Saturday. I will keep you and Shari posted for sure. Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. Congratulations to your daughter! Very well done, indeed.

    • Thanks, Michele. She is super hyped and so looking forward to playing at Lewis & Clark in April and hope to get to see her best friend who is now studying at Linfield.

  3. She definitely plays top notch ! I Really enjoyed following up your post while listening to the sonota. I’m sorry your vision is keeping you out of your reading , but yes tomorrow will be better !

    • Thanks, Jen. It’s a huge accomplishment for her playing against her seniors. Some say she could have been the first if she didn’t have the bad cold. Good thing the aromatherapy I gave her before that helped keeping her relaxed and breathing track opened. She was worried she may not able to perform. This will be one of the 3 pieces she will be playing at the annual Sunriver Young Artist Scholarship in June audition–another bigger, her wrap-up for the season. She has done well each year since she was an 8th grader, youngest to receive a scholarship in the program. But this year will be exceptional, her mentor said she should get a lot of $$$ towards her music study. That would be really sweet. I hate to hold her back due to lack of funds. She almost weren’t able to compete in the last one because I just couldn’t pay $100 for the pianist accompaniment…for that 4-minute piece. Thank goodness for her band director who got her scholarship through the school to cover that.

      Did you compete in her school when you were in high school and/or college? My husband played trumpet in high school but he hasn’t touched his trumpet since then. None of my kids are interested in it so we may just donate his to school band. I have an antique alto sax that has a very rich, sweet tone that I would love to keep but…no time to play here. I’d like it be loved and played so it will probably be listed on craiglist. I hate having to sell things…I am not a good seller due to my personal attachment to all things! I see “value” in everything and that makes me a bad seller LOL

      Did I tell you I went to Goodwill on Sunday with my two girls. They all scored on clothes and me…I got myself some earthly teapot with 4 matching cups made in Japan. I was so hyped but now I need to clean them up for photos and see if I can turn some immediate cash on etsy. I see a lot of vintage stuff on there and thought I may give it a try…plus unloading my stash of fiber, fabric, and buttons! I am good at buying and accumulating….but just bad at selling them! My husband just took 6 full-garage-bags of the girls’ clothes to Goodwill last week as I don’t seem to have time to go over them for my upcycling projects. He was in the decluttering mood and cared less how I potentially could turn them to some needed cash. This is one area that he and I don’t see eye to eye. My kids take after him on this too. I am definitely out-numbered in this household…and that bothers me. Why can’t they see treasure as I do in things? LOL

      So far the eyes aren’t clear, but, definitely better than yesterday. I also think it’s because I did get out for my walk. Today, I may do that even though it’s cold and windy. Physical movement is good for this poor soul 😀 How are you doing? Now that I am caught up on my blog…I’ll swing over to see what you’ve been up to 😀

      Have a blissful day, Jen


  4. I think your daughter is talented. You must be proud.

    • Thank you, Ella, for the encouragement. We really appreciate your positive feedback. She is my 2nd pride and joy, blessing from God.

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