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Tearing Pages Out

is just mean-spirited and wanton to boot. I am not talking about scrapbooking.

Image:  By the girl with wings on her feet on Flickr.com

Has this happened to you before? I have gotten a book some time back with a couple of pages ripped out. Is this a norm?  I dunno what the chances of this happening are, but, I found it interesting.

Why did a person not just go to the library if he or she could not afford the book? Weird, right?  I have had several library books with pattern pages ripped out in the past. When bringing these to the librarian’s attention, she said it is rather common. The staff just do not have time to check through returned books so no one is brought to justice over it. Even if they did, how could they proof whodunit? So off the shelf these damaged books. With budgets cut across the country, as a whole, many aren’t replaced. What’s worst? How will they replace out-of-print publications? Subsequently, we library users suffer. Fair? Justice? I wish there was a solution to this. Libraries are a great community resource. People shouldn’t be so selfish. How about borrow it if one can’t afford a book. Instead of being ought to, be one without. No pattern/instruction is ever a necessity, after all. As a last resort, you could always write down a pattern–comes under fair use, it’s perfectly legal to copy a single pattern from a book–unless I grossly misunderstand the system.

If every person has a story, what would this be? Not that it excuses such behavior–just that, practically, it sometimes is “Buy the book or do without.”.  Evidently, not everyone is willing to do without **Sigh**

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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