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Showing My Age

maybe? Since when did an invitation to someone’s house–where I am expected to spend money and listen to a sales pitch, so that the host of the event can get free stuff and the salesperson can make money–become a PARTY?  I’m not talking Tupperware.  I’m talking insanely overpriced costume jewelry…seriously.  I love a good party, but, what I have described above is not a party.  Invite me over.  Ill bring the wine, help with dinner, supply craft, spa treatments and massage…or sit and chat for hours. Heck, I may even dance or sing karoke…but, a ploy for me to spend money?  Just give me the catalog and call a spade a spade.

Are friends still friends today or are they really acquaintances?  Call me a cynic but I have found that “friends” abuse that.  No one seems to call on the phone to just chat.  They call because they want something.  Years ago, a tennis buddy invited me to coffee to tell me he had signed me up to sell a product he and his wife sold.  He also did it to get a lot of FREE supplies that came in the starter kit.   So when I told him since he used my name maybe he should share–he said if I paid him $69.00.

Am I only one with this beef? Ah well, I guess it’s up to me to break the trend and just have my friends over for coffee and chat…Well, they did call them parties back at least 30 years ago. I hated them then and I hate them now. Enough of the rant…I need to get back to some deadline knitting. The gloomy weather may have something to do with my state of mind.  Does the weather affect your mood?  How’s your weekend going? 😀

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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  1. Oh, this is such an unpleasant thing to experience… And for me – it is very unusual thing too 🙂 Thank God, nothing like that on this side of the Earth 🙂

  2. Nancy L. Rogers in Hershey, PA where it really does smell like chocolate most mornings said:

    I share your concern about the fuzzy line between true friendship and friendly acquaintances and the deception that is employed when people are hosting a “party” of this sort.

    I do not accept invitations to events IF there’s a sales pitch or opportunity to purchase something involved with the event, regardless of the name with which they’ve tagged it, party, infomercial, opportunity to earn extra income, opportunity to serve others, ministry, etc. I politely ask my hostess to call when she has time to just sit and chat over coffee or tea, and I let her know that my free time is so limited that I’d prefer to spend it with her one-on-one.

    Years ago someone asked my husband and me if they could come over for a visit to tell us about an exciting new ministry opportunity. Something sounded a wee bit off so I pressed a few questions: 1) What was the name of this new ministry? He wanted to wait to tell us when we were sitting down in our home. 2) In what way did he envision us being involved in this ministry? He wanted to wait until we were sitting down in our home to tell us. 3) Was this Amway? Oh, no, it’s not Amway, he said. 4) Was this some kind of pyramid program? Oh, no, it’s NO pyramid, it’s a ministry. He kept skirting my direct questions. 5) Was he going to try to sell me something? No, he just wanted to share an opportunity for us to join him in this new and exciting ministry.

    I finally told him that I was feeling like he was trying to deceive me into giving him some of our very limited free time for something upon which I may not want to spend my free time. If he wouldn’t tell me EXACTLY what he wanted to talk about, I was NOT willing to let him into our home to talk to us. He finally said, somewhat sheepishly, that he and his wife bought into some new company that sold something-or-other, and that he wanted us to consider becoming distributors.

    I was FLOORED! When I asked how he could possibly consider THAT to be a ministry, he stammered a bit and said that the products were healthy and would eventually save people money and THAT was a good thing for people, and that the extra money we earned we could give to missions or charity. I told him very clearly that what he had tried to do was VERY deceptive and that we could not participate in any endeavor with someone so deceptive and eager to take from us what he knew we clearly would not have wanted to give (our free time to hear his sales pitch) had we known his agenda.

    We all have to take the stand that reflects our values. I’ve taken mine. Glad to read that you are taking yours. I hope your recent post “gives permission” to your other readers to be authentic to their value regarding this issue.

  3. I generally decline those invitations, unless there’s a compelling reason not to. Life is short!

  4. HI Sarah. I wish I could come over for coffee and just chat… and knit of course. THat would be so fun! (I have been not in a very bloggy mood lately, forgive me). Next week I should be back . xxJen

  5. OMG! I just received an invitation to one of those parties last week! The last in person conversation that I had with the hostess was last summer. The next contact that we had was when she called another friend during the Christmas holidays to “invite” me to a cookie exchange becasue she did not have my phone number. She had had one of them year before last and I made sure to make the most wonderful cookies and pacage them beautifully for her friends. One friend was tooo tired to make cookies and never sent anything; another put her cookies in a brown paper bag in a baggie. These are supposedly the upwardly mobile young set. And then she sent this email inviting me to the jewelry party that she KNEW that I would want to come to – NOT and I didn’t – politely declined to attend.

    Yes, I might attend one of these parties, but it will be with someone that I see on a regular basis and have more than a passing “buy so I get more” relationship!!!

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