A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

I’m so glad to see Friday! How’s your week been? Behind the scenes, Quiltworks’ magnificent crew have been rather busy, you could say.

It seemed like a long time since I’ve been to First Friday Art Walk.

Tonight was special. No excuse for not joining the party at Quilt Gallery Reception and rubbing elbows with the Featured Quilter of the month, and touching with my x-ray seeing eyes the actual art quilts. I couldn’t help but be intrigued.

Kristin Shields, a celebrated quilt artist, is no stranger to you all. She is a dear friend, two-time cancer survivor, my long-time inspiration. Throughout the years, Kristin’s quilts have been presented in the Sunriver Quilt Show, at guilds’ Show and Tell, AAQI monthly auctions, etsy, and now her very own exhibit here at my “front yard,” best/friendliest quilt shop in Bend!

Every exhibit has a story. This collaborative quilt, with her sister Cheryl, was made in 2003 for their parent’s 40th anniversary.  The blocks, bordered with state birds and flowers, represented the states they had lived in up to 2003.  What  magnificence lies ahead  in 2013 marking their Golden Anniversary?  I wonder?

I respect that not everyone is as appreciative of modern, liberated, free-form, slow-cloth quilting as I am.  Some feels that the latest movement is a bit over the top.  One cannot distinguish an art drawing or quilting.

Some draw a line and resort back to the way our ancestors did it.

I think some folks are confused as to what Modern actually IS. Art quilts really don’t fall into the category at all.  Modern is a lot more traditional than one might think. Traditional blocks and techniques are still used, though, you may see these traditional blocks on a larger scale to accommodate fabric choices.  (The following collaborative signature-quilt, normally resides at The Hammond’s home, was made by Kristin and her mother Mrs. Carolyn Hammond of Sisters, OR, for their Family Reunion back in 2000.  They designed and created this through a long distance collaboration.  What a journey and wonderful memories they share.)

Brighter, bolder printed fabrics are incorporated along with the usage of solids. (“ZigZag” was inspired by Tonya Ricucci‘s Liberated Amish Challenge in 2010. Kristin started the stripe-work when we were at Gwen Marston‘s 2-day workshop in 2010. What fond memories and so glad to its destination. I really love the border print, perfect frame for the liberated ZigZag.)

I like the old-school quilt patterns grandmas used. The Old-time ways are even more wonderful when linked to a few new methods here and there in updated colors of fabric and patterns. I like the modern movement, but, really feel that it’s the FABRIC that makes it modern rather than the design itself. I like all types of mediums to create remarkable bits of history. It takes all kinds to make us complete. Wouldn’t you love to see old-school quilting and new-age quilting right next to each other at a show?  I sure do and have appreciation for both. Whatever works.  (Shown below is machine-quilted Little Red House, started in a class with Tonye Belinda Phillips.  Gotta love ’em wonky flowers and those polka dots.)

Hope you enjoy getting to know Kristin (and her lovely mom Carolyn Hammond) better through the magnificent parade of ideas and art quilts!

Let’s Get this Party Started!  (Pictured below is Kristin’s fine husband Mark and dad Jim Hammond.)

Quiltworks has brought together many obsessed sewers, wannabes, and some truly incredible giveaways so hop to it…

What a treat it is to see Kristin’s work exhibited in a gallery setting.

I found it interesting to see her quilts as a group of work, heavily influenced by exceptional quilters such as Jean, Freddy Moran/Gwen Marston, Tonye Belinda Phillips, Mary Lou Weidman, Janet Bolton, Sue Spargo, Jude Hill…to name a few.  (“Tea is No Minor Beverage” is inspired by The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery.  The piece is created with hand appliqué, hand embroidery, hand-dyed fabrics and threads, cotton, linen, and silk fabrics.  I love all the embellished glass beads and buttons. Wish I had taken a picture of the back…an absolutely adorable tiny hedgehog and her hand-stitch signature on the back!)

Notice just how diverse and liberated Kristin has progressed in the art of quilt making?

These two mini, machine quilts were finished just for the gallery exhibit.
This was a study, made in Gwen Marston‘s 2-day workshop
two years ago at Stitchin Post.

Aurora Borealis, original design entered in 2005 Sister’s Outdoor Quilt Show, was my all-time favorites (up ’til now.)

Among all the “freshly press” in 2012, this Rosalie Dace inspired quilt titled Crossroads of Sedona is absolutely my new favorite of the year.  The art quilt was made in a workshop with Rosalie.  Full of many whimsical stitches and crouching throughout the blocks, both by hand and machine. I am so thrilled to see it finished in time for the gallery exhibit as well as the upcoming Annual Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show in July. Be sure to check it out, up close and personal if you are heading this way in the summer.  One quilt you do not want to miss.  😀

Gorgeous does not do this Sarah Kaufman-inquired quilt justice…and the folded log-cabin quilting is exquisite!!

Colors in The Ladiesbased on Sy Montgomery’s “The Good Good Pig”–is wonderful!  It was hand appliqued, machine pieced, hand embellished and machine quilted, by Kristin, as part of her book/quilt group The Undercover Quilters.

Kristin does such lovely, detailed work.  I am especially impressed by her appliquéd pieces like this Kaffe Fassett’s modified pattern.

I do love contemporary art.  The block-challenge ensemble is remarkable…can you see the intricate handiwork details?

Looking at others’ quilts is often a learning experience for me.  (This paper-pierced “Maui Beach Houses” was made during The Shields’ year in Maui and finished 5 years later after moving to Oregon.)

I enjoy studying them. As admiring a quilter’s work, I wonder how many hours it took to complete such intricate piece.

Why didn’t I think of that?! What fabric did she choose? Did she/he machine- or hand-quilt this labor of love? What pattern did she choose? Or is it an original creation?

The obsessive me love to analyze and study color schemes used in quilts just as I do with yarn/fiber.  (Only the Cat Saw, nearly all hand-sewn, no-batting, with a traditional binding, is Kristin’s first spirit cloth–with a nod to Jude Hill of Spirit Cloth.  There is a layer of muslin between the front and back.  The woven fabric piece at the top is from Jude as are many of the scraps of fabric. Some of the indigo is from Shibori Girl- Glennis Dolce.  The cat is machine-pieced.   The top woven section is from Jude Hill–of Spirit Cloth fame–the bottom woven section is Kristin’s first try at that technique. Much of the indigo is from Glennis Dolce.)

It is the first thing I notice–what makes them successful, or not–then come pattern and block style. Next is the million-dollar question How will I find a place in one of my next work? I am amazed by the hundreds of small pieces and intricate pattern they formed when put together.  (Ryan’s Quilt, inspired by Gwen Marston and Tonya Ricucci was free-hand quilted, and machine-pieced.)

Totally mind-blowing.  Whimsyhand appliqued from an original design, hand embellished, machine quilted by Kristin–was made for her quilt guild’s One Little Wor’d challenge, which she was in charge of.  Kristin used word chosen that has meaning to her as inspiration for the quilt, then add the word in it,

WOW!! A gazillion stitches!!

I LOVED THIS QUILT sew…sew much!  This machine-pieced, hand-quilted Gee’s Bend quilt was started in workshop with the Gee’s Bend Quilters. Signed by some of the quilters. Denim was from Kristin’s daughter Chloe and husband Mark’s pants, plaid is from her son Ryan’s pants. The rest is in solid quilt fabrics. A great quilt to do to use up those scraps and old clothes.

Hope you enjoy the master quilter’s colorful series as outstanding as I do or find a border, a binding, a special technique that really stands out in one of these inspiring quilts that may influence yours.

Kristin has certainly dazzled me again with her creativity, electrifying sense of color, and immeasurable passion for liberated & folk art quilts.  (The liberated, red/white No Place Like Home is Kristin’s love letter to her family.  It’s free-pieced, word play inspired by Tonya Ricucci.  Title is a quote from one of her favorite movie The Wizard of Oz.)

She keeps coming up with great ideas and translating them into fabric in a way that inspires us all.  (2011 Winter Solstice folk art textile cloth, pictured next, was a piece Kristin decided to just “wing” the owl. The trees were inspired by Jude’s solstice trees in 2010 and the owl by Janet Bolton. The back is quilted free hand, changing direction on a whim. I believe this is also her first created piece signed in stitch. You’ll sure be seeing more of this type of art cloth in the future.)

The truth be known (head hanging a little lower) I didn’t take much of other featured exhibit–Laundry Blues by The Fiber Chix

Tonight was all about being there with close friends for me…SHAME ON ME!! Thirty lashes with a wet fat quarter! I feel SEW bad…

So there you have it!

I am just as surprised as all of YOU to see what Kristin has created.  (What a handsome family…Miss you, Chloe!)

Another month at the Quilt Gallery Reception!!…done…I tell you, it just gets bigger and better every month!! Thanks to our affable host and hostess Dave and Marilyn Ulrich (Dave was too busy taking pictures too!)

and Quiltworks’ hardworking crew Diane and Mary Ann for another wonderful, creative, fabricious hop! I waddled out the door hoping my pants could stay buttoned saying, “Wow, this is my new favorite St. Patrick’s Day feast prepared by Mary Ann.”

Hope you enjoyed tagging along…and visit the shop or share your life in any way, I am grateful.

Since not everyone could make it to the opening (and not all of my friends live in OR,) I figured I should take some photos of the exhibit while it’s still up. If you are in the area, you still have time to head over and see the exhibit in person. It will be on display at the Quiltworks Gallery through the end of the month!

Good friends make life fun and hard times bearable. Thank you, my beautiful friends–Kristin, Myria, Jenn, and Erin–for another great evening, filled with joy and laughter 😀

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…but caved into Facebook!)


Comments on: "Inspires Creativity, Fun Times, and Friendships" (7)

  1. Oh wow! Sarah, I just saw this. Thank you so much for your amazing documentation and kind words. You do such a lovely job with your blog- gorgeous photos and eloquent discussion. I really admire that. It was such fun to have my girls with me last Friday! If you can email me the photos from my show that would be great, especially the family ones that I won’t have. Thank you, thank you, my fellow creative and friend!

    • It was a great fun. I was glad to be there to witness all the wonders you’ve created, Kristin. I’ll send you the link to the folder. You may just download them directly to your computer 😀 Thanks for a fun afternoon. Sunriver was a nice detour.

  2. Such a lovely post in honor of my wonderful sister. I know she appreciates it, but you have to know I do also. Thank you, too, for including a link to my glass website – too kind! I hope you are doing well and maybe I will see you this summer as we are coming up to visit for the Outdoor Quilt Show in July! Keep creating!

    • You already know how awesome your sister is, Cheryl. It was really a spectacular exhibit. Wish you could have been here to see for yourself. My photos unfortunately really did not do their justice. I am very blessed to have a few beautiful people in my life. Kristin has been my daily inspiration.

      Yes…I will look forward to hooking up and may even get to hang out when you come back in the summer. Happy creating.

  3. Carolyn Hammond said:

    Over the years I have watched Sarah and Kristin’s friendship grow. I know Sarah has been a steadfast supporter for Kristin through the hard times so it’s wonderful to see their friendship continue to grow and deepen. They’re both so talented and giving. Thanks, Sarah, for your heartfelt tribute to Kristin’s latest triumph. With you as her friend she can only go onward and upward.

    Kristin’s Mom

    • Thank you, Carolyn (and Jim) for giving me such a wonderful gift. You raised some awesome children 😀 Kristin is an amazing, beautiful, extraordinary woman from inside and out. I thank God everyday that we connected the day we met over 7 years ago! It’s been a wonderful,nurturing journey we both have lived and led. I look forward each time we get together. It’s a wonderful treat. Thank you for your sweet greeting. It’s always nice to see you and Jim. Until next time, enjoy the CO winterly good weather.

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