A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Dreaming Grand Cayman

with whales and the wild.  Water and  Ocean is so healing.

I worry about what my true nature really is. Who am I once those erroneous beliefs and false expectations are released?

It is only by the act of stripping away those layers of beliefs and expectations that I will discover my true nature

my own uniqueness and individuality.

In the act of releasing false thought processes, I experience the freedom and joy of being true to myself and comfortable in my own skin.♥

After all, this is still a knitting blog.   Knitting is what I do for fun and relaxation.   And I did have a couple finished knits to prove it.

Show above is Tuff Love, in my own hand-dyed yarns with Wilton Icing Gels.  I went with subtle color contrast and dyed my own not once, twice…but three times due to miscalculation of specific yardage for the Caribbean Blue (variegated teal.)  I LOVE the design and will definite knit another pair in better gauge and tension 😀 Faye Kennington has beautiful eyes for capturing the nature scenes.

Next is my first ever pair of boot toppers, finished over a week ago.  This pair is knitted in worsted weight and Sizes 6 and 8 needles so it knits up quickly.  Mine was done in just a few hours.

just in time for a winter storm. I love them…actually wearing them more often upside down as legwarmers. One of these days, I’ll show you a picture of that.

Both designs are by Faye aka UkeeKnits, who lives in beautiful Ucluelet, BC.   Both designs were really fun to knit and the instructions are well written. Do you love fair-isle knit? What’s your favorite pattern and stranding technique?

Cascade Winds was awesome this afternoon, again! Thanks, Dan Judd and all the fabulous band members. I can’t wait for the next one in June 😀

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…but caved into Facebook!)


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  1. Juliana said:

    Love the socks….great job…

    • Thanks, Juliana. Me too. They were fun to knit up. The gauge came out tight though. Only way to get my feet in and out was to “block” them to shape on my feet while it’s damp. I did that while enjoy the hot room so my feet won’t feel cold while blocking LOL I needed to get them off in a hurry to meet the testing deadline. Now, I will plan the next dye-job and work up a pair that would fit just right 😀

  2. I often find myself so in synch with your pearls of wisdom at the same time your purls of creativity. You are so wise and creative. Hey… I bought Wilson gel dye years ago, and never used them !!! I must try ! I love the socks & boot tops ! Oh, and it finally occurred to me to push the ‘follow’ button and then I will be notified to when you post so that *maybe* I won’t lose track of you so fast ! xJen

    • That’s ‘cuz we are soul-sistas, Jen 😀 I miss you a bunch. You gotta try dyeing with the gel. It’s so much fun–the anticipation and surprise. Everyone of my “play” turned out amazingly pleasing like I planned it all along 😀

      I am still learning about the bells and whistles with WordPress. Glad you found that button, Jen.

  3. I have so much I want to try in dying, but I have to get into spinning mindset again… I’ve been lost in quick-knit purchased inexpensive (KnitPicks) yarn projects for nieces, and well, that is a hole that is easy to get stuck in ! I want to dye Wiltons and also Easter Egg dye tablets…… 🙂 (Did easter egg dye for my nieces about 3 years ago, and spun up and the colors were gorgeous… I especially love the shade of green and of the purple ! (if purple is your neutral…. green is mine !) Now that I decided to Follow your blog (yes, knew about that button, just thought I’d keep it under survelance from Ravelry, but you post far too often (that’s a good thing) for Ravelry feed to let me catch them all. This is much better for you and me. x

    • There is no better time to play than today, Jen. Just do it. For experiment, I usually pick out some inexpensive Kroy sock yarn that I get from Michael’s or JoAnn’s dirt cheap. I love green too just not as much as you do 😀 If you do try, the Kelly Green and Leafy Green don’t look as vibrant, bright when they dry. So, experiment on just a short strand and let it dry is a good idea. But then, you can over-dye it again for darker hues if desired. So, no harm at that. One thing about dyeing: you must keep an open-mind, with little “expectation.” Just observe…that’s me though. They all look great and unique when finished. I love every play and every dyed I used in my projects so far…knock on wood!.

  4. I LURVE those socks! So pretty!

    • Thanks Tammy. The testing gauge was wrong. Only way to get them on my feet was when it’s still damp. I wore them while sitting in the hot room so I won’t be cold. It’s great but this pair will be to some lucky kids at local charity 😀 I love dyeing the yarn for it so it will be absolutely heaven to do that once more…I think you would enjoy that, Tammy.

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