A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

The 2011 Honda Native Concept…a chameleon car!  This cool car can change its color to match its surroundings! Strange?! Read more here. Why do I want a car that change color?   If there is seven of them in the parking lot, which one is yours?

Picture Courtesy: topspeed.com

This morning, while waiting for my girls at their band practices, I cast on this cute bag–a test knit for Svetlana Volkova, a Russian knitwear designer.

Totally brainy, my kind of fun in knitting…knit-one-below brioche, v-stitch, garter straps, short-row construction…and totally seamless. The pattern does seem tricky if knit-one-below and/or short-row shaping is new to you. However, knit it with good faith and just do what the pattern says, all will work out. Simple. Yes. Just believe.

The staged photographs was for a couple of my photographer friends. Unfortunately, I do not have a right-size baby to properly show how adorable this could be. So, use your wildest imagination, won’t you?

Here, for a small fee, is the downloadable pattern for Svetlana’s cleverly-designed Irish Shell, which I renamed Mousse Cocoon. You won’t be disappointed. I will divie into my fabric stash next to find the right lining. Do you have a favorite knitted, crochet, or felted bag?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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  1. I knit threee knitting bags out of some stash a couple of years ago. THe best bags (one I gave to my local knitting pal Naomi) were from heavy over-spun mule-driven-mill (probably one of the re-enactment type novelty yarns)… someone gave to me in three colors and It was really heavy, and really course, and well, I just think that sort of thing knits … then *felts* into a superb bag… very strong. I have bunches of badly processed and/or inferior roving, I am thinking a course overspin to it would be just what I need to make use of it ! Okay, just thought of another project. oy.

    • Heavy over-mill-spun is absolutely fabulous for making over into bags! Have you tried making it with cut-up-stripes of plastic, grocery bags or worn t-shirts? If not, you really should. Very eco-zen (if there’s even such a word…but then again, I always create my own word to suit LOL)

  2. Then again, I’m wondering if the mule-spun yarn might have been ‘S’ spun (backwards, plied Z… right?) in order to make it knit up and felt so strong and dense. You think? I am not sure I have any left over yarn to find out. Let me just ask you point blank,,, would S spun / Z plied yarn be extra twisted when knit ? Oh, no, I”m afraid I went off on a tangent on your blog. Sorry Sarah. 🙂

    • Actually, you can get them ultra twisty–s or z–just by using which end to cast on 😀 A friend and I was just talking about Crystal Palace Mini Mochi single-spun yarn last week. It’s underspun and it gets very twisty when knitting up…easy to get unspun too if holding the other end out of the ball too. Just saying

  3. […] I do enjoy handcraft and cooking.  This is one good example. Since I had so much fun knitting up Mousse Cocoon aka Irish Shell the other day, I couldn’t stop there. No, I could not. Last night, I cast on another […]

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