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Flower of Magnificence

 aka Natalie Headband.   It’s a super quick and simple test knit for Shelly Jackson aka woolandchocolate.

My 1st one–reversible 1×1 ribbed piece–came out 4″ by 21”, weighs 30 grams (or 52 yards) in Tweed Stripes Orchid by Lion Brand.

It serves as great ear-muffs when the air outside is at a temperature less than comfortable.  This one took about two hours to make as I needed to comb through the pattern for possible correction, modification, and suggested clarity/flow.

Since gauge is not critical and the increase portion is the same length as the decrease portion, I arrived to center length before proceeding to decrease portion in the second one: Desired length (excluding i-cord) minus (length from Row-1 to last row of Increase portion) times 2.  With a slight modification, this 5″ by 16″ version turned out as just as the designer’s sample in just under an hour.  It weighs a mere 25 grams (or 42 yards) so it’s very comfortable to wear.

I love both versions, stylish and big hit among the teens and adults. The chunky ribbed pattern on this headband adds some fun texture, but, still keeps my ears toasty if I do the wrap  as in the first sample. Fast to knit with any bulky yarn and large needles (Size 10.5.)   Super clear instructions and a breeze to memorize. This would make a great last-minute warming accessory gift.  I would like to open up the ribbing slightly.  However, with the 2″ negative ease, the band would be too wide.  I will take that into consideration next one I make.  Now I need to find some embellishment to adorn…

Do you wear head bands? What are some of your favorites? I’d love to make more in different style 😀

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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