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From Friendship to Felt

As a fiber artist, I am inspired by the built and natural landscape surrounding me and the ever changing seasons which constantly mark the passage of time.

Since the introduction of digital camera and now camera phone, it has become possible to document patterns, color combinations, and textures as they catch my eyes simply and effectively every day. I just need to remember to take advantage and make a habit of it.

A lot can be created from very little. I am driven by modern ideas with a reverence for traditional methods and believe that the things I bring into the home should have a soul and a sense of history.

This day was good fun. In the morning, I finished up a crockpot-full of chicken, wild rice, and veggie stew/soup to bring for a gathering with friends. In the afternoon, my good friends Kristin, Myria, Erin, and I wet felted and chatted together at the kitchen table at Myria’s while the boys played downstairs. Our felting exploit was fun, fun, fun.  (This piece below is made by Myria.)

Nuno-felting is a technique that combines fine wool with an open weave fabric, such as silk or cotton chiffon to create a thin, draping piece of felt that is flexible yet durable, especially suitable to wearable.  If I want a beautiful lightweight scarf for example and would like loads of crinkles and bubbles on the surface, I would only lay down an extremely fine layer of merino, usually laying the fibers in the direction in which you’d like the scarf to shrink. The more open the wool the better the nuno will look and the more open the material I use the easier it is to felt.

We explored the technique using inexpensive tools and created a flat piece of fabric I may cut and sew…possibly a neck cozy piece that may be worn with very little finishing.  If you have roving, you may Nuno felt–no special tools required, just bubble wrap, saran wrap, a cotton bath towel, some soapy water, and something to tie around the bundle to hold it together while you rolled (felted.) It was really easy. Here we all use a nice silk cloth, leftover from Myria’s wedding gown long ago 😀  (Can you believe this picturesque felt is Erin’s first nuno experience?!)

Wish I had taken pictures of the piece Kristin did–gorgeous green with gold (light brown) accent (and a quick and simple over-dyed job for her baby sweater.)  As I reminisce over this momentous day, I realize I didn’t layer roving on both sides of the silk.  In reality, you may just layer the roving without a base. Either way worked fine. It’s fun to just play and see what comes out.  (I see neck cozy, sweater pockets, leg-warmer embellishment…in my pieces.)

Be brave. Take risk. Nothing can substitute experience.  What is your latest fun exploit?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…but caved into Facebook!)


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  1. I enjoy all your posts!!!! Thank you.

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