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Quilt Blocks to Knit

Are you a quilt lover?  Like me?  Have you seen a knitted or crocheted project that was quilt-inspired?  Kaffe Fassett, my long-time idol who has inspired many across the world with his dazzling color work not only in fabric, needlepoint, painting, mosaic, patchwork, but also in knitting–instantly came to mind.

Kaffe Fassett knitting

Zeroing in next are designs such as Log Cabin, Flying Geese, Nine-patch, Desert, Ohio, or Lone Star, Wedding Ring, House, Medallion, Barn Raising, Coins, Pinwheel or Lattice…that have been popularly seen in knit-and crocheted pillows, blankets, and knitwear. Despite many differences, there are some common features of quilts and knit/crocheted wear.

Kaffe Fassett Knitting

Since last guild meeting in Sisters, I have been infatuated by many possibilities of the illusive Quilt for Two Rivers (The Lost River Whychus) quilts. I love the idea–so much–that it led me to my inspiration today.  Moving rivers seemed like a great way to explore Heidrun Liegmann’s or Petra Neumann’s latest explosive swing-kniting or Jean Wells’ intuitive quilting concept…and work in garter-and-short-row texture.

Putting it together is much like working a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. Sometimes, the pieces fall into place easily. Other times, I have to sort through hundreds of stitches, frog, and re-work numerous short-rows to arrive at a piece that is visually appealing.  Here are my initial 7″x7″ samples of, hopefully, many Eureka! of a new path:

Voilà.  Puzzle is well on its way to grow…and some day being completed.  A load of wonky fun when I put away the ruler and use only my inner vision to play and design a free-form fabric.  I will never see knit-quilt in the same way again. Where do you find your knitting inspiration?  Have you ever fallen so in love with something that it served as inspiration for your knitting?

Source: Mitered Cross Blanket by Kay Gardiner

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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