A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

The cute and fairytale looking Magic Mountain Hotel,  located in Huilo Huilo, is a private Natural Reserve in the Los Rios region of Chile.  The antique appearance ends with the exterior, however, as the interiors are done up in luxury. There are only nine rooms, named after bird species found in the area.  Each of them overlooks the thick forest and wildlife outside, including toucans, iguanas, pumas and lizards. Guests even get a glimpse of a real-life volcano from the hotel–the enormous Arenal Volcano. Outside the rooms, special services provided to guests are definitely worth a mention.  Hot tubs made out of huge tree trunks, overlooking the forest, are a major tourist attraction at Magic Mountain as the world’s longest zipline running through the grounds.

Photo Courtesy: AOL Travel News

Don’t be fooled by its rustic appearance. There is internet access available for folks who must need a form of communication to the outside world. There are many outdoor activities to fulfill my adventureous spirit. I couldn’t help but dreaming…sitting by the fireplace, sipping a hot chai while telling tales of the last adventure I was on with complete strangers from around the world. Wouldn’t you just love to hear and see water cascading down from the top of this quiet and secluded, volcanic-shaped lodging paradise?

Picture Courtesy of Travel Trade Magazine

Picture Courtesy of Travel Trade Magazine

So clearly, I’ve slacked off again. And I can’t even offer a good excuse. Ok, maybe if I think really hard I could come up with one or two…like starting a project without a specific plan and yardage? After finishing Little Tulip, I wanted to make one for me with modifications. I know this has been said before, but, what an ingenious design! Working the yoke sideways with i-cord band kept it interesting (not new to me, yet, I still enjoy it.) Here is the yoke band but it is grown to ready for splitting sleeves now…before running out of yarn.

Have you done that before too? Starting a project without adequate amount of yarn on hand? Did you go searching for more to finish the project? Or started over with right amount of yarn to finish?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…but caved into Facebook!)


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  1. I am now informed everytime you make a post. Not sure why though, posts from the 7th are showing up today (March 12th)… but I will not question. Since I am not sure what ‘tulip ‘ is… I have yet to watch this unfold. Have I started projects and not enough wool? Um, seems to me my problem is oppposite, that I get enough for a proper size, then I knit it up too tight and don’t use it up ! Okay, we’ll drop that fiasco… won’t we. 😉

    • As I mentioned in my email to you last night, I had problems with my computer and two weeks’ worth of posts were never published. So, I am playing catch-up and releasing them as I go. I really dislike unexpected, unknown hiccups!

      If you click on highlighted text “Little Tulip” on this post, it would take you to previous post I showed off Little Tulip (just like I did here with this text–bold, highlighted) 😀 I was able to locate some more so I will get back on track…soon.

  2. OH, and the Chilean resort seems totally amazing !

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